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  • Volume 1, Number 4 A Newsletter for Ministry ofForest Servic

    She can'tsee theforest forthe seeds

    Abiologist's passion fortree seeds has led to theproduction of an award-

    winning poster. Carole Leadem,a scientist at the Glyn RoadResearch Station, is a dedicatedresearcher and extensionspecialist who has spent most ofher career immersed in thewonders of tree seeds.

    Leadem has spent almost20 years with the Forest Servicelooking at everything to do withseeds - dormancy, handling,quality assessment, seedproduction and more. AndLeadem clearly understands theimportance of communicatingher work to as broad an audienceas possible.

    Leadem noted that if forestryworkers don't appreciate thatseeds are alive, they may dropthem, leave them in the sun, orlet them freeze. Said Leadem,"Each tree seed contains aminiature living tree.

    "I came to the Forest Servicewith an academic background,and it quickly became apparentthat some really basic conceptswere not understood by thepeople who handle seeds. Peopledon't appreciate how importantseeds are."

    Research branch director Ted Baker presents The Secret Life of Tree

    Seeds to Minister David Zirnhelt. The framed poster now hangs

    outside the Minister's office.

    Leadem has taught many Management Handbook 30)workshops on cone collection, which was intended for resourceseed testing, and seed biology, managers who would benefit ...,and provided hands-on training from a better understanding of ::r


    in her laboratory for Forest the biology of tree seeds. t:llService and industry technicians ...

    Now Leadem is working with_....

    as well as overseas visitors from_.

    several other authors including '"China, Thailand, Indonesia, the ::r

    Philippines and France. LeademKaren Yearsley, Vera Sit and ()David Spittlehouse, all of 0

    has been involved in trainingresearch branch, on a field ~

    sessions at the Silvi-cultural Sstudies manual for a more er

    Institute of B.C. for more than_.

    technical readers including '"10 years. She's active in Forestryprofessionals, field technicians


    Week and Scientists in the0

    and students. The Methods for...t1>

    Schools, spending considerable '"Field Studies is expected to be ...time and effort helping school

    published early next year, andV'lt1>

    children appreciate the ...will assist workers to plan and







  • Intranet plan reaps reward

    Trina Innes: suggestion will eliminate the need to spend long periods

    of time wading through stacks of files at Boundary forest district.

    ~lanning officer TrinaInnes of the Boundary

    forest district in GrandForks came up with an idea thatmakes finding and sharing filesconsiderably faster and easier.The intranet system to post andshare information uses internettechnology but functions on theoffice local area network or LAN.

    "The Boundary Intranet willimprove communicationsbetween programs in thedistrict," said Innes. "It willimprove our ability tocommunicate information over alonger planning period. Theintranet centralizes informationat one location on the LAN andeliminates the need for huntingup file numbers, surveying filesand photocopying."

    Screener Betty Corbin-Charmin,regional services manager in theNelson Forest Region stated,"This idea ties in with theIntegrated Workplace StrategyRenewal Project that is runningas a pilot at Boundary district."

    Evaluator David Ford, planningmanager at information systemsbranch said "The potential for anoffice intranet is significant, bothfor improving employee efficiencyand for improving the quality ofwork performed in the office."

    Information systems branch plansto introduce intranets similar tothe one developed at Boundaryto all districts over the next year.

    Trina was presented with acertificate and an award for$857.12 based on net time and

    Other award-winning ideas Queen Charlotte Islands

    district employee Mikel

    Leclere received a non-cash

    award and certificate for his

    idea of a shovel holder on

    cruising vests. The shovels

    are used for digging soil pits

    for inventory work. The holder

    allows staff to have both

    hands free and places the

    equipment in a position where

    it is unlikely to cause injury

    Wayne Sparanese, a former

    employee of revenue branch,

    received an award for his

    idea of automating part of

    the calculation process for

    month-end statistics. The

    time-saving idea has been


    Robert Westhoff, a former

    employee with the Nelson

    regional office, was recently

    recognized for his suggestion

    of a financial analysis and

    reporting system.

    cost savings of $64,312. Theaward is currently under reviewand could be increased becauseof the additional savings fromthe introduction of intranets atdistricts across B.C.

    "I think this technology is stillin its infancy," said Innes. "Theintroduction of an intranet isone big step forward."