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Mandalah's Germany CEO Florian Peter on how to bridge social media with social impact. Inspirational examples for how social media can serve a social purpose, originally presented at the Thought Leader Conference in Berlin (March 2014). Mandalah is a global consultancy for conscious innovation focused on delivering solutions that combine purpose and profit.

Transcript of From Social Media to Social Impact

  • FROM SOCIAL MEDIA TO SOCIAL IMPACT FLORIAN PETER MANDALAH GERMANY CEO Originally held at the Thought Leader Conference in Berlin, March 27, 2014. Mandalah 2014 All rights reserved
  • SOCIAL There are widely varying interpretations of social
  • The Social Business Index provides insights into how social companies are and how they measure up against competitors. It uses social business benchmarks, grouped according to company, subsidiary, geography, department, and brand.
  • The Social Progress Index: To truly advance social progress, we must learn to measure it comprehensively and rigorously. A rich framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress is indispensable in clarifying its components, benchmarking success, and catalyzing improvement.
  • Social media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. SOCIAL MEDIA To clear up this confusion, I consulted Wikipedia to come up with a denition:
  • The net eect of the interactions within a community and the well-being of individuals SOCIAL IMPACT
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT Social media = interaction between people Social impact = actions with intended (good) purpose
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT Interaction between organizations and followers with the purpose of creating impact. Interaction between organizations and stakeholders with the purpose of creating impact.
  • INTERACTION PURPOSE Its about interaction with a purpose.
  • NEW YORK, USA! MEXICO CITY, MEXICO! RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL! SO PAULO, BRAZIL! BERLIN, GERMANY! TOKYO, JAPAN!SAN FRANCISCO, USA! BUT WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? As the Germany CEO of a global conscious innovation consultancy, Mandalah, I have gathered some experience balancing interaction and purpose when it comes to social media and social impact.
  • As the Germany CEO of a global sustainable innovation company, Mandalah, I have gathered experience balancing interaction and purpose.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA + SOCIAL IMPACT SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS = If they are so similar, who works in this overlap of social media and social impact? When you pair the two trends, you get social entrepreneurship (pursuing innovative solutions to social problems).
  • Peers.orgPromoting the sharing economy is a social platform to support the emergence of the sharing economy. Directly sharing existing assets cars, homes, skills, time helps everyone pay their bills, reduces waste and promotes social stability.
  • Crowdfunding for Changemakers Startsomegood provides customized crowdfunding for non-prots, social entrepreneurs, and changemakers the platform takes 5% of the total funds raised. Successful projects boast more than $100 000 each in raised capital.
  • Pepsi Refresh Funding Ideas That Do Good An initiative started in 2010 by PepsiCo to award $20 million in grants to individuals, businesses and non- prots, Pepsi Refresh supports ideas that have positive impacts on the community.
  • Festival of IdeasCitizens for a Better Brazil A crowdsourcing portal for Brazilians to submit ideas in order to improve the country, the Festival of Ideas had 3 focuses in 2011: urban mobility, violence, and natural catastrophes.
  • Focus on Germany So what can we do to engage in social entrepreneurship and social media?
  • GoogleGrndergarage A start-up contest in Germany, the Grndergarage coaches aspiring social entrepreneurs with their business planning and helps them rally support and funds.
  • NATURA OPEN INNOVATION MODEL Almost every nalist in the contest was a socially-conscious for-prot. They mobilized supporters through social media and enthusiasm to their respective IndieGoGo campaigns. Examples: & odf/taschen/
  • SOCIAL COMMITMENTAll nalists which are still in the market say it was not the prize money that kept them going. But the social commitment they made to their supporters to pull through! Social media for social impact.
  • Where is this going? How can corporations engage?
  • PURPOSE OPEN DIALOG SHARED VALUE Find your companys purpose, because causes unrelated to your companys essence are going to fail. Generate and engage in open dialog on social media. Dont just use it as a marketing tool. Create shared value to shape a social future for your business and everyone else.
  • GE NIKE General Electrics Ecomagination Challenge (2012) crowdsourced solutions to sustainability dilemmas in America, assisted by a strong editorial team, with winners receiving $200 million in investments. Nikes Making App oers the companys inside knowledge on sustainable design to the greater community.
  • SO PAULO Rua Madalena 284, Vila Madalena So Paulo -SP - Brasil T +55 11 3097 9836 MEXICO CITY Alfonso Reyes 215 - Int. A Col. Condesa Ciudad de Mxico - Mxico T +52 55 5533 1763 NEW YORK 187 Lafayette St., 5th oor Soho - New York - 10013 USA T +1 212 334 6306 SAN FRANCISCO 2153 Sacramento Street #11 San Francisco, CA 94109 - USA T +1 (415) 215-1443 BERLIN Gneisenaustr. 66b, 1HH 10961 - Berlin T +49 30 340 80091 TOKYO World Udagawa Building, 7th Floor Udagawa-cho 36-6, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0042 - Japan F +81 (0)3 6855 7386 WWW.MANDALAH.COM FACEBOOK.COM/MANDALAH TWITTER: @MANDALAHGLOBAL THANK YOU! IMAGE CREDIT: SLIDE 7: WWW.MCDOWELLTECH.EDU/IMAGES/COMMUNITY.JPG SLIDE 13: TECHWADI.ORG/MENA/SOCIAL-ENTREPRENEURSHIP-POST-ARAB-SPRING/ SLIDE 17: IMAGES5.FANPOP.COM/IMAGE/PHOTOS/28000000/PEPSI-05-JESS-OWEYS-FAVE-PEPSI-PICKS-28003782-1920-1200.JPG SLIDE 19: WWW.VECTORTEMPLATES.COM/RASTER/MAPS-WORLD-MAP-02.PNG SLIDE 23: HTTP://1.BP.BLOGSPOT.COM/-JOZTONAT9IU/UDVLANWPY6I/AAAAAAAAAFO/CZXZIB0XBNS/S1600/IMG_0387.JPG (ALL RETRIEVED ON MARCH 25, 2014)