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Page 1: FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS …brochure.copiercatalog.com/kyocera/FS-C2526MFP_C2526MFP_Brochu… · FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS-C2526MFP ... ,

FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional PrintersFS-C2526MFP


Page 2: FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS …brochure.copiercatalog.com/kyocera/FS-C2526MFP_C2526MFP_Brochu… · FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS-C2526MFP ... ,

• Fast processing speeds of800MHz,withupto2GBofRAM,results inexceptionalmultifunctionalcapabilities.

• Kyocera’s long life technology and ‘class leading’ drum yields deliverextendedpreventivemaintenanceintervalsandmaximize device“uptime”.Thisaddsuptoultra-reliableoperationandalow totalcostofownership.

• Robust connectivity capabilitiesincludingstandardGigabitEthernetand aHi-SpeedUSB2.0Interfaceofferseamlessintegrationwithinvirtually anynetworkenvironmentorplatform.

• Color scanning,anessentialcompliancecomponentformany industries,allowsyoutoquicklydigitizeprinteddocumentsfor archivingandsharingacrossthenetwork.

• AStandard Reversing Automatic Document Processor enables productivescanspeedsofupto35imagesperminute.

• Impressive toner yields of7,000pagesforblackand5,000pagesfor eachcolor,allowyoutorunlongerprintjobswithmaximumquality andproductivity,whileminimizinginterruption.

• TheoptionalUSB keyboardprovidesaconvenient,fastwaytoenter informationsuchasemailaddressesintothedevicefortoday’s on-the-goworkforce.

• AnoptionalCard Authentication Solution permitsaRFIDeasCard Readertobeembeddedinthefrontofthedevice,withinthe operationpanel,enhancingeaseofusewhilefacilitatingsecurityand costcontrol.

• Forcustomersthatrequirefaxcapabilities,theFS-C2626MFP comesstandardwithNetwork Fax.



DevelopedfromKyocera’saward-winningprinterengines,thesenewMFPsincorporateadurable imaging systembasedonKyocera’slong-lifepatenteddrums,capableofprintinghundredsofthousandsofpages.Becausethedrumisseparatefromthetoner,onlythetonerneedstobereplacedwhendepleted.NotonlydoesthisreducetheamountofwastegeneratedbyourECOSYSproducts,itprovidesyourbusinesswithaneconomicaladvantage.


Inthepast,usershavebeenreluctanttogiveupsinglefunctionprinters forbig,expensiveMFPs.Kyocera’sECOSYSMFPsofferversatilityand efficiencyinvirtuallythesamefootprintasaprinter,whilealsoproviding addedfunctionalitythateasilyfitsintoanyofficeenvironment.


ECOSYS Printer Technology - Only From Kyocera


Kyocera toner container including just five components

and two materials

Traditional laser printer cartridge containing many components, comprising

various materials

Page 3: FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS …brochure.copiercatalog.com/kyocera/FS-C2526MFP_C2526MFP_Brochu… · FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS-C2526MFP ... ,


• Outputdocumentsonthemostwidelyusedpapersizes, fromstatementthroughlegal,upto120lb.index.Theexpansive 1,300-sheetpapercapacitycansupportmultipleconfigurations tobestfityourneeds,soyoucanworklongerwithoutreloading.

• Highlycompetitivefirstprintandcopytimesof12secondsor lessprovidefast,convenientoutput.

• Pre-programandstorecommonlyusedcopy,scanandprint settingsatthecontrolpanelaswellasthedesktopviathe KXDrivertosimplifyyourdailytasks.

• AstandardUSBHostInterfaceprovidesconvenientprint-from orscan-tocapabilitiesfortoday’s‘onthego’workforceinXPS, JPEG,TIFF,PDF,andPDF/Afileformats.



TheColor Touch-screen Control Panelputspowerfuldocument




• FullColorTouchScreenInterface

• Color-codedandapplicationhardkeys

• Quick#searchkeyforscanning

• Intuitivewizard-basedfunctionality

EnhancedMFPPerformance…Powered byHyPAS®



• Capture2go-MobileprintingandscanningforyourApple iPhone,iPadandiPodTouch.

• AccessLock-Configuredevicenetworkauthenticationand featureauthorizationutilizingactivedirectoryrightssetfor eachindividualorworkgroup.

• SharePoint Connector-MicrosoftSharePointuserscanscan documentsintotheirSharePointfolderandsearch/print directlyfromtheKyoceraECOSYSMFPcontrolpanel.

• Teaching Assistant™-Automatesthetestcreationand gradingprocessof‘bubblesheetform’multiple-choicetests forincreasedaccuracyandmeasurabletimesavings.

