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A season greetings from Forks, Washington

Transcript of Forks, Washington Season Greetings

  • Thursday, December 23, 2010 1FORKS FORUM Christmas Greetings

    D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 0


    Wishing you all the joys of the Holidays and a year filled with happiness.

    A Special Section of

  • FORKS FORUMChristmas Greetings2 Thursday, December 23, 2010


    to the ForksCommunity!

    Have a Safe &Happy New Year!

    Forks City Council,Mayor and City Staff

    Young students from the Forks Community Preschool this year sent copies of their letters to Santa to

    the Forks Forum.We asked their teachers to send the

    letters in uncorrected to preserve the

    childrens own words.We dont think Santa is

    critical of spelling and grammar mistakes in the letters he receives from children, so we arent either.

    Forks Community Preschool * Morning Class *

    Dear Santa, I want a pretty dress like my friends. Your Friend, Annika

    Dear Santa, I want a dart game that comes with elves. I want a Hungry Hippo game, a spin and play airplane that

    comes with a costume and helmet. I like those scary creatures you bake. Oh, one more thing, a candy house with dots on it. Your friend, Klayton (aka Peter Parker)

    Dear Santa, I want bubbles for Christmas Your friend, Kendsie

    Dear Santa, I want lots of toys. I want movies. I want lightening McQueen and lots of glue for mommy. Your Friend, Julieanne

    Dear Santa, I want a big car and truck. I want a big track road. Your Friend, Adrian

    Dear Santa Claus

    From all of us atWest Waste

    Recycling, Pumping& Sanitation



    ...And thank you for yourbusiness. We're especiallypleased and proud to be

    able to serve youthroughout the year.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Thank Youto all of ourWest EndCustomers!We wish

    everyone a veryMerry

    Christmasand a HappyNew Year!

    Angeles ConcretePort Angeles

    May yourChristmas betrimmed with


    Jan & Jack

    Hillcar &



    Happy New Year

    Wishingeveryone a


    Wishing you the bestfor the holidays!

    ForksCoffee Shop


    From the staff at

    The Dew Drop Inn

    The best of all things to you this

    holiday season!

    We will be here for you as always in the coming year.

    Dr. Stephen Kriebel

    Family Medical Center

  • Thursday, December 23, 2010 3FORKS FORUM Christmas Greetings

    Dear Santa, I need a new Quad two of the wheels broke off my old one. Your Friend, Brody

    Dear Santa, I want dress up clothes. I want toys for Gage. Your Friend, Faith

    Dear Santa, I want a hamster ball. I want a piggy bank to put pennies in. I do want you to please get Jaxon a zoozoo pet. Thank you! Your Friend Abby

    Dear Santa, I want a toy cake. I need a pretend kitchen. Your Friend, Reagan

    Dear Santa, I want an exer-cise Wii like my mom and dad have. When is it San-ta time? What does exercise start with? I am learning my letters. I am learning at pre-school. Your Friend, Peyton

    Dear Santa, I want a race car with remote control to run

    on the street. I like a puppy for Kayla and Cassidy. They have a cat named chip it is a toy. I am growing into a big kid. Your Friend, George

    Dear Santa, I want presents. I like candy canes and Christ-mas. I want pretend birthday cake for a kitchen to bake. Your Friend Aliya

    Dear Santa, I want a truck toy. I want two semi-trailers. I like you! Your Friend, Jake


    From all of us at



    RRONON''SSFFOODOOD M MARTARTWould like to thank

    you for yourcontinued support.

    HappyHolidays &Best Wishes

    In TheUpcoming


    Happy Holidaysto all of our

    West EndFriends

    from all of us atCedar Avenue


    Happy Holidaysfrom your local

    Coldwell BankerRealtor


    1115 E. Front St.Port Angeles, WA

    Carol Schultz963-2122

    Finley Agency

    The Christmas storyinspires all mankind with

    a message of peace,brotherhood and love.

    It is with this spirit ofgood will, that we expressto all of you, our heartfelt

    wishes for a happyholiday and a warm,

    wonderful time.

    May you treasure eachmoment of the season asmuch as we treasure the

    opportunity to be ofservice.

    Farmers Insurance

    Wishing one and

    all a very joyous

    Holiday Season!


    Darrel & Heidi Gaydeski

    Our bestwishes to you & yourfamily this

    season.From all of us at

    Pacifi c Pizza

    Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Hoh Rain Forest

    Happy Holidays

    1080 S. Forks Ave.Located 1/2 mile

    Wishing you


    from Jan & Norm Bagby

    south of downtown Forks on Highway 101

    Here's HopingYour Holiday Plans

    Run Smoothly

    B&P AutoRepair

    Having you for ourcustomers reallygives us a lift!

