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Transcript of FURNITURE: Wardrobe, Wingback Chairs, Tiny Rocking · PDF fileFURNITURE: Wardrobe, Wingback...

  • FURNITURE: Wardrobe, Wingback Chairs, Tiny Rocking Chair, Square Table, Large Lot Of Antique Trunks, Wooden Bench, Cherry Dove-tail Chest, Cherry Chest Of Drawers, Stand Up Mirror, Large Poplar Blanket Chest, Makeup Table With Mirror, Cherry Night Stand, Narrow 6 Drawer Cherry Chest, 3 Drawer Cherry Chest, Single Drawer Cherry Table, Double Drop Leaf Table, 4 Drawer Cherry Chests, Oval Table With Glass, Large Trunks, Rocking Chair, Cherry Jewelry Box, Cherry Blanket Chest With Bottom Drawer, Linen Box, Antique Childs Kitch-en Hutch, Small Childs Display Cabinet, Quilt Rack, 2 Marble Top End Tables, Makeup Stand, Cherry Hutch With Doors And Single Drawer, Small Wooden Rocking Chair, Small Wooden Childs Play Hutch, Cherry Corner Curio Cabinet, Painted Blanket Chest With Chicken, Ladder Back Chair, Oak Kitchen Chair, Wooden Rocking Chair, Walnut China Cabinet, (2) Single Drawer Cherry End Tables, Wooden Box With Compartments, Large Wooden Coff ee Table With Inlaid Marble With Horse Painting, Single Drawer Double Drop Leaf Cherry Table, Roll Top Desk With Glass Doors On Top, Antique Wooden Makeup Stand With Mirror, Yellow Chair And Foot Stool, Unmarked Antique Mantel Clock, Cherry Sitting Chair, 6 Door / 10 Drawer Hutch, Wooden Chairs, Cream Colored Chair With Ottoman, Blue Leather Recliner, Marble Bass Brass Night Stand Lamp, Light Colored Wooden End Tables, Small Butcher Block, 12 Drawer Wood Organizer, Restored Feed Bin/Wood Box, Wooden Wall Shelf, Wall Clock, Double Drop Leaf Table And Four Matching Chairs, Tall Kitchen Hutch With Glass Doors, Wooden Antique Mailbox, 3 Drawer/2 Door Cherry Hutch, 4 Drawer Table, Antique Barrel With Fisher Stamped On It, Tall Display Hutch, Wooden Single Drawer Coff ee Table, 3 Drawer/1 Door Hutch With Table Top, Large Steel Banded Wooden Churn, Round Oak Kitchen Table, 2 Black Kitchen Chairs, Tall Single Door Cherry Hutch, 5 Compartment Hutch, Wooden Rocking Chair, Dark Colored Churn, Whiskey Barrel, (2) Small Tan Print Wingback Chairs, Blue Leather Double Recliner Sofa, Oval Standing Table, Antique Coff ee Table, Antique Foot Pedal Sewing Machine, Cherry Display Hutch, Wooden Blanket Chest With Double Drawers On Bottom, Hanging Quilt Rack, 2 Drawer Wooden Table, Small Foot Stool, Magazine Racks, Antique Childs Rocking/High Chair, Antique Wooden Barrel, Antique Wooden Bucket, Fels-Naptha Soap Wooden Bucket, Several Wooden Bread Bowls, Brass Flower Stand With Marble Top, Foot Stools, Wooden Steel Band Small Barrels, Ale Barrels, Antique Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine, Wooden Childs Rocking Chair, Wooden Steel Banded Tobacco Barrel With Handles, Antique Spartan Sewing Machine, Wooden Blanket Chest, Seminal Grain Wooden Barrel, Antique Dresser With Side Compartments And Handles, Antique Wicker Rocker, Spiral Leg Round End Table, Floral Couch With Matching Pillows, Lane Cedar Lined Blanket Chest, Cane Wrapped Stool, Antique Yarn Spinning Wheel, Antique Oak 9 Drawer Sewing Cabinet, Oak Marble Top Kitchen Sideboard, Antique Dresser With Swivel Oval Mirror, Wooden 9 Drawer Stackable Spool Chest, Antique Marked 8 Day Clock, Antique Wood Draft ing Table With Drawer, Pie Safe, Several Ladder Back Chairs With Cane Bottoms, Wider Ladder Back Rocking Chair With Cane Bottom, Oak 5 Drawer Chest, American Beauty Sewing Machine With Table, Antique Kitchen Cabinet With Flour Bins, Wooden Baby Cradle, Hand Hewn Log Bench Made With Wood Pegs, Corner Oak Cabinet, Yellow Blanket Chest, Chest Of Drawers, Black 3 Tier Table, Cedar Chest, Large Hand-made Pine Table, Drop Leaf Hickory Table, Oak 13 Gun Glass Door Cabinet, Maple Kitchen Chair, Oak Roll Top Desk, Oak 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet And More Items.

