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Transcript of From the Pastor - Peace Lutheran · PDF fileSince I am nearing the age of 73, ... (AIM) to...

  • EAR Peace Friends,

    As this is my last

    letter to you, permit

    me to quote a phrase from both

    letters of Peter to his Christian

    friends: May grace and peace

    be yours in abundance.

    (I Peter 1:2; II Peter 1:2)

    It has been a great joy to

    be part of this congregation

    since 2004. I will always

    remember meeting around a

    conference table with the call

    committee at Callaways in the

    fall of 2003. Several hours

    earlier I had a wonderful visit

    with Pastor Paul and Pastor

    Rolf at Peace. It might have

    been Lon Stroshein or Chuck

    Claussen who asked me during

    the interview how long I would

    be willing to serve if called.

    Since it was no longer

    acceptable to ask a candidate

    their age, I smiled and

    responded that I would commit

    to give you five good years.

    Well, how time flies when

    youre having fun! It is hard to

    believe that eleven and a half

    years have sped by.

    Since I am nearing the

    age of 73, I have decided it is

    time to give my full attention to

    my bride of nearly 49 years, as

    well as to our children and

    grandchildren with whom we

    have been gifted.

    Susanne and I have

    enjoyed being a part of this

    welcoming and dynamic

    congregation. It is a

    congregation where we have

    always done it this way is a

    foreign language. I have

    appreciated working with my

    colleagues and others on our

    ministry team. It was fun to

    bring some new ideas to Peace

    from our congregation in

    Anchorage, among which were

    using Holden Evening Prayer

    for worship and sewing quilts

    for graduating high school


    It was exciting upon my

    arrival to work with the newly

    formed Faith and Family

    Ministry Team. From this group

    of visionary moms came lots of

    wonderful ideas, including the

    Giving Jar; which provides so

    much joy not only to our

    children but also to the entire

    congregation besides supporting

    children beyond our church

    family. The team initiated the

    Elizabeth Ministry to support

    young women and new moms.

    The team also introduced

    concepts of developing

    milestones in the faith

    development of children and

    young people including senior

    quilts. When we added Pat

    Eidsness to our leadership team,

    she took over being a liaison

    with this group.

    It has been a blessing to

    share so many of lifes sacred

    moments with Peaces members

    and families.

    Continued on page 4


    PEACETALK Volume 25 - Number 5 May 2015

    5509 W. 41st St. - Sioux Falls, SD 57106

    (605) 361-3683

    Saved by Gods grace, we are

    called to be instruments of

    Gods peace.

    From the Pastor

    My Last Letter to the Congregation

  • PeaceTalk 2

    PEACE STAFF: Pastors:

    Paul Stjernholm

    Rolf Svanoe

    Obed Nelson

    Betsy Hoium


    Lynn Bethke Receptionist

    Jackie Hensley Receptionist

    Mary Lunde Receptionist

    Anita Solberg Financial Secretary

    Dean Ebbinga Facilities Manager

    Joe Sheaffer Custodian

    Mike Johnson Custodian

    Carl Meyerhoff Custodian

    Fern Swearingen Librarian

    Jackie Hensley Worship Volunteers

    Pam Tetzlaff Food Ministry


    Renae Boehmer Childrens Ministry

    Pam Tetzlaff Assistant Childrens Ministry

    Holly Marty Confirmation/Adult Ministries

    Kelsey Lyndoe Youth Ministries

    Jackie Bailey Worship and Music

    Bob Levesque Asst. Worship/Music/Comm.

    Colt Foutz Communications

    Cara Hetland Communications

    Kristi Leisinger Administration

    Jim Ahrendt Seniors Ministry

    Sue Olsen Preschool

    Tara Foley Peace Care and Kids World

    Maurine Pederson Office Manager

    Jay Heintz Finance Manager

    Sarah and Jason Andera Heartland Ephphatha

    Music Groups:

    Darya Levesque Childrens Music

    Tammy Beintema Youth Bells/Chimes

    Nancy Lenander Adult Choir

    Kyle Quanbeck Organist

    Maurine Pederson Adult Bell Choir

    Rolf Svanoe Peace Brass

    Ann Okins Saturday Service Pianist

    Wedding Coordinators:

    Vickie Appino

    Erin Wescott

    Crystal Ehresmann

    From Back to Front

    (& Back Again)

    Calendar 18

    Only Technology Has Changed 17

    Goodbye, Mrs. Sue 16

    Welcome, Dean! 15

    Graduating High School Seniors 11

    Faith and Families 8

    Whats Happening at Peace 7

    Gods Work Our Hands 6

    Worship Highlights 5

    Continued From the Pastor 4

    Fifty Years Creating Peace: 2000s 3

    Saying Hello and Goodbye

    Throughout this months newsletter we will

    meet new staff and say goodbye to Pastor Obed,

    Maurine Pederson and Sue Olsen. We also pay

    tribute to our graduating high school seniors.