  • FORKS FORUMChristmas Greetings4 Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Dear Santa, I want presents. I like necklaces you can wear on your neck. I like purple. Your Friend, Lanah

    Dear Santa, I want a fake dirt bike. Your Friend, Dylan

    Dear Santa, I want a toy snake. I can find letters now. I want a car, transformers and another car. Your Friend, Sawyer

    Forks Community Preschool* Afternoon Class *

    Dear Santa, I want a toy baby cat with a bottle. I like red apples. I want toy cookies to play with. I want a toy dog and dinosaurs. Your Friend, AryannaDear Santa, I want a new belt nerf gun, a pogo stick and a pond. I want a new dog leash for my dog Sadie. I need a nerf gun shield. I want a dog house for Sadie. Your Friend, RyanDear Santa, I want a puppy

    that has a water bottle. I want a toy horse that is brown and white. I want snow so I can make a snowman. It is snow-ing in my Alaska. Your Friend, Rowan

    Dear Santa, I do not have a green log truck. I want one for Christmas. I need a baby bunk bed for my baby brother. I want just one more thing. I want it to snow so I can build a snowman. Your Friend, Ethan

    Our entire staff is pleasedto be here for all of you.

    Forks Community Hospital

    Best WishesFor A Healthy,Happy Holiday

    And the Angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all

    people. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour, which is Christ

    the Lord. -- Luke 2:10-11May His love and presence fill you

    to overflowing and bring you a most joyous Christmas!

    McClanahan Lumber374-5887

    and we wish you the best in the New Year!Dr. & Mrs. Bob Henry,

    Family & Staff

    The best of allthings to you.It has indeed

    been a pleasureserving you.

    Pettit Oil

    From thecrew at


    Merry Christmas& HappyNew Year

    From Kevin, Dave, Erin and


    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


    Christmas Special: 2 full body massages

    for $11000

    Thank you for your trust in me.


  • Thursday, December 23, 2010 5FORKS FORUM Christmas Greetings

    Dear Santa, I want a Barbie Jet. Your Friend, Kendall

    Dear Santa, I love you! I want music. I want a toy plane. I like snowmen; I like cars, tractors and trains. Your Friend, Riyan

    Dear Santa, I need a suit case. I want stuffed animals. I want a suitcase for Peyton too and a stuffed animal for Bailee. I want toy story two PJs. Your Friend Keira

    Dear Santa, I want a fire truck, a kitchen with food and a fridge. Your Friend, Nate

    Dear Santa, I would like more logging clothes and red socks. I dont want Hulk. Maybe Army stuff, pick-up trucks and a couple Army men. Maybe more Army hats and another pair of suspend-ers. Your Friend MikeDear Santa, I would like that Barbie doll toy on TV. Jake wants a football thing. Sloan like Hulk. Your Friend, Macy

    Dear Santa, I want a new X-box for Raymond. He also needs a new string for his hat. I want a new hot rod, new dinosaurs, bubbles and a coloring book but not cray-ons we have them already. Your Friend Landin

    Dear Santa, I want a baby (a real one,) an Ipod, a new stuffed animal, new mirror, (a fake one,) and that is it. Bring a surprise! I want a doll house, shirt, X box and a Wii. Your friend, Raelee

    Dear Santa, I want cars for Christmas. I would like a slide for indoors to slide my cars down. Your Friend, Hailey

    Dear Santa, I would like a Hulk game and cotton candy machine and a toy gray Hulk toy. Ps. Macy needs the same stuff and Princess stuff too. Your Friend, Sloan

    Dear Santa, I want make-up, and an iPod. I want a new puppy a real one. I want a new desk. Your Friend, Kadi-ence

    Dear Santa, Could I have Barbie? I want Kangaroo, ice cream maker, Barbie hut, a toy table, a computer and an iPod. Oh, also a camera and D.S. Your Friend Maddy

    From everyone atLES SCHWABTIRE CENTERWe wish you andyour families a

    very Safe &Happy Holiday

    Season!Howell Business Services, Inc.from

    Services designed to meet YOUR needsMary V. Howell, owner

    11 Camas Avenue North


    Merry Christmasand Happy New Year

    to all!Thank you

    for yourpatronage.



    MerryChristmasto our many friends and customers!Peace on

    earth, good will to men

    Washburns General Store

    From all of us at

    Merry Christmas

    To All!

    Forks Chamberof Commerce

    Thank you Stephenie Meyer for choosin