• DMS Link-ConnectyourKyoceraECOSYSMFPtopopular documentmanagementsystemslikeSentryFileand Laserfichefordocumentcaptureandrouting.


Visitwww.kyoceramita.comtolearn moreaboutadditionalbusiness applicationsdesignedtofityour essentialneeds.

Primary Strategies for Building Your Business

The Field Sales Best Practices Advisory Board has identified the following strategies to help expand your sales success. In each issue, we will give youexamples of activities that LMG membershave used successfully against one or moreof these strategies, with the hope that youcan adapt them into your selling practices.

Utilize your existing customer base to determine opportunitiesto upsell or cross-sell other LMG products based on customer needs

Educate your customers and prospects about LMG products and their added value

Identify opportunities to build your prospect database

Note: In order to help you better process the information in The Exchange, in each issue we will be color coding the tips to each of our sales strategies.

June 2011




Finding smart ways to turn WKL&B product capabilities and existingaccount relationships to your advantage is a pivotal best practicethat can lead to increased sales. In this issue, our Field SalesExchange Team shares ways in which they have used this techniqueto educate customers and prospects, re-energize existing contracts,and convert non-users.

Best Practices Advisory Board - Field SalesMatt Woods Western Regional Sales Manager

and Project LeaderJeff Caulkins FSR Eastern RegionDaman Farr FSR Western RegionBridget Fonger Legal Training ConsultantPat Howe Global Accounts ManagerAnn Karpinsky FSR Mid-Atlantic RegionGeorge Makrys National Account ManagerKevin Plaska FSR Central RegionPaul McEneny FSR Southern Region

Anti-trustBenefitsHealthIntelliConnectIntellectual PropertyLoislawMobile AppsOnline NewslettersPensionSmart Charts

Products/practice areas referenced in this issue:

Re-Energizing Loislaw with Existing Customers and Prospects

Paul McEneny suggests contactingcurrent Loislaw state and localgovernment customers to remind themof the value of our primary law product.By using our value statements toeducate them that it is from one of thetop three global legal informationproviders, that we have the exact samecase law coverage as the competitionbut at a more attractive price point, andthat we're implementing productenhancements to ensure Loislawcontinues to meet or exceed theirexpectations for a primary law product,Paul works to ensure retention.

When prospecting on the state level,Paul is achieving success reaching out toprosecutors, using testimonials fromother prosecutors to help make his case.Asking them for an introduction or thechance to bid on an enterprise-wideopportunity through their office is agreat way to get Loislaw in the door. Youcan easily determine the prosecutor foreach jurisdiction by doing an Internetsearch. Very often, these offices are

budget-tied. Loislaw's combination ofrobust content at a highly competitiveprice point make it a great choice.

Paul also suggests contacting the centraloffices of the prosecution services togain inroads into their annual meeting.Making a case to get on their calendarwill enable you to pitch Loislaw to theentire group.

Kevin Plaska works his Loislaw salesapproach a little differently. He gets on aprospect's calendar to talk about WKL&Bproducts in general. If he hits a budgetcrunch issue during his pitch, he switchesover to Loislaw and our treatises andgently pushes to set up a demo call. Ourdemo team then helps close the deal,showing the incredible value theseproducts offer by conductingcomparable searches between West,Lexis and Loislaw, and then comparingcosts. Our demo team is one of the best.You just need to set up that initialmeeting, push for the demo, and then letthem run the show.

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Why should I buy, instead of rent?Answer: A home is an investment. When you rent, you writeyour monthly check and that money is gone forever. But whenyou own your home, you can deduct the cost of your mortgageloan interest from your federal income taxes, and usually fromyour state taxes. This will save you a lot each year, because theinterest you pay will make up most of your monthly payment formost of the years of your mortgage. You can also deduct theproperty taxes you pay as a homeowner. In addition, the valueof your home may go up over the years. Finally, you'll enjoyhaving something that's all yours - a home where your own personal style will tell the world who you are.

What are "HUD homes," and are they a good deal?Answer: HUD homes can be a very good deal. When someonewith a HUD insured mortgage can't meet the payments, thelender forecloses on the home; HUD pays the lender what isowed; and HUD takes ownership of the home. Then we sell it atmarket value as quickly as possible. Read all about buying aHUD home. Check our listings of HUD homes and homes beingsold by other federal agencies.

Can I become a homebuyer even if I have I've had bad credit,and don't have much for a down-payment?

Answer: You may be a good candidate for one of the federalmortgage programs. Start by contacting one of the HUD-fundedhousing counseling agencies that can help you sort throughyour options. Also, contact your local government to see if thereare any local homebuying programs that might work for you.Look in the blue pages of your phone directory for your local officeof housing and community development or, if you can't find it,contact your mayor's office or your county executive's office.

