Full Band Schedule on Page 4 Maynard Ferguson, Pete Escovedo, Bill Watrous, Plas Johnson, the...

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Transcript of Full Band Schedule on Page 4 Maynard Ferguson, Pete Escovedo, Bill Watrous, Plas Johnson, the...

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    MAY 17, 2009 Vol. 28 No. 2 Traditional Jazz at Gallo Center for the Arts

    1000 I St. Modesto

    MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the


    To preserve & promote our unique American National music treasure for future generations, To give jazz musicians opportunities to share their talent with appreciative audiences, To encourage youth to learn & to continue the original American art form of playing jazz.

    2009 Board Members

    President Jan Leer 985-2223

    Vice-President Mary Menz (Ex-Officio)

    Publicity Director Jeannie Wemken

    (Publicity) 524-3517

    Music Director

    Margaret Squires (Music Director)


    Membership Director Rozetta McNulty

    (Membership) 869-2024


    Jerry Cox 529-3194


    Mac McCarter

    Members @ Large Ernie Bucio

    985-5712 David Livingston

    606-2056 Forrest Jackson

    Elinor Purdy

    Yep, TGIF.Thank Goodness It's Festival! What a grand day we have in store for our May meeting. A terrific band, Devil Mountain, one of our favorites. And the Gallo Center! AND that's not all! Wait till you see the jam sets we have set up! Come early, the first set starts at 10:00! Music at two locationsinside the theater and in the lobby. Stay late.the Legends of Jazz Concert will begin at 3:00. What a great concert that will be. You can get all of that for only $25! Such a deal. When you really think about it, it's a GREAT deal. So come on down! But that's not all! Come early, as in a day early, and enjoy the traditional jazz and big band swing music Saturday at the venues on 11th Street. Think about it..a two day festival for $40??? The Fat Cat has a great dance floorwe've scheduled the big bands in that venue. Come dance! Have fun! Eat food at the Barkin' Dog and Tressetti's! Meet new people. Twist their arms until they join our Jazz Society! Remember, the proceeds from this festival will go to the Jazz Society! We need your support to make this a success. A huge THANK YOU goes to volunteers from the Jazz Society. Even bigger thanks goes to Bob Sakoi who has set up all of the jam sets. This festival would not have happened without all of you!

    Margaret Squires, Music Director

    Next Board Meeting Mar. 24th

    Jan Leers house 1049 Dakota Ave,


    Sacramento Jubilee Tickets For Sale All Events: $81 (discounted from $95) Daily Tickets: $40 (discounted from $45)

    Contact Margaret at 988-2334 or margeaux10@yahoo.com

    REMEMBER! This months club meeting is at the GALLO CENTER for the ARTS

    Doors open at 9:30am and Sets start at 10am!

    Full Festival Band Schedule on Page 4

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    "Where words fail, music speaks" Hans Christian Anderson


    May is here, and there's music in the air. It's time for the 11th Street Jazz Festival! There is no other place right now that you could possibly get more live music for your dollar.

    In January, Ernie Bucio presented a proposition to our club: the joint sponsorship of an 11th Street Jazz Festival that would be held May 16th in Downtown Modesto. We would be join-ing Gottschalk Music Center, The Barkin' Dog Grill, and other downtown establishments to present some great entertainment for those who love live music, especially traditional jazz and big band swing. The event would headline saxophonist, Plas Johnson and trombon-ist, Bill Watrous. Both these musicians would join several of our favorite jazz groups to provide terrific music and dancing at several venues. The proceeds of ticket sales would benefit The Modesto Traditional Jazz Society.

    That was then. The months since, have been filled with activity and planning for this venture. The Festival has |expanded to a full two-day event, culminating with a Legends of Jazz Concert at the Gallo Center for the Arts with four headliners: Plas Johnson, Bill Watrous, Bobby Shew and Mic Gillette.

    Now, you just might ask yourself, "What could I do to be a part of this terrific idea?" Well, for that question, I have a terrific answer! You still have time to buy your tickets. If every MTJS member could generate four tickets we could have a successful event. You still have time to volunteer. We need help at all the venues. You still have time to make some kind of a donation. Buy an ad in the program to help defray expenses. There will also be also a raffle on Sunday if you have something special to donate for that. All you have to do is call me or any other Board Member. This is your last chance to help! You can contact me at (209) 985-2223. Or, to help with the "Hospitality Room" for the musicians call Elinor Purdy (209) 524-3443.

