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A comprehensive index from the renowned Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection, this electronic resource provides a unique selection of art history periodicals. Journals covered in this index were published in a broad selection of languages that include English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, and Scandinavian.

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  • 1. rickART REFERENCE LIBRARYPERIODICALS INDEXa unique index of art history periodicals

2. Frick Art Reference LibraryPeriodicals Index Background information: A comprehensive index from the renowned Frick ArtReference Library of The Frick Collection, this electronicresource provides a unique index of art history periodicals. The Frick is known for its collection of distinguishedOld Master paintings and outstanding examples of Europeansculpture and decorative arts. Journals covered in this index have been published in a broadselection of languages, including English, French, Italian,German, Russian, Spanish, and Dutch. 3. Content Highlights:Originally produced on catalog cards, the index featuresimportant research access points, including artists, artworks,private and public collections, exhibitions, andreproductions.The articles selected for indexing from these periodicals arefocused on art history or works of art. 4. Content Highlights:An index of nearly 300 art history periodicalsDates ranging from mid-1850 to late 1960sI nternational range of publicationsWestern European and American fine artsoverage of some decorative arts fromthe 4th through the 19th centuries C 5. Key Journals:Art Bulletin (1919-1968)The entire run of the College Art Associations ArtBulletin, one of the most important professionalassociations for practicing artists and art professors.Master Drawings (1887-1939)This journal is dedicated to more obscure works ofmajor artists, published in the Gilded Age/ProgressiveEra, a time when many art collectors were getting theirstart. 6. Key Journals:Art in Australia: A Quarterly Magazine(1931-1941)This periodical devoted to the art of Australia is especiallyimportant for scholars who cannot afford to travel toAustralia to conduct their research.Bulletin de l'Institut Historique Belgede Rome (1924-1967)An extensive backfile is provided for this periodical devotedto Italian art. It was published in Belgium, a country knownhistorically for its masterworks. 7. Key Journals:Wiener Jahrbuch fr Kunstgeschichte(1923-1956)Using citations from this periodical and others published inVienna one could track the transformation of the once extremelyrich and vibrant art scene in Austria through the post-WWII Era.Bollettino d'arte/Ministero dellaEducazione Nazionale, Direzione Generaledelle Antichit e belle Arte (1919 1968 )A significant backfile of The Art Bulletin from Rome, published bythe National Ministry of Education. 8. Certain titles in theFrick Art Reference LibraryPeriodicals Index can link to fullruns of indexed titles found in otherEBSCO full-text art databases. 9. Current Title Links:The number of titles selectively indexed and abstracted inthe Frick Art Reference Library Periodicals Index that will link totitles found in EBSCO databases:Art Source: 74Art Index Retrospective: 74Art & Architecture Complete: 4 10. Screen shot:dvancedsearchFrom the Advanced Search page in EBSCOhost, type your keywords in the search box. Use theBoolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to create very broad or very narrow searches. Use theSelect a Field drop-down menu to search within a specific section of a record. When youre ready,click Search. You may also limit your results to a specific publication or publication date range. 11. The search results page will display records in order of relevance, but you can also sort by author,source, and date. Click on the magnifying glass icon to preview the record, or click the folder iconto save it to your folder. Use facets on the left to limit by subject, publication, or geographic location. 12. Screen shot:etailedrecordThe detailed record displays all of the subjects, and captures any Artists & Work, Art Collection, andArt Exhibition data with which the result is associated. Click on the subject hyperlinks to search bysubject. 13. The Publication Details screen displays information about the title, as well as options to Searchwithin the publication only, or browse All Issues. 14. Key Features:Artists and workExtensive indexing with such important data elements as:Exhaustive list of cross-searchable subject headingsProvenance over timeT Exhibitions itle and article-level language capturein which artworks appeared over timeSupplemental keywords 15. Thank