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Transcript of FTW 4 December 2009

  • The Freight Communitys Weekly Newspaper for Import / Export decision makers on subscriptionFRIDAY 4 December 2009 NO. 1891


    Import and Export Consolidations by Sea and Air




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    Damasane speaks out on TPT restructuringBy Ray Smuts

    Transnet Port Terminals huge new restructuring plan, possibly the countrys largest in one fell swoop, is all about a smoother, more efficiently running corporate engine, chief operating officer, Nosipho Damasane, said in Cape Town last week.

    Its not about trying to fit square pegs in round holes but focusing instead on particular, demonstrated skills of senior management. Theres also a strong emphasis on across-the-board training, with customer needs first and foremost in mind.

    To this end, 159 Sri Lankans recruited to train

    operators of the new-generation cranes in Cape Town are being replaced by a group from Thailand, and Transnet has just approved deployment of Sri Lankan trainers for the new planning department.

    Quizzed on whether the sweeping senior management changes were triggered by the realisation that all was not well within TPT ranks, she agreed that the organisation had not looked at whether the skills were in the right places.

    She adds TPT tends as a rule to check every few years whether it is still on course, what it can do differently, where it is lagging behind and how it can best utilise

    particular individual skills. Little has been said about

    the move of Cape Town Container Terminal business executive, Oscar Borchards, to the new Durban-based TQM and Continuous Improvement division, Damasane stressing once again overall skills.

    Oscar has been with the organisation for more than ten years, he is very strong operationally and we cannot lose that sort of excellence. But sometimes one who is strong operationally might not necessarily be strong in other aspects to lead a terminal the size of Cape Town.

    Damasane dismissed

    RFA to meet DoT on axle mass issueBy Liesl Venter

    The Road Freight Association (RFA) is set to meet with the Department of Transport next Wednesday (December 9) to discuss the proposed reduction in axle mass loads

    and the prohibition of moving certain goods by road.

    According to RFA spokesman Gavin Kelly, the meeting has been scheduled with the deputy director general of the DoT.

    This follows the circulation

    of a letter of intent by the DoT in which it proposed a reduction of the permissible axle mass from 9-tons per four wheel axle to 8-tons on the secondary road system. The aim of this, they said, was to move commercial

    vehicles onto the primary road network and preserve SAs secondary network.

    Huge uproar followed with the RFA gaining support from industry and road organisations alike.

    Kelly said no further

    correspondence had been received from the DoT but the organisation had requested timelines for the proposed implementation of the new proposal as well as clarity on a host of other issues.

    French loan to finance CT terminal expansion

    Chris Wells, acting CEO of Transnet, and Agence Franaise de Dveloppement Group CEO, Jean-Michel Severino, sign a 200m loan deal to part-fund Cape Town Container Terminals R4.6bn expansion. See story on page 16.

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    2 | FRIDAY December 4 2009

    A weekLY summary of the main changes to the South African tariff dispensation and amendments to customs and

    excise legislation. Compiled by Tariff & Trade Intelligence. e-mail: info@tariffandtrade.co.za

    Draft 2010 Tariff Amendments Comment DueThe South African Revenue Service (Sars) has published its Draft Amendment to the South African Harmonised System Tariff 2010, for comment. The proposed tariff amendments are in respect of (i) The phase-down of customs duties in terms of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU); (ii) The phase-down of customs duties in terms of the FTA with the European Free Trade Association; (iii) The phase-down of customs duties in terms of the Motor Industry Development Programme; (iv) The reduction in the rate of customs duty (duty) on paper and paperboard; (v) The reduction in the rate of duty on aluminium products; (vi) The reduction in the General rate of duty on organic surface-active agents and primary plastic polymers; (vi) Request from the Department

    of Environmental Affairs for separate subheadings to identify chemicals and wastes controlled by Multilateral Environmental Agreements; (vii) Request from Smith Capital Equipment (Ltd) Ltd for the creation of a separate tariff subheading for elevating platforms; (viii) Request from Fine Chemical Corporation (Pty) Ltd for the creation of medicaments containing codeine phosphate; (ix) Request from the Association of Electric Cable Manufacturers of South Africa for the creation of separate subheadings for electrical conductors for a voltage not exceeding 80V and for electric cables insulated with paper, plastics and rubber; (x) Request from the Association of Steel Tube and Pipe Manufacturers of South Africa for the creation of a separate tariff subheading for certain steel tubes and pipes; (xi) Request from Southern African Footwear and Leather

    Industries Association for the re-instatement of tariff subheadings for safety footwear; and (xii) Request from various local manufacturers for the re-instatement of tariff subheadings for certain chemical compounds in Tariff Chapters 28 and 29 as well as a number of essential oils classifiable in tariff heading 33.01 that were deleted on 6-digit level with the implementation of HS2007 due to low volume in trade.

    Comment is due by 04 December 2009.

    Amendment of Provisional Payment for Staple FibresThe amendment of a provisional payment in respect of Staple fibres of polyester, not carded, combed or otherwise processed for spinning, imported from or originating in the Peoples Republic of China that was imposed on

    06 November 2009.

    Amendment of Mechanically Deboned ChickenThe deletion of tariff sub-heading 0207.14.05 for boneless frozen chicken and the insertion of tariff subheadings 0207.12.10 and 0207.12.90 in order to provide for mechanically deboned chicken.

    Amendment of Polymers of Vinyl ChlorideThe amendment of the description of tariff subheading 3919.90.23 in order to amend the width from cm to mm for other polymers of vinyl chloride. The amendment is effective with retrospective effect from 14 August 2009.

    Note: This is a non- comprehensive statement of the law. No liability can be accepted for errors and omissions.


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  • FRIDAY December 4 2009 | 3

    By Martin Rushmere

    Madagascar has been added to the list of countries that the US says are open to terrorist

    infiltration at its ports, with the exception of Toamasina.

    Ships calling at US ports, and which have been to Madagascar in their last

    five calls, have to prove they have carried out extra precautions to prevent terrorists slipping on board at a port in Madagascar. These include posting

    security guards at all entry points and checks of the identity of all visitors.

    Very few US-bound vessels will be affected by the measures, as almost all

    call only at Toamasina.A total of 13 countries

    are now on the list of those that don't have effective anti-terrorism measures, seven of them from Africa.

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