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FY2012 Recap. Annual Financial Report Division of Business Affairs. Contents. Financial Position Revenues and Expenditures Specific Financial Activities HEAF (Higher Education Assistance Funds) Student Service Fees University Business Services Endowments Major Projects Completed/Current. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of FY2012 Recap

FY2011 AFR Presentation

FY2012 RecapAnnual Financial ReportDivision of Business Affairs1Financial PositionRevenues and ExpendituresSpecific Financial ActivitiesHEAF (Higher Education Assistance Funds)Student Service FeesUniversity Business ServicesEndowmentsMajor Projects Completed/Current

Contents2 of 462Financial Position3 of 463Net Assets4 of 46

4UTPAs Annual Financial Condition Rating: SatisfactoryCFI UTPA TrendOverall CFI score ranges from -4 to 10. Core ratios (and weights): Primary Reserve (35%), Expendable Resources to Debt (35%), Return on Net Assets (20%), and Annual Operating Margin (10%).Composite Financial Index (CFI) measures the overall financial health of an institution by combining four core ratios into a single score. The threshold for good financial health is3.0.5 of 46

Note: For FY12, UTPAs adjusted CFI is 4.0 after excluding the Expendable Capital Projects of $35.6M for the Fine Arts Complex. This reporting standard will be in effect consistently in FY2013 for all UT Institutions.5Scale for Charting CFI FY12 UTPA 4.7 (adjusted 4.0)6 of 46

6Financial Position CFI

FY2011FY2012UT System Academics7 of 46

UTPA adjusted CFI 4.07Annual Operating Margin RatioIs the institution living within its available resources.FY12 UT System AcademicsUTPA Trend8 of 46

8Operating Expense Coverage RatioNumber of months an institution can cover future operating expenses

FY12 UT System AcademicsUTPA Trend9 of 46

9Debt Capacity - UTPAMust meet 2 out of 3 benchmarks

10 of 46

Only Austin 4.2% and Brownsville 4.8% meet the maximum threshold

10Outstanding Debt at 8/31/12- UTPA*Properties funded by TRB debt include the Fine Arts Complex (in progress), Engineering Building, Education Complex, Thermal Energy Plant Expansion, General Classroom Project, New Computer Center, Academic Annex, Campus Entrance/Visitor's Center, Admin Offices Renovation, and the Starr County Upper Level Center.PropertyPayment SourceBalanceFully Paid inTuition Revenue Bond (TRB) Projects*E&G (State Appropriation) 54,500,000 FY 2022Wellness-Rec Sports CenterAux (Recreation Fee) 22,875,000 FY 2038Student Housing - Unity HallAux (Housing Rev) 9,350,000 FY 2027Existing Science RenovationE&G (HEAF) 3,550,000 FY 2019Student Housing - Bronc VillageAux (Housing Rev) 2,855,000 FY 2022Student UnionAux (Student Union Fee) 2,790,000 FY 2020LandE&G (HEAF) 2,675,000 FY 2036Student Health ClinicDes (Med Svcs Fee) 1,400,000 FY 2038Academic Service BldgE&G (HEAF) 820,000 FY 2016Equipment FinancingE&G (HEAF) 694,000 FY 2015 Total$101,509,000FY 2012 Debt ServicePrincipal$7,487,052Interest4,405,599 Total$11,892,65111 of 4611

Administrative Cost RatioRatio of institutional support expenses to total expenses (excluding auxiliaries and service departments)UTPA TrendFY2012 UT System Academics12 of 46

12Revenues13 of 4613Revenues (comparison w/prior years)

14 of 46

14Revenues Comparison with Prior Years15 of 46

15Revenues Comparison with Prior Years16 of 46

16General Revenue17 of 46

17Sponsored Programs18 of 46

18Restricted Expenditures(Excluding Financial Aid)19 of 46ResearchNon ResearchTotalExpendituresExpendituresExpenditures1College of Health Sciences & Human Services$$2,855,746 $2,855,746 2College of Engineering & Computer Science3,257,060 395,007 3,652,067 3College of Science & Mathematics2,328,002 624,067 2,952,069 4College of Social & Behavioral Sciences441,548 30,171 471,719 5College of Education775,119 197,930 973,049 6College of Arts & Humanities72,887 202,323 275,210 7College of Business Administration13,761 405,191 418,952 8Division of Academic Affairs61,336 510,495 571,831 9Division of Student Affairs4,966 5,627,516 5,632,482 10Division of Business Affairs2,238,417 2,238,417 Total$6,954,679 $13,086,863 $20,041,542 19Expenditures20 of 4620Total Expenses (comparison with prior years)21 of 46

21Total Expenses (comparison w/prior years)

