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Portrait Photography

Transcript of FullFrame Photography Magazine Issue 13

  • A Picture That Defines A Life

    Shirley Lawson

    Cover: Photography at Its Purist Form

    Chris Calumberan

    Volume 2 | Issue 13 | January-February 2014 | Middle East


    Portraiture: A Genre of Facial Distinction

    The Rare Look to Film PhotographyAnjum Vahanvati

    Painting Colors Through A CameraEros Goze

    Preserving Moments in LifeJoseph Alexander



    Backpacker Tripod Review

    Compact SLR with Fullframe Sensor


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  • Vol 02 | Iss 13 | 2014 | Portraiture6

    Depth Of FocusOmar Alzaabi

    Volume 1 | Issue 12 | November-December 2013 | Middle East

    Fujifilm X-M1Sigma 35mm 1.4

    Architectural LandscapePhotographyIssue

    Hands On review for Canon & Nikon Mount


    Pointers on How to Shoot Creative Architectural


    An Emirati Fine Art Landscape and Nature

    PhotographerMohamed Aljaberi

    FujiFilm X-Series Workshop

    EGPC sweeps ASCA

    The New Addition tothe X-Series

    issue 12 cover.indd 1 11/9/13 2:09 AM

    Depth Of FocusAdrian Sommeling

    Volume 1 | Issue 11 | September-October 2013 | Middle East

    Fujifilm X-E1Carl Zeiss

    Digital Art PhotographyIssue

    Touit Lenses Fujifilm X-Mount Cameras


    From Dusk Till Dawn, Celebrating Ramadan

    FullFrame Ramadan Photography Competition and Exhibition

    Balancing Photography and Digital Artistry

    Jake Radaza

    Painting Light in the WindKarim Jabbari

    Defining Digital Art Photography

    Alexia Sinclair

    (firmware 2.00) + Fujinon 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 OIS

    issue 11 cover.indd 1 8/20/13 1:19 PM

    Depth Of FocusJorge Ferrari

    Volume 1 | Issue 9 | Middle East

    A Testament for the Passion

    Raul Gabat

    A Thousand Words of an Image

    Barry Morgan

    A Scribe in Time Charles Verghese

    Underwater Photography: Prints of a World Unknown

    David Thiesset

    Big Things Matter in Sports Photography

    Perfect Combination for Lighting Needs

    CANON EF 400mmPocketWizard


    issue 9 cover.indd 1 4/16/13 6:25 PM

    Depth Of FocusRichard Schoettger

    Volume 1 | Issue 10 | Middle East

    Finding the Soul Mate within a Classic

    Fujifilm X 100sNikon D7100

    Culture and TravelIssue

    Setting New Standards for Digital Photography


    Life in the UAEFujifilm Photo Challenge 2013

    The Resolve of an ArtistThamer Al-Hassan

    Dedicating Life on Preserving Culture

    Jacob Maentz

    Shooting at an Unfamiliar Territory

    Paul John Tavera

    issue 10 cover.indd 1 6/16/13 11:10 AM

    Depth Of FocusCelia Peterson

    Volume 1 | Issue 8 | Middle East

    Seeing Culture through Todays LifestyleEmirates Photography

    Standing Witness to the Frame of Time

    Sean Armenta

    Capturing Emotions as a Way of Life

    Paul Aiken

    Lifestyle Photography: The Story of Existence

    Jay Alonzo

    A View from a Professional Photographer

    GODOX QT 600Fujifilm X-F1

    N E W L O O K !more articles, more tips, more inspirations

    Fujifilm has launched the latest addition to its highly acclaimed X series.

    issue 8 cover.indd 1 2/12/13 12:35 PM

    Photography Magazine


    BasicTutorials Workshops


    Group Profile


    Depth of FocusJay Alonzo

    15 AED Volume 1 | Issue 4 | Middle East

    Why Men Are Into Fashion Photography?!

    Jhoel Valenzo

    Portrait Photography Tips And Methods

    Richard Schneider

    Role ReversalRocky Gathercole

    Questions From The Readers

    FullFrame is a Photography magazine not just for photo enthusiasts but for those who have taste for art, beauty and creativity. It is designed to take a deeper look into photographys history, influence and modern agenda. With undying passion, the team behind this publication is taking photography in a different ground and hoping one day to rest the art and craft into its rightful place among the pedestal. Indeed, an

    impact is what we seek that would also encourage society to look unto the glamorous and not so superficial side of photography an irony that lures the curious mind.