  • PeaceTalk 3

    Part Five: Peace in this Century

    Pastor Rolf Svanoe was called and installed in August of 2000. His love for creative worship brought polka and

    jazz services and the brass choir and peace band.

    In 2003, another construction and remodeling project began for new

    office space and Sunday school space. A new choir room, library and

    space for day care were also constructed. The Faith and Family

    Ministry Team was organized in 2003 with goals to strengthen the

    bond between home and church, provide families with resources to

    nurture their faith, build a cross-generational faith community, and

    form a Milestone Ministry program. We see their work in Lenten

    devotion kits, presenting baptized members with faith chests and

    wrapping graduating seniors in homemade quilts.

    Pastor Ann Schlossnagle left to answer a call to western South Dakota.

    Jason and Sara Andera were hired in 2004 as Heartland Ephphatha

    directors. Pastor Obed Nelson was called as Pastor of Caring


    By the end of 2004 there were 3,200 baptized members. With the expansion of the building came the expansion

    of ministries and staff. A new digital Organ was installed in 2005 and also a projector system. Peace also joined

    with Holy Cross Lutheran Church to help start a mission church. Pastor Tim Robertson joined the staff in May

    of 2006 as a mission developer with Rejoice! Lutheran. The new congregation started worshiping in September

    at the Family Wellness Center.

    By 2007, Peace is one of only 40 ELCA congregations counting 1,000 people at worship each weekend. In

    November, Peace called Pat Eidsness as an Associate in Ministry (AIM) to the pastoral staff. As Peace

    continued to grow so does its compassion and caring for neighbors with the launch in 2009 of the Sioux Falls

    Lutheran churches Food to You Mobile Food Pantry and Peaces Necessities for Neighbors. Peace also

    purchased four properties west of the church to expand the parking lot. Baptized membership of the

    congregation surpassed 4,000 by the year 2010.

    2011 saw the parking lot expanded, fellowship hall remodeled and hallways tiled. Global Mission began

    sponsoring the village of Jamel, Haiti. In 2012, Pastor Ann accepted a call as a campus minister at Augustana

    College and Pastor Betsy Hoium joined the staff.

    The Church Council began examining how the church operates and recommended reducing the size of the

    council and refocusing efforts on strategic vision. The congregation supported the change and authorized hiring

    an administrator, allowing pastors to focus on spiritual growth. As Peace enters its 50th

    year, it continues to

    grow and change as we say goodbye to several staff members.

    Next month: Come back for a preview of the next 50 years

  • PeaceTalk 4


    Much of my ministry has been with people who are experiencing grief, from divorce to illness and death. I

    took a look at my funeral sermon file and discovered that I have had 100 funerals or memorial services since

    coming to Peace. Sharing those intimate experiences has created bonds of trust that have been very precious. It

    has been wonderful facilitating a number of grief groups. And the work of the Prayer Shawl Ministry team has

    added an important tool in the support of people experiencing loss and grief.

    Last December we had our 11th

    annual Blue Christmas Service. And I look forward to commissioning a group

    of members on May 17th who will start a Home Communion Ministry. It has been an honor to stand with you

    folks at Peace through both sorrow and joy.

    Another blessing that fell in my lap was to work with new members. I have been amazed by the gifts brought to

    us from a rich diversity of faith expressions. These new members have been largely attracted by the positive

    experience of grace-filled worship and the welcome they have felt.

    The call to serve as a pastor of a congregation does not include a

    spouse. But it did not take long for Susanne to become a part of

    Peace by singing in the choir, playing trumpet with the brass

    ensemble, going on global mission trips to Cameroun and Haiti,

    doing pre-marriage counseling and sharing her love of poetr