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Welcome to IIT Guwahati. Here you will find all the essential information you need to know. Cheers. :)

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  • 1. IntroductionEscape from the blaring horns, smoke-spouting trucks and noisyvehicles into the lap of nature. Wake up to the joyous chirping of birdsand the silken touch of warm sunlight on your cheek only to see theglint of fresh dew on the blades of grass. Walk around in lush greenlawns and get surrounded by the swaying trees, the gushing windsand the gurgling waters. Lose yourself in the glowing sunset and fallasleep to the silent cradling of the magical moon. Sounds like the startof a holiday brochure? Well then, the next four years of your life arenot going to be one big holiday but a once in a lifetime experience.Welcome to the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,where natural majesty and architectural brilliance combine in perfectharmony to make it an enriching, enthralling and enchantingexperience. We, the student family of IIT Guwahati, congratulate youon clearing the worlds most challenging entrance exam and becominga member of the burgeoning IITG community. The youngest and mostdynamic member of the symbols of technological progress in thecountry, the group of seven IITs, IITG is a sprawling 700 acre retreatspread over the banks of the majestic Brahmaputra. Amidst hills andlakes is nested a hub of tremendous academic potential, of which youare now a part. A perfect place to learn and work, to play and relax, tolive and grow to your full potential and to herald the future today. Wewarmly welcome you with our arms outstretched, to a place whereyou can fulfill your dreams and fly without wings.

2. IndexAdministration 3Kriti,IES29MessagefromtheDirector 4Contacts 30MessagefromtheDean,AcademicAffairs6HostelAffairsBoard 32MessagefromtheDean,StudentAffairs 7 Hostels33MessagefromtheChairman,JEE 8Hostel Administration35StudentsGymkhanaCouncil 10 GeneralChampionship 37MessagefromthevicePresident,Gymkhana 11 Studentorganizations38StudentsWelfareBoard 12 Facilities40No Ragging 13 Security system42Contacts 14 Academics 43Important Sites to Visit 15 Miscellaneous 49CulturalBoard 16 Necessities 50Alcheringa 16 Reachingthecampus51Manthan18 GuwahatiCity 53PAF19 MustVisit54Contacts 20 Postregistration56SportsBoard 22 Appendices57Inter IIT Sports Meet22 BusTimings 58Spardha23 IITGuwahatiMap 59Spirit 24 IITGuwahatiAdministration 60Contacts 25 StudentsGymkhana61TechnicalBoard 27 DepartmentalHeads 62Techniche27 RegionWiseContacts 63 3. Administration3 4. Message from the DirectorWelcome to IIT Guwahati! This is the most beautiful and scenicacademic campus in the country. You will realise how lucky you areto have been allotted IITG after you come to campus. Parents ofsome of you may be having apprehensions of sending their childto a place so far away. Please tell them they have nothing to worryabout. After all 13 batches of B.Techs have already graduated fromIITG, and there will about 3900 students from all over the countryon campus when you come here. The 270 or so faculty are also fromdifferent parts of the country. July may be wet and hot and sticky, butit is pleasant most of the year. You are going to join an IIT and youhave to work hard to do well here. Many students take it easy in theDirectorfirst year and then their parents are horrified to find that their lovedone has failed in some courses! Do not let that happen to you. You Dr. Gautam Baruamust attend every class and work regularly. We expect the highestDept. of Computer Science and Engg.standards of honesty, integrity and sincerity from our students. Please IIT Guwahatido not let your mind stray with thoughts of branch change, gettinginto an IIM or making millions after graduating. Thinking about thesethings will adversely affect your studies and so your grades andfailures will follow. If you do well in your studies, all your dreams willbe fulfilled. You will have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, youwill get advice on how to succeed, how to fatten your biodata, howto plan your summers, etc. Please do not follow such advice. The IITway is to blaze your own trails. The IIT way is to think independentlyand to have an open mind. You are just getting into college. You have4 5. no idea of what the different branches of study are about. How canyou then be sure that this or that is the best way forward? Learn,explore, and then decide what is best for you. Studies are not allyou can do at IITG. This pamphlet highlights the many facilities andopportunities that await you to make the best use of. Please keepaway from bad habits. Addiction to Net surfing is a major potentialproblem. We shut down internet access in hostels during class timesand from 2 am to 5 am. Do not get into company that is into drugsor alcohol. These can spoil your entire life. Freedom is heady. Butfreedom can hurt, especially to those who are getting out of home forthe first time. Treasure and use your freedom carefully.All the best!5 