Frick India Industrial Refrigeration Compressor Oil

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Transcript of Frick India Industrial Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Compressor_oils_Leaflet_.cdrFrick India Industrial Refrigeration Compressor Oil
Frick India provides highly refined, premium quality Industrial refrigeration compressor oil specially designed to function under the most stringent requirements of ammonia refrigeration systems.
It is a hydro treated specialized refrigeration oil that has many performance advantages over traditional naphthenic refrigeration oils.
• Enhanced wear protection
• Lower foaming tendency
• Enhanced system efficiency & electrical energy savings
in hot components like Oil Change intervals:2-3 times compressors & condensers longer with Frick India Oils (compared with Naphthenic based oils)
Low Vapour Less oil entrained into Oil consumption reduced by up Pressure refrigeration circuit. to 70% compared with Napthenic based oils.
Stable Oil Viscocity Longer oil drain intervals. longer oil change intervals.
low Pour Point Good Pumpability at Less Vapouriser maintenance low temperatures
No wax like sedimentation High System efficiency in vapouriser
Characteristics Advantages Benefits
High Chemical No oil blackening Allows continuous operation and Thermal through reaction without interruptions for Stability with Ammonia cleaning.
Prevention of No out-of-planning down times sedimentation specially
Frick India Hydrotreated specialized refrigeration oil
Frick India Refrigeration Plant commissioned using Frick India Super LT Oil.
Frick India Refrigeration Plant commissioned using Frick India Super LT Oil.
Features of Frick India Compressor OilFeatures of Frick India Compressor Oil
Low Volatility : Lower volatility influences the amount of oil vapor carryover with the ammonia gas past the separator. This oil normally does not return to the compressor. Frick india Super LT oil with lower evaporation rates resulting in 60% reduction in oil make up rates.
Better Performance : Stay-in-grade viscocity control and superior chemical and thermal stability, Frick India Super LT Oils guarantees no drop in system efficiency.
Low Wear and Tear : Frick India Super LT oil produces a smaller wear scar than other naphthenic oil resulting in higher load capacity and better lubricity. Lower wear rates mean lower friction and longer equipment and component (including oil filter) life
Wide Temperature Performance Capability : Frick India Super LT oil has a wide temperature performance capability due to its high viscosity Index. High Viscosity index oil offers excellent lubrication at the higher operating temperature.
Easy Installation : Frick India Super LT oil is compatible and miscible with naphthenic oils, other hydrotreated oils, synthetic PAO oils and alkyl benzene (AB) oils. In other words, Frick India oils can be introduced into a refrigeration system as top-off (make-up oil) or as a complete oil change without the need for flushing.
Frick India Oil
Frick India Oil
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You Still can’t Beat the System when it’s all FRICK INDIA
a) High oil consumption of compressor with a filling quantity of 300 litres the annual refill quantity can amount to one to two new oil fills (300 to 600 litres)
b) Increase in oil viscosity : Due to the evaporation of the low molecular oil portions, the viscosity of the oil remaining in the compressor increases, in some cases from 68 mm²/s to over 100 mm²/s.
c) Blackening of the oil and sludge formation The reaction of unsaturated oil portions with ammonia results in blackening of the oil and sludge formation.
With the use of other Compressors oils available, The following oil-related problems may occur in operation:
Evaluation of Viscosities at CST
Reference Various Temperature Deg C -30 0 40 100 120
Frick India 4100 1075 70 8.8 5.7 Super LT
Napthalene N 68 18300 1750 68 6.9 4.4
Napthalene N 46 13000 495 43.6 6.4 4.1
Napthalene N 32 6000 400 32 4 3.8
Other Naphthene base oil
Frick India Hydrotreated specialized
Available in Packs of 50 Liters & 200 Liters