Are there special homeownership grants or programs for single parents?

Answer: There is help available. Start by becoming familiar withthe homebuying process and pick a good real estate broker. Although as a single parent, you won't have the benefit of two incomes on which to qualify for a loan, consider getting pre-qualified,so that when you find a house you like in your price range youwon't have the delay of trying to get qualified. Contact one of theHUD-funded housing counseling agencies in your area to talkthrough other options for help that might be available to you. Research buying a HUD home, as they can be very good deals.Also, contact your local government to see if there are any localhomebuying programs that could help you. Look in the blue pages ofyour phone directory for your local office of housing and communitydevelopment or, if you can't find it, contact your mayor's office oryour county executive's office.

Should I use a real estate broker? How do I find one?Answer: Using a real estate broker is a very good idea. All the details involved in home buying, particularly the financial ones,can be mind-boggling. A good real estate professional can guideyou through the entire process and make the experience mucheasier. A real estate broker will be well-acquainted with all the important things you'll want to know about a neighborhood youmay be considering...the quality of schools, the number of childrenin the area, the safety of the neighborhood, traffic volume, andmore. He or she will help you figure the price range you can affordand search the classified ads and multiple listing services forhomes you'll want to see. With immediate access to homes assoon as they're put on the market, the broker can save you hoursof wasted driving-around time. When it's time to make an offer ona home, the broker can point out ways to structure your deal tosave you money.

Common Questions from First-time Homebuyers

Keepingthe FutureGreenKyoceraiscommittedtopursuingaharmoniousbalancebetweeneconomicdevelopmentandenvironmentalpreservation.WeadheretothegoalsofourworldwideEnvironmentalActionPlanindevelopingofficesolutionswithenvironmentallyfriendlyandsuperiorenergy-andsupply-savingfeatures,withoutcompromisingyourproductivity.

Page 4: FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS …brochure.copiercatalog.com/kyocera/FS-C2526MFP_C2526MFP_Brochu… · FS-C2626MFP Color Multifunctional Printers FS-C2526MFP ... ,

Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.For the latest on connectivity visit www.kyoceramita.com All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Kyocera Mita America, Inc. Headquarters: 225 Sand Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004-0008, USA©2011 Kyocera Mita America, Inc.IC# 855D400315

Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions

FS-C2626MFPstandard configuration

FS-C2626MFP shown fully configured for

optimal performance

Touch screen control panel for simple navigation and

streamlined job execution

Kyocera Mita America’s objective is to manufacture superior products with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and minimize the impact on the environment. Kyocera’s ECOSYS printers incorporate a patented long life drum which is separate from the toner container, eliminating the need to replace the drum when toner is depleted – and reducing landfill waste.

ECOSYS printers provide customers with a printing solution that incorporates long life consumables and one of the lowest costs per print. The operating costs of traditional cartridge-based printers can easily exceed many times the original purchase price during the life of the product.Evaluate your printer costs today.