6. Message from the Dean, Academic AffairsDear students, Congratulations for being successful in JEE 2011, andthereby becoming a part of the much acknowledged IIT system. Bydoing so, you have aroused attention of not only your friends andrelatives but also the world at large. Much future of this increasinglytechnocratic world will rest upon what you think and do in ten totwenty years from now. You are a set of rare students, expected toperform exceptionally on each and every count. You are not meant forconditioning by circumstances. You are to be the creators of favorablecircumstances excellent ideal achievers to be emulated by all.So, when I address you, you need to know the level at which I alreadyplaced you. For intelligent and capable people like you, everything DeanofAcademicAffairsshould be simple including the IIT system. Everything is availablein the Institutes Internet as well as Intranet sites. I do not needDr. Sukumar Nandito educate you on those, rather I expect you to add a few moreDept. of Computer Science and Engg.enlightened provisions to the same in due course.IIT Guwahati If you think experiences do count in certain ways, I wouldsimply tell you to have great spirits and visions for a better future forus all, razor-sharp focusing of attention on whatever you decide to do,zero room for excuses, super order mental and physical disciplines,and above all uncompromising honesty in your dealings with others.I know that you are excellent people and shall always remain as such.Thanking you.6 7. Message from the Dean, Student AffairsYou are one among those from whom our country expects a lot.Your activities, your behaviour, your honesty.....all will soon becomea bench mark in the sense that many students would like to followthose. Thus, you need to realise your responsibility and we ensurethat, we would provide you with everything that a brilliant studentneeds for delivering her/his best. Someone asked me -what a brilliant student needs to excel inhis life? This indeed is a difficult question to answer. My answer was-A stress free environment that enable fresh mind to come up withinnovative ideas; an efficient guidance in a friendly manner to makeDeanofStudentAffairsone understand the best path that she or he should follow; a homelyenvironment that makes one feel at home while studying. I may be Dr. Arup Kumar Sarmawrong, but the answer came to my mind promptly, as all these areDept. of Civil Engineeringthere in IIT Guwahati.IIT Guwahati7 8. Message from the Chairman, JEEDear Students, We, on behalf of entire JEE-2011 team, are very muchpleased in welcoming you to IIT Guwahati. In addition, I would like tocongratulate you for your great success in JEE, which is a toughest butmost prestigious competitive entrance examination in the country.Now, the JEE-2011 has opened your door to the IITs, the institutions ofnational importance, ISM Dhanbad, and IT-BHU Varanasi. For the first time in the history of JEE, the 2011 edition of theJEE has displayed the scanned copies of Optical Response Sheet withthe candidates details and their responses. This process made the JEEtransparent and enabled to see how much the candidates have scoredChairman,JEEin every question and how both the papers have been evaluated. Dr. P. AlagarsamyIIT Guwahati, the sixth member of IIT fraternity, was Dept. of Physicsestablished in 1994, but grown itself into a vast institute of learning IIT Guwahatiwith excellent environment of teaching and internationally recognizedresearch in the last eighteen years. The institute has state-of-the-artteaching laboratories in all the engineering and science disciplinescombined with central workshop, computer centre, computerizedcentral library and central instruments facilities to provide excitingacademic and dynamic research platforms. Also, the institute has aGymkhana covering good collection of musical equipment, Indoorsports facility, flood-lit sports fields, and swimming pool, etc. We dohope that you would enjoy your studies and stay here at IIT Guwahati8 9. which will eventually lead to a rewarding career.It is most important now for you to realise that you are entering intothe pool of excellent and very competitive environment. Hence, Iurge you to maintain excellence as the keystone of your instituteexperience. Also, I would like to quote that If A is a success in life,then A equals X plus Y plus Z, where Work is X; Y is play; and Z is yourconfidence. Hence, you make yourself comfortable at IIT Guwahatiand produce hard work on studies and sports with good confidence.With the above information, I once again congratulate you and wishyou all the best for your bright future. 9 10. 10 Students Gymkhana 11. Message from the Vice President, GymkhanaDear Friends, It takes me immense pleasure in welcoming you all toIIT Guwahati on behalf of the Students Gymkhana. One goes througha phase of relentless effort and assiduousness to secure a rank in JEE.I heartily congratulate one and all for clearing one of the toughestexams in the continent and obtaining admission to IIT Guwahati. IIT Guwahati has