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SkateCity• Indoor climate controlled 6000 sf

newly remodeled street course • Constant supervision• Secure environment• Organized contests• Professional instruction

Rent the Park for your next birthday party or event. Only $75 per/hour.

Parent's Night Out every Friday & Saturday from 6-10 pm. Includes dinner and 4 hours of skate time for only $20.

702-433-5544 • www.skatecity.info4915 Steptoe St. #600, Las Vegas 89122On Tropicana just east of Boulder Hwy

Contact us or stop by for a tour today

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We got the extreme priviledge to sit down and ask Tori Cautela, Owner of SkateCity (see ad on pg. 6), a couple questions. We love her! Once you read this interview we’re sure you will too. #G-STEEZ (This interview took place right around Mother’s Day.)

Tori- First, we want to say thanks for taking the time to sit with us for this interview. Also, your contribution to the community and the skate commu-nity is very valued. So thank you again.

G-STEEZ: Ok first question. What do you like most about what you do?

Tori: I think the best thing is when kids come up to me and they're excited about what a new trick that they learned. They'll come and grab me and say, "I want to show you!" That part is really cool. Some-times I feel bad because a lot of times their parents aren't there to see. So I feel very privileged to be in that spot. It's really cool! I mean, even the older kids come up and say, "I learned this new trick today or I landed this!" I think that's so awesome!

GS: So true moments of genuine happiness...

Tori: Yeah- I mean, that's why they're doing it. All the falls they take and all the pain... and finally they land it. I mean, really- that's the best.

GS: What difficulties have you faced in getting to this point?

Tori: We had a lot in the beginning. We still have some; but, I think the biggest part getting into it was that I bought a skate park thinking, "Oh I'm gonna buy it, it's already running, I'll come in and it'll be "easy cheesy," you know? But, it took a lot more than I anticipated. Just with licensing and things that weren't done right that had to be redone and that kind of stuff. That was a huge thing that was nothing that I could really tell anyone about. We finally got it and I was so happy. My husband and I celebrated! It was like, FINALLY, we got it. So that was the biggest one. Gosh- ongoing, it seems like just getting the park the way we want it is one of the obstacles. Not being able to actually do all of it myself is an obstacle because I'm used to being able to do things. I've learned a lot. I actually HAVE done a lot of i!. I don't like using saws; but, I did use the sawzall, so that was good. I did learn to do that; but, if I'm sitting here like, "Oh, I want to fix that ramp" and I can't do it, I have to wait for someone. So that part is hard. Also, I think changing the culture- I mean, that's kind of what we're trying to do in a roundabout way I guess. That's sort of an ongoing thing because I see the way Las Vegas views skaters and in a lot of ways it's not good. I see firsthand that it's not that way and that bothers me. So i want to try to do things about that.

GS: So you want to change the way the skate scene is viewed on a grander scale?

Tori: Yeah- and I'm not really sure how you do it except just try to help with the kids and hopefully they'll give back as well.

GS: True reciprocation...


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Tori: Yeah Yeah, there's more challenges but... (laughs)

GS: How have you overcome them? What's helped you keep on pushing?

Tori: I don't know. I think it's in my personality. I don't think you should give up. Just keep trying. But having the support of my husband is huge. He can't be here as much as he'd like but the fact that he's got a full time job is why we're able to do this. Enzo, my son, he doesn't work in the day to day stuff. He doesn't really help with the mopping and all of that but if I have any question whatsoever about how a ramp should be or about what kind of product he thinks I should order, he knows. He knows what skaters want. He's the one I ask. So he's been huge. I mean, he was the one that designed everything.

GS: So he's your consultant!

Tori: Yes- and don't tell him because he'll want money!!

GS: Well then he's got a good business head! Well, you know, we think you're one of the coolest moms in the world! You are most definitely G-STEEZ! How do feel about that?

Tori: (cracks up laughing) I think it's cool. I always wanted to be a part of what my son did. It kinda started that way. For the past 2 or 3 years all I did was drive him and his friends around to the skate spots. Drop them off and pick them up. That's kind of what I was doing anyways. So when the park came about, I knew I wasn't going to be able to do that anymore; but, at the same time I'd have this great place for them to come practice in, too. So I think that being part of his life and his friends and all the new friends that we've made has been more rewarding than ever.

GS: Well every time we come, we ALWAYS see something new. What can we expect from Skate City this summer?

Tori: Oh! In terms of the way it looks or everything?

GS: Everything.

Tori: Well, the plans for this summer are: We're gonna try to finish the artwork on the walls. We want it to be really cool! I think we're going to finally figure out what our logo and theme is going to be. I figured that out the other day. I was like "Ah, I got it!" So that will hopefully be happening and we'll have more shirts and product and things like that. I think were gonna try to expand the shop and make it bigger; but, I want to find artists and kids and people that are from here that want to do things. You know, I could easily call the skate companies and say, "I want to buy your product." And they'd say, "Oh, here you go." But then we'll be just like everybody else. A little bit of that is good because we need to keep the park going and we want to make money too. But, if we can make money and help everybody that would be great.

