Francisco Goya

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Francisco Goya. By: Chase, Collin, Abby, Hayden, Cooper. Goya’s Life. -Born in 1746 -Painted for Charles IV in 1800 -Painted formal paintings in the beginning of his career -Influenced by the Baroque artist, Diego Velasquez - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya

By: Chase, Collin, Abby, Hayden, CooperFrancisco Goya-Born in 1746-Painted for Charles IV in 1800-Painted formal paintings in the beginning of his career-Influenced by the Baroque artist, Diego Velasquez -Was known for his series of Black Paintings and the Los Caprichos-Put into a mental Institute towards the end of his career-Died in 1828Goyas LifeThe third of may, 1808

-Goya painted this as a political statement prevent another massacre from occurring.-This painting depicts the French killing the innocent Spanish citizens-The central figure is shown in a Christ-like pose End of painting career

Goya believed in the ideals of French philosophers that is why Los Caprichos was a response to the actions of Charles IV who stopped French reform ideas and French books from entering Spain. Towards the end of his career, Goya became insane. He bought a barn and painted the Black Paintings on the walls of it. There were 14 Black Paintings in total. This was his last series to paint before he died.

Quiz1) Who did Goya paint a family Portrait for?A) Charles VIB) Henry VC) Charles IVD)Henry IV

2) The central figure is in a Christ-like Pose in the painting3rd of May4th of May Raft of the MedusaEcstasy of St. Teresa

3) Where did Goya paint the Black Paintings?In an art galleryOn the walls of a barnIn his houseOn a canvas

4) How many Black Paintings were there?12131415

5) Los Caprichos was a responce againstNeoclassicalBoroqueKing Henery VIIthe actions of Charles IV