    GLASSWARE: Figurines, White Glass Chicken, Blue Tea Set, Gravy Bowl, Tea Set With Flowers, Serving Platter, Grape Purple Cups & Glass, Antique Bowls, Pitcher And Goblets, Plates, Green Glassware, Wall Plates, Carlsbad Platter And 12 Plates Dated 1884 - 1914, Doulton Burslem Blue Glassware, Kent Brand Blue Turkey Platter & 6 Plates Set, Green Depression Glass Sets, Paint Glassware And Lamps, Purple Trumpet Glassware, Glass Scotch Serving Set With Tray, Glass Wash Pan/Pitcher, Salt/Pepper/Vinegar/Oil Table Pieces, #6 Crock, Several #5 Crocks, Numerous Crocks Of All Sizes, (3) Glass Ducks, China Glassware, Yellow Leaf Glassware, Restored Dazey Churn, Rockdale Union Stoneware Crock With Painted Horse, Bybee Dip Bowl, Crock Churns, Crock Bowls, Colbalt Blue Butter Dish, Several Dazey Churns, Red Top Churn,

    4 Quart Dazey Churn, Butter Molds And More.

    KITCHEN ITEMS: Red Baking Set, Hanging Spice Drawer Shelf, Blue Baking Bowls, 3 Antique Food Scales, Kitchen Silverware, Coff ee Pots, Toaster, Pots And Pans, Baking Dishes, Rolling Pins, Dinner Plates, Large Red Serving Tray, Wooden Bread Box, Large Aluminum Pots, Kitchen Ware, Vegetable Pressure Canner, Large Blue Splatter Granite Pan, Metal Coff ee Pot, Pressure Cooker, Copper Funnel, Spice Rack, Lots Of Cast Iron Cookware, Cast Iron #8 Waffl e Iron, Antique Small Metal Coff ee Pot, Blue Dandube Dinnerware, Cake Stands, Set Of Granite Blue Splatter Buckets & Cookware, Red Cookware, Metal Cookware Stand, #3 Griswold Cast Iron Skillet, Cast Iron Tea Pot #7, Antique Cast Iron Pancake Maker, Antique Grinder, Cast Iron Corn Muffi n Pans (Griswold/Wagner), Metal Dippers, Metal Scoop, Granite Pans, Mops, Brooms, Dustpans And More.

