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  1. 1. AROOFING SAWhat type of state do we want SA to be in i0 years?SAL/ fe asked five South Australians under the age of 40 each a dynamic young leader in their profession to forecast their hopes for a better South Australia and found that their shared concerns and aspirations bear striking similarities. WORDS DAVID SLY PHOTOGRAPHS PETER HOAREUTURE PROSPERITY FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIArests on the achievements of our youth andits the current generation of young professionalleaders who recognise this most.When asked whatthey want SA to offer in another decade,a desirefor increased employment and opportunities toretain youth and talent in SA was the commonpriority among all SALifes survey participants with each having particular ideas of what this means for their own professions. Peter Malinauskas is a notable voice among them.Asstate secretary of the Shop,Distributive and Allied EmployeesAssociation,the nations largest union that represents retailworkers,Peter has also been cited as a critical Labor party104 CELEBRATING lO YEARS IN 20l3powerbroker and a key backer of the current premier a huge achievement for a 32-year-old. From being a Mercedes College school captain who worked part time on checkouts at Woolworths Mitcham,Peter has swiftly enjoyed great opportunities by staying in Adelaide after completing his commerce degree.However,leaving for interstate was something he considered and several of his university colleagues took that route.I'm extraordinarily glad that I didnt, " Peter admits,but lets consider what makes young people move.They dont necessarily go to Sydney or Melbourne because their salary will instantaneously increase;when they factor in cost of living expenses,they are often worse off.So their move away is not about earning power but the perception of opportunity toSAL| FE. COl/ I AU
  2. 2. Jason Di lulioanaging director and owner of Mthe Assist Finance Group and the sole South Australian onBRWs Young Rich List last year,Jason Di lulio wants to see SA develop as a vibrant,embracing and encouraging place to live where the social,business and manufacturing areas can be nurtured,thrive and develop positively.As a South Australian nominee forthe Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007, Jason believes that to do this,South Australia needs to embrace change.The coming decade will see technological and social change as we have never seen and it is essential for all sectors to move with the tide, he says.For the business sector,we are already seeing positive changes in the way we interact with our customers on a more personal and interactive level.These social media enhancements will need to be furtherSAL| FE. COM. AUadvanced and adopted by businesses to move forward. Jason says the state must be more vibrant and encouraging to our youth.We must be a state that remembers our youth are our future.South Australia needs to be a place that will encourage,support and develop these people particularly entrepreneurial youth so they will stay in South Australia and assist in its development.There needs to be programs and initiatives developed to encourage their excitement and enthusiasm toward our state,and to nurture and educate them towards success to enhance South Australian industry,business and,ultimately,lifestyle. He adds that progress requires hard business decisions to ensure profitability.South Australia needs to be a place that moves on from Lpropping up faltering manufacturing sectors and non-profitable areas, says Jason.We need to focus on value added,exportable technologies and commodities,which will add valuable jobs for our young workforce and introduce positive change to encourage them. "iCELEBRATlNG1O YEARS IN 2013 105