22 of 46

22FY2012 Personnel Costsby College/DivisionSupport Staff/Other category includes Work-Study, Direct Wage, Special Assignment/Part-Time Staff, Overtime Pay, Accrued Vacation, Longevity.23 of 46

23FY2012 Scholarships by College/Division24 of 46

24Specific Financial Activities25 of 4625HEAF (Higher Education Assistance Funds)

26 of 4626HEAF27 of 46

27Student Service Fees

28 of 4628Student Service Fees Collected29 of 46


Student Service Fee AllocationSSF Revenue Sources*SSF Revenue DistributionNet Increase/Decrease in Fair Market Value of Investments$2,8460.04%Net Student Service Fees$6,694,36399.0%Interest Income$61,8400.9%SSF Reserve -Athletics$105,5051.6%SSF Reserve -Other Student Activities$825,28912.2%Other Student Activities$2,914,73343.2%Athletics$2,907,83043.1%30 of 46

30University Business Services

31 of 4631University Business ServicesRevenue by Source32 of 46

$685,695$699,245$662,504$284,860$311,130$297,460$242,890$228,288$168,960*FY 10FY 11FY 12*Food Services revenue does not include $2.25 million paid to the University by Sodexo for improvement/expansion of food service venues.32University Business ServicesExpenditures & Transfers33 of 46

Maintenance and Utilities$202,4445.4%Operational Support$315,0798.3%Funding for University Projects and Initiatives$3,257,24586.3%3334 of 46University Business ServicesOfficial Ring Program


35 of 4635Endowments UTPAFiscal Years 2003-201236 of 4636Endowment Comparison w/UT System Academics, 8/31/1237 of 46

37 Major ProjectsCompleted/Current38 of 4638

Haggar Renovations (Community Engagement & Student Success Building)- Total project cost (as of 8/31/12): $3,636,587

Annex Renovations (Visual Arts Building)- Total project cost (as of 8/31/12): $3,335,905

Major Projects Completed39 of 46

39Major Projects CompletedFood Services Expansion (Phase I) Sandellas Jazzmans- Total projected cost: $1,178,630Expenses as of (8/31/2012): $808,239.70

Parking Lot ImprovementsExpansion of Lots T-1 & T-2 (500new spaces north of Education Building)- Total project cost (as of 8/31/12): $770,055

40 of 46


Major Projects CompletedSoftware Implementation

SciQuest Implementation (iShop Procurement System) - Total project cost (as of 8/31/12): $562,403

41 of 4641Major Projects CurrentProjects Underway for FY2013 and beyond


Fine Arts Academic and Performance ComplexProjected total cost: $42,696,000- Expenses (as of 8/31/12): $4,696,947

Academic & Administration Building AdditionProjected total cost: $11,900,000- Expenses (as of 8/31/12): $62,538

University Financial Services Building (previously Land & Title Company building) Projected total cost: $1,800,000

42 of 46

42Major Projects CurrentProjects Underway for FY2013 and beyondConstructionFood Services Expansion Phase II Total projected cost: $2,531,378Total project cost ( as of 8/31/12): $1,245,481

Project A - Taco Ponchos Remodel Total projected cost: $528,689

Project B Student Union Food Court-Slice of Life-Chick-fil-A-Mein Bowl Total project cost: $1,130,298

Project C Game room Conversion to Retail-C Store-Sub-Connection-Starbucks Total projected cost: $872,391

43 of 46

43Major Projects CurrentProjects Underway for FY2013 and beyond

Safe Room (Shelter Dome)- Projected total cost: $4,950,000

Physicians Assistance Program relocation to current Bookstore- Projected total cost: $2,900,000

Bookstore relocation to Learning Resource Center (Library) - Pending estimate for projected total cost

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning ProjectsHealth & Physical Education Bldg & Field house - Projected total cost: $925,000Physical Science Building - Projected total cost: $550,000University Cafeteria - Projected total cost: $250,000

Additional Parking Lots Improvements ProjectsLAMAR - Projected total cost: $910,000International Trade and Technology (ITT) - Projected total cost: $212,505

44 of 4644Major Projects CurrentProjects Underway for FY2013 and beyond

Software Implementation

Budget & Planning Software (Hyperion)Projected total cost: $852,337- Expenses (as of 8/31/12): $702,919

Oracle R12Projected total cost: $ 1,583,197- Expenses (as of 8/31/12): $ 63,53045 of 4645Q & A and For More InfoContact:ComptrollersOffice@utpa.edu

On the Web: http://portal.utpa.edu/utpa_main/dba_home/comptroller_home

46 of 46If you have any questions or feedback, please send email.Presentation will be posted on our website.46