From Killer Robot to Killer Product

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Transcript of From Killer Robot to Killer Product

From Killer Robot to Killer Product

From Killer Robot to Killer ProductBringing Flair to the Industrial InternetPat PattersonDeveloper Evangelist

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Pat PattersonDeveloper Evangelist Architect, Salesforce@metadaddy

The Original Disruptor

Disruption Today

0.1mm (Diameter of Human Hair)0.01mm1 Micron = 0.001mmTypical Manufacturing Production Tolerance

Manufacturing does not take breaks

Business Challenge

Manufacturing companies work in 24/7 cycles, especially during times of booming economy.Environmental Conditions imperative for the operation of our machines.They cannot afford downtime as it will interfere with their production and deliveries. Today all service is REACTIVE.Goal is to change to being a PRO-ACTIVE company.

The Idea


Dreamforce 2014A Bit of Showmanship!

A Few Months Later...

LinkAdds ability to extend the connection and add more sensorsSensorsVibration AccelerometerCrash AccelerometerTemperatureHumidityFuture DevelopmentLight ControlLight level control with a built-in proximity switch(must have illumination light)HubCentral unit with all the power to collect and stream the data

Options Considered

Buy or Build?We did build our won system called MMS. - No CloudOnly solves part of the puzzle.Our customers including ourselves already integrated with Salesforce.MMS PULSE is our IoT hardware/software platform designed for monitoring environment around the machine

Machine InfoReal-Time InfoSignificant Events

Dashboard for MMS PULSE show live information or any alerts on a local level

Large MMS Dashboard show the same on a factory level.

Lydia HanChristian MarksMilan Kocic

PILOT so far

Started working with IoT Cloud team, Lydia Han, about a year ago.Our team Christian Marks (technical) and Milan Kocic (Product) Our Collective Salesforce experience at the beginning of the project Zero.Had to learn how SF works first and then integrated some simple cases and workflows.Initially via local databases import, read, find outliers, create case, reportStarted working on Cloud delivery and live alerts first via Amazon Cloud then via SF directlyMMS Pulse is on two test sites, working with live data to evaluate how it works. About to be integrated with IoT Cloud for further testing.

Dreamforce 2015Shrinkwrapped Product

CustomerIoT CloudEnterprise


Plan to roll out MMS PULSE + which would include ability to work with IoT CloudWe will add more sensors and more capability to MMS PULSE and start tracking in ServiceMax and Salesforce with real customers.Start tracking historical usage data in addition to live dataUse data to offer PRO-ACTIVE servicesUse data to make design changes

Lessons LearnedStart with off-the-shelf componentsBring the show!Leverage platforms

DemoBttnSalesforce Service Cloud(If theres time!)

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