    MISCELLANEOUS: Small Regulator Clock, Lots of Pictures and Frames, Antique Sewing Kit, Lots Of Lamps, Antique Clocks, Brass Candle Holders, Mauve Colored Wash Basin Set, Standing Lamps, Antique Hand Crank Phone, Brass Spit-Tune, Brass Accessories, (4) Copper Kettles, Flatscreen TV, (2) Small Antique Hanging Scales, Bubble Gum Machine, Large Cash Register (National Cash Register Co. Dayton, OH); Brass Kettles, Wooden Clock, Brass Hand Bell, Floor Lamps, Flower Arrangements, Small Wooden Childs Playhouse, Brass Trash Can, Encyclopedia Set, Flower Bowls, Tobacco Pouch Display, Tobacco Display, George Washington Tobacco Tin, Copper Wash Tub With Lid, (2) Small Red Lanterns, (2) Large Red Lanterns, Flashlights, 2 Wooden Oxen Hames, Wooden Goose, Rooster Sculpture, Rooster Serving Tray, Barber Post, Singer Sewing Machine Table, Little Wooden Church, Black Iron/Brass Hand Pump, Wooden Rooster, Restored Copper Moonshine Still, Wooden Goose, Varnished Tree Stump, Horse Jingle Bells, Th anksgiving Decor, Several Antique Brass Keys, Childs Wooden Rocking Horse, Candle Holders, Antique Wooden Bucket, Fels-Naptha Soap Wooden Bucket, Several Wooden Bread Bowls, Old Wood Tool Box, Antique Wooden Washing Machine, Antique Wooden Printer, Zeuna #60 Metal Oval Wash Tub, Wicker Baskets, Wooden Grape Press, Large Mosler Safe, Wooden Baby Cradles, Goose Decoys, Farm Fresh Metal Basket, Old Wringer Washer, Wooden Crate, Wrought Iron Rack, Antique Universal Chick Feeder, Antique Ice Cream Churn, Several Moonshine Jugs, Antique Lard Press, Large Antique Wooden Creamery Foot Power Churn, Antique Wooden Wagon, Carved Burl Wood Jug,Antique Childs Tricycle, Raised Toilet Seat With Arms, Gal-vanized Tub, Red Wing Pottery Chick Feeder, Antique Kilowatt Counter Electric Lamp, Antique Toy Wagon, Christmas Decor, Decorative Toy Sled, Stitch Mistress Sewing Machine Box, Metal Bird Feeder, Metal Bucket, Antique Wooden Chick Box, Green Antique Wooden Tool Box, Wooden Podium Top, Craft Articles, Hand Painted Gourd Birdhouse, Numerous Woven Rugs, Peters Shotgun Shell Crate, Antique Stan-dard Stamp Holder With Ink Stamps, Antique Medicine Box, Sewing Machine Parts, Wicker Rack With Wooden Utensils, Christmas Tins, Cricket Holder, Extra Large Hand Painted Santa Claus Gourd, Wooden Toy Car, Wooden Toy Caboose, Numerous Ice Picks, Wooden Pitch Fork, Antique Round Hat Box, Metal Shelving, Fan, OHAUS Medicine Scale, Wicker Picnic Basket, Wicker Clothes Hamper, Brass Pot With Painted Handles, Metal Tub On Stand, Dehumidifi er, Metal Medicine Tube Box, Antique Doll Highchair, Antique Toy Sewing Machines, Wrought Iron Flower Sculpture, Several Blue Jars, Bakers Rack, Old Metal Oil Can, Large Hanging Basket, Numerous Wicker Baskets, New And Used Oil Lamp Tops, Oak Wagon With Primitive Dolls, Egg Baskets, Hanging Basket Stand, Antique Original Wood Cook Stove - Mint Condition, 6 Pack Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottle Holder With 6.5 Oz. Bottles, Rossmoyne Antique Toy Fire Truck By Model Toy Company, Antique American Tel & Tel Brass Hand Crank Telephone (Original Mint Condition), Flat Oval Brass Oil Holder For Lamp, Antique Coff ee Grinder, Jar of Buttons, Complete Wooden Train, Lanterns, Ironing Board, Iron, Small Burlap Colonial Coff ee Bag, Antique Wooden Churn, Roosters, Toy Crescent Cast Iron Stove, Cast Iron Duck, Toy Pot Bellied Cast Iron Stove, Old Brass Hanging Scales, Forschners Improved

  • Circular Spring Balanced Scale Brass, Antique Fireplace Shovels And Pokers, Antique Cast Iron Cross Cut Single Man Saw, Fireplace Ac-cessories, Dehumidifer, Old Bottles, Old Coke Bottle, Max Wocher & Sons Of Cincinnati, OH - Beveled Glass Medicine Cabinet In Mint Condition, Shop Vac, Mop Buckets, Yellow Hospital Linen Cabinet, Maple Frame Mirror, Area Rugs, Antique Irons, Numerous Books, Metal Kitchen Sitting Stool Red In Color, Bakers Rack, Antique Dayton Fan, Brass Bell, Cloverbloom Wooden Cheese Box, Stairway Chair Lift For Handicap, Shower Stool, Cast Iron Wood Stove, Antique Childs Stroller, Antique Childs Wheelbarrow, Brass Fireplace Screens, 27 Quilts, Hand Knitted Th rows, Fabric, Bed Linens, Sewing Box, Yarn, Antique Open Fire Brass Popcorn Popper, And More.

    GUNS: Stevens Junior Model 11 - .22 long rifl e, Winchester Ranger 30-30 Lever Action, (2) Stevens Favorite Model 1915 - .22 long rifl e, Savage Springfi eld Model 944 12 Gauge single shot, Marlin Model 80 - .22 long rifl e bolt action, Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 58 20 Gauge single shot, Unmarked .410 Gauge Dou