    Details for both Saturday and Sunday are included in this Jazzette. All Festival events on 11th Street open at 10:00AM on Saturday. Devil Mountain Jazz Band will kick things off at the Gallo Center on Sunday morning with a Gospel set. There will be non-stop music in the theatres and in the lobby. Bob Sakoi is organizing the jam sets and he promises some terrific surprises and outstanding music. You just can't miss this!

    I hope you are all heading down to the Gallo Center to purchase your tickets to support our club, and live entertainment. Encourage all your friends and family to participate. We certainly hope the club will gain many new members when people hear all this outstanding music. The 11th Street Jazz Festival can be a tremendous boost for our Jazz Society. Please be a part of it!

    Need music, who do you call? Chances are good if you are in or near Modesto, you call Ernie Bucio! Ernie is a tremendous addition to our Board, and he has been an integral part in the development of our festival.

    Name: Ernie Bucio Pos: Member-At-Large

    Ernie has been performing music in the valley for the past 35 years. He has led the Gottschalk Music Concert Band since it was formed in 1989. His big band (Ernie Bucio's Little Big Band) and his brass quintet (Central Valley Brass) have been performing for audiences since 1980. His groups have backed and opened for artists as diverse as Maynard Ferguson, Pete Escovedo, Bill Watrous, Plas Johnson, the Temptations, James Moody, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Rich Little, Myron Floren, Clark Terry, Bob Newhart, Cheech Marin, Sharon McNight, the Dallas Brass, Arturo Sandoval, the Count Basie Orchestra, Jon Faddis, Dick Contino, Mike Vax, and Mic Gillette. In addition, through the Gottschalk Studios, these artists have been made available to students of all ages for clinics, master classes, lecture-demonstrations, performances, and private lessons.

    Ernie has performed on trumpet with Merced, Modesto, and Stanislaus Symphonies, the Townsend Opera Players, Modesto Performing Arts orchestras, and virtually every musical organization in the valley. He recently organized groups to perform in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival.

    He is currently with Gottschalk Music Center of Modesto in outside sales, and teaches classes for the Gottschalk Studios. Besides being a member of the American Federation of Musicians, Ernie is an honorary member of Kappa Kappa Psi Music Fraternity. He is a recipient of Modesto Area Music Association's "Lifetime Achievement Award" and the Stanislaus Arts Council's "Excellence in Music Award." Ernie was an original member of the Modesto Jazz Society, joining at the urging of founding members Deck Hogin, Dutch Mills, and Al Dupont, all members of the Little Big Band at the time. Dan Talbert, Joe Runnels, and Keith Baltz also joined then.

    His dedication to live music and music education has manifested itself in the booking of major jazz legends in |Modesto and making these musicians available to the students of Gottschalk's Studios and area public and private schools. Many of his students have been chosen by the Jazz Society to attend the Youth Jazz Camp in Sacramento. Ernie has hand-picked students from the all star high school jazz band to back Bobby Shew at the 11th Street Jazz Festival. These current and former students of his will be getting the opportunity to perform with a world-class artist.

    Over the past thirty years, Ernie's commitment to the Jazz Society has included playing for the club many times, and introducing the 11th Street Jazz Fest to the club as a fundraiser. He was able to work with Dave Pier, director of the Gallo Center for the Arts, to have the Sunday portion of the festival held there. Ernie considers Mo-desto to be an important new area for the growth of live music and jazz in particular. He believes the Modesto Traditional Jazz Society should be playing a major role in that area, and will work tirelessly to that end. Thank you, Ernie, for all that you do to keep live music alive in Modesto.

    Musically Speaking Presidents Message

    Meet The Team ...

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    Full Band Schedule on Page 4

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    11th Street Jazz Fest Schedule Saturday, May 16

    Schedule* Fat Cat Music House & Lounge

    Barking Dog Grill Tresettis World Caffe

    10:00 10:50 JassCity Jazz Band Creole Jazz Kings Blue and Beige

    11:10 12:00pm Creole Jazz Kings Lammersville School Jazz Band

    Natural Gas Jazz Band

    12:20 1:10 Jazz Unlimited Big Band

    Ernie Bucio Little Big Band


    1:30 2:20 Natural Gas Jazz Band JassCity Blue and Beige

    2:40 3:30 JassCity Natural Gas Jazz Band Creole Jazz Kings

    3:50 4:40 Natural Gas JB Ernie Bucio Little Big Band

    Creole Jazz Kings

    5:00 6:00 Ernie Bucio Little Big Band

    Barkin Dog Big Band Dan Maas Sextet

    6:00 8:00 Jam Session

    Sunday, May 17