FoundIt! Case Study - (FEB)

FoundIt! Case Study - (FEB)
FoundIt! Case Study - (FEB)
FoundIt! Case Study - (FEB)
FoundIt! Case Study - (FEB)
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    +44 (0)20 3326 1888 grows headline revenue

    by 17% using FoundIt! is a rapidly growing online interiors business, committed to bringing the very best in luxury home fashion to its customers. Essential to the customer offer is the ranging and product strategy, and ensuring that the site reflects the broadest and deepest selection of products from over 300 of the worlds leading luxury brands. Amara has been very successful in this regard, creating a significant strength in building an offer with a wide range of products that presents a huge array of choice to the customer. But it had also created a problem, in that the site now had a very wide range of products that presented a huge array of choice to the customer! Instead of being spoilt for choice, customers were getting overwhelmed by it, and this began to hold back conversion rates and the aggressive revenue growth that the business was targeting.

    Sitting Comfortably!

    Company Profile Site: Founded: 2005 Products: 44,000 SKUs Geos: UK, US Category: Homewares

    Key Challenges

    Improving conversion Improve range & experience Merchandising

    Fast facts

    4wk integration Impacted 9% of user journeys Grew conversion 2.52x (152%) Increase in AOV of 50% Grew headline sales by 10% &

    revenue by 17%

    152% increase in conversion rate!

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    +44 (0)20 3326 1888

    A focus on conversion In response to this, Amara embarked on several programmes to improve usability and conversion rate. This included a responsive site re-design, engaging a conversion rate agency to conduct split testing and ensure they were following best practices, as well as a replacement of their product search tool. Surprisingly though, very few of the initiatives moved the needle by a material amount and the conversion continued along or just above its plateau. So what was wrong? Wellnothing really. Analytics showed that the site wasnt doing anything fundamentally wrong at all. But it did reveal that shoppers had to click through a lot of pages to find the products they were looking for. The more effort it took to find something, the more customer frustration built, and the more conversion rate suffered. Most categories took some considerable wading through too. In some cases, customers only saw as little as 10% of the total products in a category before giving up. This was a particular blow given the efforts the trading team had gone to, to secure product and get it on the site. Amaras FoundIt! moment Amara began to look at ways to improve the journey that customers had to take in order find the right products, but found the process of optimising every page for all types of customer intent exhaustive and complex, and so they turned to FoundIt! for assistance. FoundIt! is a Journey Optimisation engine that uses big data to learn what the customer intent is, in every category and on each page of a website. It then surfaces that intent in the form of helpful and relevant contextual navigation at the right point of the journey. This increases the customers ability and propensity to take action that gets them in front of the products theyre looking.and more finding leads to more shopping! Getting going Following a short period of just a few weeks, one of the Amara development team had integrated the website templates into the FoundIt! API, enabling FoundIts new contextual navigation options to become available to Amara customers on all devices.

    The FoundIt! Journey Optimiser learns the customer intent on each page of a site and then surfaces that intent with contextual navigation that guides the user along their intended decision path.

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    +44 (0)20 3326 1888

    More FoundIt! Moments in weeks The results materialised quickly. Within 2 weeks of going live, the conversion rate started to increase and Amaras trading team was quickly able to see and report on FoundIt!s progress to the rest of the business using simple segment analysis in Google Analytics. It showed that when browsing shoppers saw and engaged with FoundIt!s navigation, they were 2.5x more likely to buy, versus shoppers that browsed normally. Whilst eager to show off the gains, the trading team held back on the good news and implemented a series of split tests to validate the results. This would prove if the FoundIt! navigation was indeed responsible for the improved results. The results were compelling. Shoppers that browsed and engaged with the navigational experience provided by FoundIt! converted at 2.88%, versus 1.14% for customers that browsed normally and versus 1.65% for customers that used the existing faceted navigation. This was an increase of 152% over the baseline conversion rate and showed that FoundIt! genuinely helped more users find what they were looking for, faster and easier than all the other methods on the site, including search, facets and filters, and sorts. Purchases by FoundIt! influenced customers also showed a 40% increases in the average order value too! 17% headline growth When adding up the incremental revenue from sales attributable to FoundIt!, those sales represented 10% in terms of headline sales transactions and 17% in sales revenue. Amara continues to delight customers with its great range, a luxurious experience, and the creation of more FoundIt! moments, and is also planning additional country rollouts of the FoundIt! Platform.

    Comparison of conversion rate for customers that engaged with the navigation experience delivered with FoundIt!, versus those who browsed normally.

    Andrew Curran Director,

    If theyd said how much FoundIt! would grow our business before we hired them, I dont think I would have believed them. But they have and continue to deliver impressive results. The team has been fantastically supportive too, and we use their data and application right across our business to ensure we get the product mix, content & experience spot on for our customers. To think we used to argue about all this for hours on end. Now we let the data lead the discussion!

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    +44 (0)20 3326 1888

    Click, ClickBoom! Thats what a FoundIt! Moment feels like. Think about the last time you found exactly what you were looking for on a website. The journey was fast, easy and simple. All the options were spot on. You were spoilt for choice, not overwhelmed by itand then Boom! There it was! The thing you were after. So you clicked it bought it, and were off to the races. Unfortunately, plenty of shopping journeys just arent so simple. Customers are overwhelmed with choice and have to click, sort, search, filter and paginate their way through endless reams of products. Its probably happening on your site like this right now. FoundIt! is here to make it easier. Were committed to creating more FoundIt! Moments for retailers and their customers to share in. So weve developed ground-breaking software that simplifies the journey, accelerates purchasing and revolutionises the way we think about and deliver a relevant shopping experience, and were doing it all with data straight from the customers. After all, who else are we laying out all those links and products for?

    Sound interesting? If you want to make shopping easier for your customers and grow headline sales, go to our site to learn more, or get in touch with the FoundIt! team, and see how much FoundIt! could add to your business. W: T: +44 (0)20 3326 1888 E: