FreiburgKenzingen Welcome to Kenzingen and Freiburg, Germany

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Transcript of FreiburgKenzingen Welcome to Kenzingen and Freiburg, Germany

  • FreiburgKenzingenWelcome to Kenzingen and Freiburg, Germany

  • StructureKenzingenMain informationGymnasium KenzingenSightseeing

    FreiburgMain informationSightseeing

  • Kenzingen Pearl of the Breisgau

  • Kenzingen main informationKenzingen is situated in the federal state of Baden-Wrttemberg in south western Germany next to Freiburg (25 km) and the French and Swiss borderBerlinKenzingen

  • Some facts

    * Kenzingen was founded in 1249 by the nobleman Rudolf II of Uesenberg It has about 9,000 inhabitants Kenzingen is proud of its beautiful old town center with many ancient buildings, half-timbered houses and patrician villas It is beautifully situated at the feet of famous Black Forest

  • Kenzingen - SightseeingCity hall in late gothic style

  • Main Street with historical buildings

  • One of Kenzingens beautiful fountains

  • Gate of the SwabiansWooden carnaval masks

  • Gymnasium Kenzingen - Our school

  • Kenzingen Gymnasium Kenzingen

    History: founded in 1878, grammar school since 1966

    Size: 1250 students (aged from 10 to 18), 48 classes, 93 teachers

    Subjects: German, English, French, Spanish, Latin, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, natural studies, geography, politics, civil and social instruction, philosophy, ethics, religion, arts, sports

    Clubs: theatre, one world, Latin, IT, ecology/biotope/habitat, solar energy, sports, chess, bees, arts, choir and orchestra, circus, canoe

    School partnerships: Ingersheim, Lentilly and St. Georges de Renains/France, Rovigo/Italy, Vinkovci/Croatia

    Gymnasium Kenzingen is regularly award winner in language and natural sciences competitions, on regional and national level

    Welcome to our webpage :

  • Our school slogan:School with courage, school without racism

  • An art exhibition in our entrance hall

  • A theatre activityy

  • Participants of our other COMENIUS-Project: To play or not to play with water?

  • Freiburg our nearest town

  • Freiburg Main informationGeography: one of the biggest cities in the federal state of Baden-WrttembergFounded in 1120 by the ZhringersInhabitants: 224,000Mayor: Dr. Dieter SalomonFreiburg has one of the most well-known Universities in the whole of GermanyIt is beautifully located in the famous Black Forest

  • Freiburg- SightseeingFreiburg City hall

  • The famous Freiburger Mnster, a gothic cathedral

  • The market area around the Mnster

  • View of the old town with the Swabian gate and the Mnster tower

  • An old view of Albert-Ludwig-University in Freiburg

  • Freiburg and Kenzingen surroundings:The Black Forest

  • Thank you for your attention !