GS: That's the win-win.

Tori: Yeah. So we're gonna do more contests and hopefully more "festival-like" things where we incorporate more than just skateboarding. This summer we're going to do some things with the Boys and Girls club and the Tony Hawk Foundation and we're trying to get him to come too. So little things first and then were just going to keep chugging along to make it better.

GS: So more fun events, some festivals and some partnerships with some good organizations...

Tori: Yeah. I think that's where we want to go. I'm trying to get out of the day to day stuff where I can get out and try to find kids that want to do stuff, get


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together with some people that want to do things- like you guys at G-STEEZ. I want to incorporate more food and things because I used to be a chef.

GS: Oh! Another reason why you're so steezy!

Tori: So that's another obstacle, actually! Trying to find food that's cheap and actually healthy or at least not really bad for them; but, I can't make it because I don't have a full kitchen. I mean, I might eventually; but, that's the hard part. So I'm trying to find people who make frozen food that would be small enough and affordable enough that would have good ingredients for the kids for us to buy. I don't know what to do yet. I've talked to Trader Joe's and they're like "No, we can't make special food. You can buy what we have."

GS: Oh, we love Trader!

Tori: Oh, I do too! But an entree is $6 and we need something for $2 or $3. So that is one of the big things I need to figure out.

GS: Where do you get your creative ideas from?

Tori: I have no idea! (laughs) I don't know. I just try to keep thinking of new things. Um- If it's slow, I try to think of things we can to do create more energy and that's what we do. I dunno.

GS: How do you get so much assistance and love when you need things? Does it come as easy as we think?

Tori: I think I try to give a lot to all of the kids and I don't expect anything back. But if i do need help, they're definitely willing to help. I guess it's like a give and take. I try to give a lot and hope that some of them will give back. I have a hard time asking for help. I'm definitely somebody who tries to do everything on my own so sometimes I get lucky and people help when I don't ask!

GS: You're so hands on, which is, yet, another reason why you're so dope! You actually help build and everything! What can you tell us about a saw-zall?

Tori: (chuckles) It's not as scary as I thought it would be.

GS: Oh, ok!

Tori: No, it's not! It wasn't that bad at all. I actually got good after I used it a few times. Then one of the guys came in and helped and he's was about 10x faster than me. So then I realized that I'm not that good.

GS: Alright, well we're gonna takes notes or come in for lessons or something.

Tori: I think that with working in kitchens my whole life, you just do what needs to get done. That's just what you do. GS: Got it. What names that we may have heard of have made it to the shop?

Tori: Well, we had the whole Osiris team come. Caswell Berry and Corey Duffle. They actu-ally signed that board rite there. (points to the wall behind me that was adorned with decks and signatures) and they were super excited when we gave them a football to sign. Actually Bernard, one of our guys gave it to them and they were so excited to sign it. They were writ-ing numbers and everything! It was the best thing! I guess they're so used to signing t-shirts and skateboards all day and they have other interests too. I have the football. I've got to put it someplace cool and put it in a case. That was really fun and it sort of came out of our relationship with Industrial; which was really neat. I'm hoping more will come. We've had a


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lot of ams that come through from California. They come to the park sometimes because the weather is bad and they film all the time. They're always in town and you never know it.

GS: We've got to change that!

Tori: Yeah- I got a call from our Team Manager, Jericho one day and he was skating near his house. He was in a ditch and was like, "Shawn Malto is skating in a ditch with me!" He said Shawn was nice and said, "Hey, nice to meet you." So they're always around. Hopefully we'll get more people as the word gets out.

GS: How can we get some more big names and bigger events to Vegas? Like Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston, or PROD.

Tori: It's a little frustrating why Maloof doesn't do more things here since they have a casino here and it's seems like they would do a Maloof Money Cup here in town. But I don't know what obstacles they may be facing here where it may be easier to do things in other places.

GS: Like South Africa?!

Tori: Well maybe they need a skate park built in South Africa, so I understand that too. I don't know. I think if we just we just keep bringing the com-munity together, because I think it's been lacking in that area for many years. It's seems like it's just kind of been growing out. Then when all the skate shops closed, a lot of them- that made it a even worse. I think it needs to come back together again and then we can be a solid force that hopefully everybody else will see and the skate companies will realize that and bring some really good skaters here. That's one of the good things- there are so many good skaters here.

GSi: I know right?! We know you know there are! I can see the excitement all across your face when you talk about this stuff.

Tori: YEAH! (laughs)

GS: So, ultimately, we share the feeling of wanting Vegas to be known as a serious "Skate City!" Get it?! Pun intended.

Tori: I'm gonna have to use that!

GS: Ok- last two questions. What has been the most instrumental in SkateCity's success?

Tori: Wow- The most? Hmm. My family. Enzo and Ralph- my husband and son. They're everything. Beyond them, all the skaters- we couldn't do it without them. There's events that we have where we're short handed here or we need someone there or something needs to be done and somebody always jumps in and helps and that's the coolest part, right? They're having a good time here and this is what we do so it's like a big family an extended family.

GS: Ok last question: What do you think about G-STEEZ?

Tori: I think it's amazing what you guys are doing. Honestly, there's just not enough of it. There are so many kids with so much potential that don't have someone driving them to do something. To see things like this happening is the best and I think you guys will be really successful. I do.

GS: Thank you. We needed that ego boost ;)


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Three days before our content deadline and five days before our launch, we were fortunate to score an interview with one of the most talked about skatepark owners in town. Tim Thurtle, owner of the, tentatively titled, The New AREA 702 Events Plaza, took time out of his schedule to straight-en out the facts and tell the skate community what's happening these days with them...

G-STEEZ: Firstly, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. We don't take it lightly. Ok- let's just jump rite into it. You've had quite the year. Packed houses, big crowds, lots of success last year and early this year and all of a sudden- No AREA 702 anymore. What can you tell us about the skatepark’s current status?

TT: The skatepark is a go we are just waiting for the music venue to be a go as well.

GS: Some ppl say there is a stigma attached to skaters and the scene as a whole. What do you have to say about that?

TT. I agree. Totally.

GS: This week we couldn't cut on the TV without hearing the media talk about your place of business.

TT: It's been a media frenzy dude.

GS: Is there anything that you want to clarify or tell the local skate community?

TT: No, not anything that hasn't already been said. It seems that there are some neighbors in the surrounding areas that are against us. So what we're doing is some community outreach to help clean up the neighborhood so they get to know us and we can get to know them. We want to reach out to the community to answer some problems that way and a couple meetings are coming up to listen to their concerns.

GS: You've made some great collaborations and partnerships with some big companies and sponsors. How are they reacting to this current chain of events?

TT: Oh yeah. We're 100%. Nobody has faltered. We are fighting for the music venue; but, in thirty to forty-five days, we we're hoping we should be good.

GS: In all this, have you had any enlightening moments or epiphanies that you want to share with us?

TT: The political system that is in place in Nevada is very forgiving and understanding and very argumentative at times. It's been a big experience and we've learned a lot.

GS: What can we expect at the NEW AREA 702 in comparison to the old one?

TT: It's a totally different concept. Like street league and fantasy factory! The street course will be completely separated from everything else. All natural rock all natural ledges with coping around the planters.

GS: Here's a question from one of our readers, Michael Marquez- local skater: Will the park be remodeled since you moved into a new building?


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TT: Well this will be like no other skatepark in the world. We're basically taking outside and bringing it inside! The street coarse will be all natural. All natural ledges with all natural coping on all the plant-ers. There will also be a changeable gap that we are thinking about putting a cactus in for the opening or some water with fish in it. We are still putting it together.

GS: What gave you the idea to create AREA 702?

TT: My son. My son Jason. We built it for him.

GS: What did you love most about those beginning/startup days?

TT: It's fun but a lot of work but its very rewarding seeing the kids skate our ramps. It's a payoff seeing a couple hundred kids in here riding or listening to music and knowing that they feel safe.

GS: Tim, How have you held up throughout all this?

TT: God and family.

GS: Who do you go to for advice?

TT: I can give you a list of people, Bob Tanner from Three Loose Screws has been here through the whole thing. He's a big supporter for what were doing here. Also Greg Espinoza from red bull, Nathan-iel Taylor that owns a Political Consultant Group, Swan, Sue Allen Fernando Billy,and Edward Avala. And the kids- they always offer up an honest opinion. We try it all on.

GS: Where do you draw from in order to keep moving forward to your goals?

TT: The landlord here Dan Colletti. I draw a lot from him because he keeps pushing me and lets me know I'm going in the right direction. My wife- I draw from my wife a TON! Without her, I would be a mess. Also, it's an inspiration knowing that the kids are there behind us and they keep showing up and doing what they can. And there are groups of parents in the background that have been long term supporters. I draw from everybody because when I get down it just seems like God always says "Hey, talk to this person to feel better." Lastly, Denise and I have gone without an income since February so drawing from the thought of one day having another vacation keeps me going!

GS: Would it be fair to say that the best years are yet to come for you?

TT: Oh with out a doubt! We already have worldwide events on the books for 2012! Hopefully we'll be able to do a World Class event here next summer.

GS: Lastly, for those that want to know, what can be done do to help you guys here in our home of Las Vegas?TT: Contact the county commissioners go on our Facebook and there's a list. Contact them and tell them what we are all about. There's going to be some community support events and I need every kid from every walk of life to come out and take part in what we're doing.

**As (basically) a Red Bull facility, The New AREA 702 is located near Decatur and Oquendo and they expect to have a week long launch when they open. There’s even a Mezzanine level! Minding the Gap in June 2012 is already on the books! Way to go! See our TOP SECRET LEAKED photos throughout the article!


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7 ELEVEN DAY 2011!

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30 W Wyoming Ave Las Vegas, NV 8910230 W Wyoming Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Email [email protected] to advertise with us.*This is a real Carl’s Jr. coupon. Thx Julie Larson!

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