    This editorial is intended to demystify the use of modern equipment in photography by emphasizing practical use of the camera in the field, highlighting both the method rather than the technical. It has been conceptualized to stimulate the photo enthusiasts to enhance their

    recreational enjoyment through photography and to satisfy their needs as amateur and professional photographers.

    Grab your free copies at:LightHouse Studio | Advanced Media | Grandstores Showrooms | Image Arts | Al Awazi Studio | EPC (National Theater) Abu Dhabi | Alton Trading

    CameraReview Tutorials Workshops


    Group Profile


    Depth of FocusMosh Lafuente

    Guidelines for Travel Photography

    10 Travel Photography Tips

    Tips on How to Shooton Low Light

    Focal Points

    Photography Magazine

    AED 15 Volume 1 | Issue 5 | Middle East

    issue 5 cover.indd 1 5/22/12 12:19 AM

    Dos & Donts of Photography in UAE

    Discover Obscura

    Find out how

    Off Camera LightingJay Morales

    Beyond PassionEdwin Loyola

    Small Things Big ResultChris Calumberan

    Photography Magazine

    Gadget Review

    PostProcessing Tutorials

    Do ItYourself


    Group Profile


    Depth Of FocusDonnell Gumiran

    Issue 1 | November 2011 | Middle East

    Volume 1 | Issue 7 | Middle East

    The Changing Picture of Photography

    Jay Alonzo

    Gear UpJanine Khouri Elias

    Why Do You Need to Convert Your photo from RGB to CMYK?

    Post Production Essential Skills

    Alex Jeffries15 AED



    E M









    phy m

    agazine Exclusive launch

    event held at The Armani Hotel

    NIKON D600Olympus OM-D E-M5

    N E W L O O K !more articles, more tips, more inspirations

    Feature, Performance & User Experience

    issue 7 cover.indd 1 11/25/12 12:54 PM

    Worlds Top SellingStock Photographer

    Yuri Arcurs

    Behind The LensEdwin Allan Riguer

    15 Quick Tips To Better Photos After Dark

    The ChallengeMike Malate

    9 Ways To Beat The High Cost Of Photography

    Photography Magazine


    BasicTutorials Workshops


    Group Profile


    Depth Of FocusA Manny Librodo Exclusive

    15 AED Volume 1 | Issue 3 | Middle East

    issue 3 final cover.indd 1 1/23/12 6:04 PM


    Tips Tutorials Workshops


    Group Profile


    Depth of FocusMario Cardenas

    Photography Magazine

    Volume 1 | Issue 6 | Middle East




    E M



    Black and White Photography;

    The World Without Color

    The Art ofBlack and White


    Ethics of a Photographer

    Progressive Tips on Black & White Imagery

    issue 5 cover.indd 1 9/3/12 11:42 AM

    Cover Story Meiji Sangalang

    Behind the LensPJ Tiongson

    A Desert SurpriseOsama Al Zubaidi

    Toy PhotographyJay Calaguian / Noel Garcia

    The ChallengeEngr. Milo Torres

    Work Flow ExposedEugene Santos / Michael Cruz

    Man with Simple DreamsJophel Botero Ybiosa

    Photography Magazine

    Issue 2 | December 2011 | Middle East

    Camera Guide

    Tips &Tricks

    Extreme PostProcessing Tutorials

    Get the Most Out of your Point and Shoot Camera


    Issue 1 Pilot Issue 2 Point & Shoot Issue 3 Outdoor Issue 4 Fashion

    Issue 5 Travel Issue 6 Black & White Issue 7 Wedding Issue 8 Lifestyle

    Issue 9 Sports Issue 10 Culture and Travel Issue 11 Digital Art Photography Issue 12 Architectural & Landscape

  • Two years have swiftly passed by. We have met a lot of people and most of them have contributed in our growth in one way or another. We couldnt count the numbers of photographers and artists that we have worked with in this magazine, and countless of fun and memories have been shared through our journey. And for the past 12 issues that we have built with hard work and dedication, we hope that we have inspired our viewers to keep on shooting and learn from the knowledge we have shared.

    Now for our 13th issue, the first of the second volume of our editorial, we bring back one of the most practiced genre of photography Portraiture. Our aim is to make our magazine better and stronger, so we carefully selected the photographers and artists included in this issue. From the cover story that truly tested our limit to the tutorials and tips we collected intently, we hope that once again we can inculcate learning to everyone. Our cover shoot was cautiously arranged by our very own Creative Director, Chris Bogart Lleses, and was brought together by the very best artists in their respective fields. And as before, we have selected few of the most outstanding photographers, who passionately practice Portrait Ph