Fytt morning session (breakouts) 930 1130am

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Transcript of Fytt morning session (breakouts) 930 1130am

  • 1.Why CIA?Morning Session 9:30-11:30am

2. Todays Meet A chance to ask questions now, aftertoday, and throughout the year A chance to share resources http://www.todaysmeet.com/fytt2012Keep the conversation goingwww.todaysmeet.com/fytt 3. Keep the conversation goingwww.todaysmeet.com/fytt 4. www.onslowcounty.rubiconatlas.org Logging In Choose your name Password- excellence Purpose Keep the conversation going www.todaysmeet.com/fytt 5. What do you notice about the planningtemplate? What makes the Onslow County planner theOnslow County planner? Exemplars From Onslow Teachers Selected based on quality rubric HandoutKeep the conversation goingwww.todaysmeet.com/fytt 6. Browse Tab Locate an exemplar unit using the sheetand Browse What do you notice about that unit? What is the function of thesecomponents of the planner? Big Ideas, EnduringUnderstandings, Essential Questions, etc.Keep the conversation goingwww.todaysmeet.com/fytt 7. Take a few minutes to Browse forplanners in your area Remember units currently in Rubicon Atlasare based on the past Standard Course ofStudy What did you find? Keep the conversation going www.todaysmeet.com/fytt 8. CIA Videos www.onslow.eduvision.tv CIA Channel References Tab Big Idea List Process Skills List One anotherKeep the conversation goingwww.todaysmeet.com/fytt 9. Enduring Understandings andEssential Questions Keys to successful plans Enduring Understanding Table TentActivity Activities Conceptual Understandings Keep the conversation going www.todaysmeet.com/fytt 10. Tabbing ThroughKeep the conversation goingwww.todaysmeet.com/fytt 11. A CIA Unit Plan Is NOT a lesson plan Is a collaborative effort Is Not an individual quest Is not a one and done proposition A plan continually evolves as it is taught Promotes integration Intra- and inter- disciplinary Is accessible across Onslow County Schools Keep the conversation going www.todaysmeet.com/fytt 12. Some of your District Instructional Contacts (these may change, butthese people can get you to the right person )K-8 SciencePat Curley9-12 Science Michele HalleyK-5 Social Studies Ken Reddic6-12 Social StudiesRoss FriebelK-5 ELAMark Bulris, Frankie Harris6-12 ELA Lesley EasonK-5 Math Dwayne Snowden (Elementary Services)6-12 MathMichael ElderEC Clara Talton, Brenda Scott, Misty WilliamsCTEJohn Shannon, Madeline TuckerWorld Languages, Janae CopelandArts, ESLSecondary SchoolsBrent AndersonNC WiseWendy GranthamPre-School Kay GreshamHealth/PEJudy YeagerTestingLisa Thompson