Frozen Perl 2009 Keynote

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My keynote presentation for Frozen Perl 2009, February 6, 2009.

Transcript of Frozen Perl 2009 Keynote

The only thingthat matters

Frozen Perl 2009

The Only Thing That Matters.

Get Perl 6out this year.

We've had Perl 6for years.

Rakudo is the Parrot implementation.

It releases monthly with Parrot.

But it's not what people think of as being Perl 6.

Not yet, at least.

We are near thecrest of the hill.

Parrot's March release will be Parrot 1.0.

Parrot releases every third Tuesday.

Parrot 1.0 = March 17

We still don't know what Rakudo will be.

Assume nothing.

What is in a standard Rakudo install?

What will we port from Perl 5 to Perl 6?

Who will create LWP, DBI, etc for Perl 6?

What will thetoolchain be like?

What will CPAN be?

Will we even use CPAN?

Does an 11-year-old distribution model make sense today?

Will we pull from github directly?

Assume nothing.

What will be the same?

Assume "nothing".

Now is the timeto join in.

The point of the spear is widening.

Larry-level geniusnot necessary

Talk to this guy

Patrick Michaud

Your opportunitiesto influence Perl 6

are endless.

Start building modules

Toolchain: module installers, etc




Any module you rely on in life.

Document Rakudo

Close bugs(Jim Keenan rocks at this)


Change our language.

Start talking about Rakudo, not Perl 6.

Start saying "Perl 5".It reminds people

there's another Perl.

Follow Rakudo at

Help build the new

The otherOnly Thing That


Perl 5 must continue to thrive and grow.

Perl 5 will not disappear when

Rakudo rolls out.

Help teach that tothe world.

Perl 5 is still a fantastic software platform.

Moose brings the joy of Perl 6 to you today.

Catalyst is becoming the framework

of choice.

Don't want Perl 6?No problem!

Continue to create magic awesomeness

with Perl 5.

Perl 5 will not steal from Perl 6.

Perl 5 will addto Perl 6.

Perl 6 has already added to Perl 5.

Help projects that will keep Perl 5 going.




Perl::Critic will be the basis for Perl6::Critic

Talk to these guys

Elliot Shank, Chris Dolan

Oh, and one more thing...

The thirdOnly Thing That


Be excellentto each other.

Perl'scrowning achievement


CPAN = community.

Community = people.

So by the transitive property...

Perl's crowning achievement = people.

You have no community if people aren't

excellent to each other.

Community iswhat makes

Perl > perl.

We cannot fragment between

Perl 5 and Perl 6.

We have a prime opportunity to bring

new people into Perl 6.

The only things that matter.

Rakudo must come out in 2009. Perl 5 must continue to thrive and grow. Be excellent to each other.

Thank you. You rock.