Basic SpecificationsConfiguration Color Multifunctional Printer - Standard Copy, Print, Scan, and Black & White Fax (FS-C2626MFP only)Pages Per Minute Letter: 28 ppm; Legal: 23 ppm; A4: 26 ppm; Duplex: 13 ipm (Letter)Warm-up Time 29 Seconds or LessFirst Copy / Print Out Time Black: 10 Seconds, Color: 12 Seconds / Black: 9.0 Seconds, Color: 10.5 SecondsResolution 600 x 600 dpiMemory (Std / Max) 1 GB RAM / 2 GB RAMDuplex Standard StacklessElectrical Requirements 120V, 60Hz, 9A; 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 4.8ATypical Energy Consumption (TEC) FS-C2626MFP: 3.642 KWh/Week; FS-C2526MFP: 3.507 KWh/Week;Size / Weight FS-C2626MFP: 20.3" W x 21.7" D x 23.7" H / 85.1 lbs; FS-C2526MFP: 20.3" W x 21.7" D x 22.9" H / 80.5 lbsMax Monthly Duty Cycle 65,000 Pages Per MonthPaper SupplyStandard Paper Sources Standard 250 Sheet Paper Drawer, 50 Sheet Multi Purpose TrayOptional Paper Sources Up to two (2) optional 500 Sheet Paper Drawers can be added (PF-520 or PF-530)Paper Capacity Standard: 300 Sheets; Maximum: 1,300 SheetsPaper Size 5.5" x 8.5" - 8.5" x 14" (Statement to Legal) via Drawers, 2.8" x 5.8" - 8.5" x 14" via MPTPaper Weight Standard Drawers and PF-520: 16 lb Bond - 90 lb Index (60 - 163gsm); MPT and PF-530: 16 lb Bond - 120 lb Index (60 - 220gsm)Input Materials Bond Paper, Recycled Paper, Transparencies, Labels, Glossy, Envelopes (print only)Document ProcessorType / Capacity Standard Reversing Automatic Document Processor / 50 Sheets (Letter)Copy Scan Speed 35 ipm Black; 25 ipm ColorAcceptable Originals / Weights Letter, Legal, A4 / Simplex: 13 - 32 lb Bond (50 - 120gsm), Duplex: 13 - 60 lb Index (50 - 110gsm) DuplexPaper Size Letter, Legal, A4, StatementPaper Weight 16 lb Bond- 90 lb Index (60 - 163gsm)Duplex Modes 1:2; 2:2; 2:1Copy SpecificationsImage Mode Text, Photo, Text/Photo, Auto, Graphic/Map, Printer Output, ManualContinuous Copy 1 - 999 / Auto Reset to 1Additional Copy Features Auto Center, Magnification and Auto Paper Select, Combine Image, Auto Start, Priority Copy,100 Department Codes, 20 Customizable User Logins, Job ProgramsMagnification / Zoom Full Size, 7 Reduction, 5 Enlargement Preset Ratios, 25 - 400% in 1% step incrementsDocument Box Job Box for RAM Based Private Print, Removable Memory for Print-from/Scan-to USBPrinter SpecificationsController PowerPC 464 / 800MHzPDLs/Emulations PRESCRIBE, PCL6 (5e, XL), KPDL3 (PS3), XPS, Novell PrintFonts 93 KPDL3, PCL6, 8 Vista, 1 Bitmap, 45 Barcodes, 1 PDF-417Windows OS Compatibility Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7Mac OS Compatibility Mac OS 10.xUNIX OS Compatibility Sun OS 4.1.x; Solaris 2.x; AIX; HP-UX (LPR)Interfaces Standard: 10/100/1000BaseTX, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, USB Host InterfaceNetwork Print and Supported Protocols TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, NetBEUI, IPsec, HTTPS, LDAP over SSL, SNMPv3, Kerberos, NTLM, 802.1xDrivers KX Driver, Mini Driver, PPD for Mac, PPD for UNIXUtilities PRESCRIBE Utilities, PDF Direct Print, KMnet Admin, KMnet Viewer, Status Monitor, Command Center Scan SpecificationsScan Type Color and Black & White ScannerScan Resolutions 200, 300, 400, 600, 200 x 100, 200 x 400 dpiNetwork Scan Speed Mono: 300/200 dpi - 35 ipm Simplex; 18 ipm Duplex / 600 dpi - 25 ipm Simplex; 13 ipm Duplex Color: 300/200 dpi - 25 ipm Simplex; 13 ipm Duplex / 600 dpi - 13 ipm Simplex; 7 ipm DuplexFile Formats TIFF, JPEG, XPS, PDF, PDF/AConnectivity / Supported Protocols 10/100/1000BaseTX / TCP/IP; Hi-Speed USB 2.0Scanning Functions Scan to PC, Scan to e-Mail, Scan to FTP, Scan to USB, WSD Scan, Network TWAIN/WTADriver TWAIN Driver, WIA DriverFax Specifications FS-C2626MFP OnlyFax Type Compatibility ITU-T Group3Data Compression MH / MR / MMR / JBIGFax Transmission Selection Standard / Fine/ PhotoFax Memory 3.5 MBTransmission Speed / Modem Less than 3 Seconds per page / 33.6 kbpsFax Memory Capacity 256 SheetsNetwork Fax Reception Supports SMB/FTP/e-Mail protocolsFax Functions Duplex Transmission/Reception, Dual Access, One Touch Dial (100 numbers), FAX/TEL Switching, Broadcast, Quick Dial (200 numbers), Fax ReportsUSB Host InterfaceType Supports direct printing and scanning from USB DriveSupported File Types Print: PDF, TIFF, XPS Scan: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, PDF/AOptional Paper Drawers PF-520Paper Capacity 500 SheetsMax Drawers Up to two (2) PF-520 Drawers can be installed*Paper Size Letter, Legal, A4Paper Weight 16 lb Bond - 90 lb Index (60 - 163gsm)Size / Weight 15.4" W x 20.3" D x 4.6" H / 9.5 lbs PF-530Paper Capacity 500 SheetsMax Drawers Up to two (2) PF-530 Drawers can be installed*Paper Size Letter, Legal, A4Paper Weight 16 lb Bond - 120 lb Index (60 - 220gsm)Size / Weight 15.4" W x 20.3" D x 4.6" H / 11.3 lbsAdditional OptionsMemory Optional 512 MB or 1 GB RAM*Note: A maximum of two (2) optional Paper Drawers can be added