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  • Free Cell Phone Locator Apps

    GPS Tracking For Improved Tracking Accuracy

    Another, more modern and accurate way a cell phone locator service works is through GPS (GlobalPosition System). This service is also available to emergency services via a system called Enhanced911.

    In addition to emergency personnel being able to locate a cellular phone with this service, it is nowcommonly available to private individuals.

    In order to utilize this technology, an individual must own a phone that has a GPS receiver built intoit. Fortunately, nearly all modern cell phones meet this requirement now days.

    To discover further info on GPS tracking, you should come back here soon. There'll be plenty ofgreat stuff to share!

    Tracking apps that utilize the GPS capabilities of a phone are much more accurate than those that

  • are limited by the simpler triangulation method.

    It's worth pointing out that in most cases, the phone that you would like to track must be in a cellphone service area and have a signal in order for the app to determine the GPS coordinates of aphone.

    Using Wi-Fi To Track a Cell Phone

    In some cases cell phone tracking apps make use of Wi-Fi to determine the location of a mobilephone. Unfortunately, this method of tracking isn't very accurate.

    What the app does is attempt to determine if the phone is receiving a Wi-Fi signal. If it is, the appwill extract the IP address of the Wi-Fi router and then report the location of the IP address.

    If the Wi-Fi connection is using a "dedicated IP address", the location results are fairly accurate. Ifthe connection is using a "shared IP address, the location that is reported can be as much as 100miles off.

    Pay Cell Phone Locator Services

    One very good cell phone locator service that you must pay to use is the Sprint Family locator.Sprint only charges $5.00 a month for this service and it is well worth getting.

    You don't need to download or program anything onto your phone for this cell phone tracker towork. You don't need to subscribe to a data plan. You can do an unlimited number of searches foronly $5.00 a month.

    They also have a very cool feature that will allow you to program the application to send you a textmessage with the location of anyone in your cell phone tracking network at a predetermined time ofday.

    The Sprint Family Locator might be the perfect solution if you don't have a new programmablesmart phone

    A couple of other fee based phone tracking systems are the Verizon Family Locator and ATTFamilyMap. Both programs offer a means for the company's customers to track cell phones on theirnetwork for a small monthly fee.

    Sprint Family Locator Introduction Video

    Here is a short video from Sprint about their flagship cell phone tracking program.

    Verizon Family Locator Introduction Video

    Here's a short video about the cell phone tracking service called "Family Locator". It will give you abasic idea of how there service works.

    Free Cell Phone Locator Services

  • There are many fee based services to choose from but there is also plenty of free applicationsavailable for users of all types of smartphones.

    One very popular free cell phone locator is called Find My iPhone but it only works with the iPhone,iPad, and iPod Touch. You used to have to sign up for MobileMe to use Find My iPhone and it wasfree to test out for 60 days. If after the 60 days is up, you decided that you wanted to stay with theservice, it would have cost you $99 a year. Nowadays, however, Find My iPhone is free to use if youhave a free iCloud account.

    Another free cell phone locator is called Glympse. With this one, you simply go to the Glympsewebsite and send a text message or email to someone that you want to be able to track your cellphone. You set a time limit for each message that you send. This way, the person who receives themessage can only track you for as long as you set the timer for. This cell phone locator service isgreat for business users.

    Unfortunately, the only free tracking apps are for cell phones that have the ability to have appsinstalled on them. These are most commonly referred to as smartphones. If you have an older styleof phone, you'll have a really hard time getting a free tracking app to work on it.

    If you're looking for a free tracking application, simply go to the app store for your particular style ofphone and search for the keyword "cell phone tracker". You'll find a long list of apps that are free todownload. Since they're free, you can feel free to try a couple out to see which one you like the most.

    Introduction Video to the Free Glympse App

    Here's a short video that briefly demonstrates the free GPS tracking app called Glympse.

    Geo Fencing on Cell Phone Tracking Apps

    There is a very cool feature that is available with some of the premium cell phone trackingapplications that are on the market called "geo fencing". Geo fencing is basically a feature thatallows you to establish "virtual boundaries" for people in your phone tracking network.

    This is a great feature to use for keeping track of teenage drivers. Once you have established the"geo fence" you will get a text message alerting you to the fact that the person who was carryingthat cell phone breached your virtual perimeter. You can then get on the phone and find out whyyour teenage driver is driving some place that you have forbidden them from driving.

    This feature can also be useful to businesses that employ delivery drivers. Through the use of Geofencing, businesses can be alerted if their drivers travel outside of their assigned routes.

    Using Cell Phone Tacker Apps To Recover Deleted Text Messages

    I'll bet you didn't know that it's actually really quite easy to retrieve deleted text messages from acell phone. Some cell phone tracking apps make it possible to retrieve these so called deletedmessages without ever having the phone in your hand.

  • How doe they do this, you might ask? Well, as itturns out, nothing is "actually" deleted when youdelete data from a cell phone. All that happens isthe name of the particular bit of data is removedso you don't see it anymore on your phone.

    This deleted data will remain on the phone untilnew data is stored in it's place. How long this willtake really depends on the how much data yourphone is capable of storing as well as how muchnew data is continually being added to the phone.

    If you get 2,000 text messages a month, this old data may be recorded over fairly quickly. If you onlyget a few texts each month, it may stay on your phone for months.

    If being able to recover deleted text messages from your cell phone tracker app is important to you,you can check out and app called SpyBubble.

    Protecting Your Phone If It's Lost or Stolen

    Many of the popular cell phone locator apps these days come equipped with a couple of very handysecurity features.

    The first is called "Remote Lock". This feature can be used to lock your phone from a computer toprevent unauthorized access to your sensitive personal information should you ever lose it or have itstolen.

    The second is called "Remote Wipe" or "Wipe Clean". This feature should only be used if you've lostyour phone and you don't think there's any way of retrieving it. If you activate this feature,everything on your phone will be erased to protect your personal information that might be storedon the phone.

    Limitations To This Technology

    As good as these phone tracker apps have become at tracking cell phones. They still aren't perfectand there are some limiting factors that you should probably know about if you plan to use them.

    List of Limitations:

    There's no way for these apps to automatically turn your phone on when you need to use them so thephone must be turned on or they won't work. This means that if you have an occasion to use themlike when you misplace your phone, you should attempt to locate the phone right away before thebattery dies and the phone turns off.

    The app's won't be able to start remotely either. They have to be running in the background of thephone or they won't work. They don't use many resources which is a good thing and that means thatthey won't slow your phone down or run your battery down. (6-8-2012 Update: Some apps such asInstaMapper can now be remotely activated by sending a text message to the phone. The softwaremust be pre-installed on the phone but it doesn't have to be running in memory.)

  • As mentioned above, the phone needs to be in a cell phone service coverage area and have a signalor the tracking app won't work.

    There are some circumstances that will limit the accuracy of the apps. If you are in a building thatblocks the phone's ability to use it's GPS receiver to calculate the location of the phone, the accuracywon't be as good. In some cases it will report the last known location of the phone. In other cases,the app will attempt to determine the location of the phone with other methods.