"From Employee to Entrepreneur: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned" – Session Created...

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Two former marketing and communications experts and employees from the corporate and small business worlds share strategies, specific steps and advice on how to take the leap from employee to solo/entrepreneurship in any industry. We’ll share how to turn the B2B experience into E2E (employee-to-entrepreneur)! Interactive, informal discussion w/aid of a few slides, handouts, sharing lessons learned, real-life examples, humor and personal observations/opinions on making a successful leap, despite the many bumps and bruises gained along the way. Mary Anne Connolly, Founder + Chief Creative Officer of M.A.Communications, has over 20 years experience in both national TV (ABC + FOX News) and regional magazine journalism and PR. She now advises and creates content for individuals, companies, corporations and nonprofits in both traditional and new media, internal and external storytelling, as well as the changing face of PR and media technologies. Vicki McCullough, Founder + President of Sequitur Marketing, has over 20 years experience in marketing, sales and communications for a variety of corporations such as American College Testing, National Computer Systems, Hart InterCivic and Business Ink. Sequitur Marketing now focuses on helping small-to-midsize businesses define and achieve success thru effective marketing planning and management.

Transcript of "From Employee to Entrepreneur: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned" – Session Created...

  • 1. From Employee to Entrepreneur #takingtheleap
  • 2. Ready to take the leap?
  • 3. Mary Anne Connolly M.A.Communications @MaryAnneComm Vicki R. McCullough Sequitur Marketing, LLC @sosequitur
  • 4. Hours and hours of hard work...
  • 5. Ready
  • 6. Do some thinking
  • 7. Set a personal budget/financial plan
  • 8. Manage what you can first, you
  • 9. thethen, the cosmos cosmos
  • 10. Set
  • 11. Do research
  • 12. Offer help, ask for help
  • 13. Take care of business basics
  • 14. Imagine your perfect workspace
  • 15. Where and how will you work?
  • 16. Develop a business plan
  • 17. Go!
  • 18. Ask for referrals
  • 19. Budget resources
  • 20. Offer help
  • 21. Thank you! Presentation available at www.slideshare.net/sosequitur and www.slideshare.net/maryanneconnolly