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Transcript of Fujitsu Value Chain Solution- · PDF file 2013. 2. 20. · Page. 1 of 4 Fact Sheet....

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    Fact Sheet Fujitsu Value Chain Solution

    Fact Sheet Fujitsu Value Chain Solution

    Fujitsu Value Chain Solution offers best-in-class capabilities that enable integrated business planning and execution across the entire supply chain.

    Realizing tangible benefits from an integrated supply chain We help capture, manage, and leverage demand and capacity planning activities that help reduce costs and improve process efficiency across the supply chain.

    Challenges Companies face several supply chain challenges every day:

    ■ Forecasting accuracy ■ Sales and marketing planning complexity ■ Inventory carrying costs and slow turnover ■ Long order-to-shipment cycles ■ Increased transportation costs and

    dependency on carriers for planning activities

    ■ Time to market of product and offerings ■ Distribution partner agreements ■ Greater cost pressure from the need to

    manage logistics networks ■ Higher inventory levels and requirements to

    manage stock levels at the distribution and retail locations

    ■ Product lifecycles are shortening so new product development is critical

    ■ Demand for private labeling ■ Product shelf life issues and increasing

    inventories, cause outages or create waste

    To address these challenges, there are three critical things that companies want from any technology enabling toolset, reliability, better productivity, and lower cost of ownership. It is tough to achieve all of them together in today’s fast paced environment where processes change

    quickly and the movement of products is managed by multiple systems. It is even more difficult when your business depends on your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to sell and deliver to customers. This places a greater burden on the ERP team and pushes them towards the need for excellence programs.

    Customers struggle to bring their finance, sales, operations and procurement departments together (as one) to face challenges in overall growth. Be it introducing a new product, defining trade events, or designing a demand driven supply network, the organization generally has a tough time figuring out what will be a good role based approach to bring a centralized system inside the organization.

    How we can help Through years of working with Fortune 1000 companies, implementing software solutions on the Oracle® eBusiness Suite, Fujitsu has developed unique skills and intellectual property that expands on the base software product. This allows us to create a value chain solution that can be customized for your specific business.

    The Fujitsu Value Chain Solution encompasses the entire ERP and Value Chain offerings of Oracle. It leverages prebuilt integrations and includes several unique customizations. Our customers have seen tangible business benefits from implementation of our value chain solution, such as:

    ■ Reduced forecast errors by 20% ■ Improved order fulfillment rates to 94%

    The Problem Manufacturing and distribution companies are facing greater pressure to achieve higher revenue, profits, and growth. This increasingly competitive and technologically advanced environment stretches across the entire Value Chain. To help relieve some of this pressure, Industry focused integrated solutions need to address key areas of:

    ■ Demand Driven Supply Network ■ Trade Promotions ■ Product Innovation ■ Sustainability ■ Consumer Reach and Loyalty ■ Pricing and Costing Strategy

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    Sales History

    OM, PO, INV Updates


    Status, Invoices


    Production Schedule

    IMFG Real-time Txns

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    Location etc.

    Supplier, Item,

    Location etc.

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    Fact Sheet Fujitsu Value Chain Solution

    ■ Reduced inventory by 16% ■ Reduced transportation spend by 10-20%

    Business Functions supported by our solution are: ■ Sales and Marketing ■ Demand Management and Supply Planning ■ Procurement Management ■ Inventory and Order Management ■ Inbound and Outbound Logistics including Warehouse

    Management Solution ■ Transportation Planning and Execution ■ Global Trade Management

    Our solution covers several customizations and extensions that are actively being used by various clients. Some of these customizations are:

    ■ Sales, Operations and Integrated Business Planning ■ Forward Buying and Trade Optimization ■ Scan Based Trading and Demand Driven Supply Network ■ Catch Weight Management ■ Chargeback Management and Reverse Logistics ■ New Product Introduction ■ Warehouse Management Planning and Execution

    Fujitsu has created these solution packets in template form and has the industry experience of installing them. You can expect a more cost effective implementation with a quicker time to benefit thus producing the greatest ROI.

    Benefits The Fujitsu Value Chain Solution provides benefits which could be explained both in a qualitative and quantitative way. Mainly driven by a quantitative set of data, Fujitsu Value Chain (VC) solution drives key performance indicators (KPIs) like increased sales, fill rates, on time delivery, forecast accuracy, review cycles, carrying inventory, etc.

    Some of the results clients have achieved: ■ Reduced Forecast Errors by 20% YOY ■ Reduced Aging Product Losses ■ Reduced Packaged Goods Inventory by 16% ■ Improved Case Fill Rate to 99.4% ■ Improved Complete Order to 94% ■ Improved OTD to 94% ■ Reduces logistics costs by 5% ■ Enhanced Procurement Visibility and Tracking ■ Better Quality Compliance ■ Smooth Transition of Acquired Companies to Corporate System ■ Reduced Inventory and Spoilage Levels in vendor managed

    inventory (VMI) Retail Environments

    How it Works Solution Details At its core, Fujitsu Value Chain Solution is built on top of Oracle ERP and Value Chain applications. It leverages a unique combination of standard and custom integration between these offerings. The following diagram shows the integrations between these products:

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    Fact Sheet Fujitsu Value Chain Solution

    Driving continuous improvement by how people work At Fujitsu, our Value Chain practice is supported by our world class Macroscope® D3 methodology. This unique way of delivery focuses on understanding what matters to you so we can continually find better ways to deliver it.

    Delivering consistent excellence programs Fujitsu Value Chain practice delivers consistent excellence programs based on business process, technology and as custom to customer needs.

    Delivering Value Customers have realized the following benefits from our VC solution:

    ■ Seamless Business Integration ■ Streamlined Sales and Operations Planning ■ Improved Demand Predictability ■ Improved Order Fulfillment Cycles ■ Proactive Procurement and Supplier Management ■ Efficient Inbound and Outbound Logistics ■ Reduced Transportation Costs ■ Increased Partner Collaboration ■ Accurate Reconciliation and Reporting ■ Enabled Business Intelligence

    Why Fujitsu Enabling the global enterprise Fujitsu provides a full array of end-to-end Value Chain solutions leveraging best in class ERP systems. At Fujitsu, we are always looking to improve customer processes by staying on top of industry needs. Creating clients for life, Kaizen and trend setting based on market needs make Fujitsu unique from others.

    Our Differentiators:

    We are a big firm with a personal, smaller firm approach ■ Resources from a 500+ Oracle person full service, global

    consulting firm ■ We deliver team consistency: our team is our delivery team. ■ We service a mix of large and mid-size companies

    We are more than technology installers ■ Bring vision and strategy for rollout ■ Leading practices from past successful engagement experience ■ Robust approach, facilitation and tools to get to results ■ We don’t believe technology “go live” alone defines success ■ Proprietary toolsets for faster ROI

    We are Deep Value Chain experts ■ Our team has the right technical and solution experience with

    Value Chain products ■ Expertise in Oracle as well as other leading packages for cross

    solution practice sharing and innovation ■ We have significant global and US relationships with Oracle as a

    Diamond level partner

    We are focused on Value Chain ■ 75% of our supply chain business is in our value chain

    optimization and transformation processes ■ We have practical solutions for demand driven evolution

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    About Fujitsu America Fujitsu America, Inc., is a leading ICT solutions provider for organizations in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Fujitsu enables clients to meet their business objectives through