Food Technology Year 10 Recipes

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Food Technology Year 10 Recipes. Apple Pie. High skilled dish using short crust pastry. Ingredients: 250gms plain flour 65gms margarine 60gms lard approx 8 tsp cold water 500gms cooking apples cold water and caster sugar for glazing. Oven Temperature: 200ºC or Gas Mark 6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Food Technology Year 10 Recipes

Food Technology Year 7 Recipes

Food Technology

Year 10 Recipes

Apple Pie

Ingredients: 250gms plain flour65gms margarine60gms lardapprox 8 tsp cold water500gms cooking applescold water and caster sugar for glazingMethod:Make short crust pastry. Sieve flour into mixing bowl.Rub in fats so mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.Add enough water so mixture binds together.Leave pastry to rest.Peel, core and slice apples thinly.Divide pastry in two.Roll out one half and line the dish.Place sliced apples on top and sprinkle sugar over.Roll out remaining pastry and cover fruit.Decorate edges and glaze with water and sugar.Bake in top of oven until pale brown. Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Oven Temperature: 200C or Gas Mark 6Cooking Time: 20-25minsEquipment required: Mixing BowlSieve, measuring jugTeaspoon, rolling pingreen chopping boardPeeler, sharp knifepastry brushNewspaper, white tray

High skilled dish using short crust pastryScones

Ingredients: Plain Scones 200gms (80zs) self raising flour1 teaspoon baking powder50gms (2ozs) margarine125mls ( pint) milkExtra flour for rolling outSweet scones25-50gms (1-2ozs) sugarFruit scones25gms (1oz) sugar50gms dried fruitCheese scones100gms (4ozs) grated cheese1 teaspoon (5ml) powdered mustardCheese & herb scones75gms cheese1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley teaspoon fresh thyme leaves1tbsp fresh basil torn into shredsOven Temperature:220C or Gas Mark 7Cooking Time:10-15minsEquipment required:1 mixing bowlSieveKnifeTeaspoonTablespoonmeasuring jugrolling pin2 cutterbaking traycooling rack

This is a medium skilled dish which requires the rubbing in method.Scones Cont ...


Switch on oven.Sieve flour and baking powder into mixing bowl.Cut and rub in margarine. Add sugar/cheese and mustard powder.Mix to a soft dough with milk. Add milk gradually.Place on baking tray and bake until well risen and firm.Leave to cool on a wire rack.Wash up and clear away.Check your oven is switched off. Evaluate your work.

This is a medium skilled dish which requires the rubbing in method.Pineapple Upside Down Pudding

Ingredients: 2 tbsp golden syrup1 small can pineapple rings2 glace cherries50gms margarine50gms caster sugar50gms self raising flour1 eggMethod:Grease and line sponge tin.Place golden syrup in tin.Put pineapple on top of syrup.Cut cherries in half and place upside down in each pineapple ring.Make sponge mixture using the all-in-one method.Spoon the cake mixture over the pineapples.Bake in the centre of a moderately hot oven for 30 minutes.Turn out onto plate and serve.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Oven Temperature:180C Gas Mark 4Cooking Time: 30 minutesEquipment required:Chopping boardsharp knifemeasuring jugForkwooden spoonmetal spoon mixing bowl

Swiss Roll

Ingredients: 50gms self raising flour50gms caster sugar2 eggs2 tbsp jamMethod:Grease and line tin with greaseproof paper.Whisk eggs and caster sugar together until pale light and fluffy and mixture will hold a trail for 5 seconds.Fold in sieved flour with metal spoon.Pour mixture into tin and bake in the top of the oven until brown and firm.Warm the jam in the microwave.Tip sponge onto sugared greaseproof paper.Cut off the edges and spread hot jam over.Roll up in the greaseproof paper and leave on a cooling wire to cool.When cold unwrap the paper.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Oven Temperature:210C Gas Mark 7Cooking Time: 7-10 minutesEquipment required: mixing bowl, sievewhite tray, electric whisktable spoon, Swiss roll tinpalette knifelarge sharp knifecooling wire2 pieces of greaseproof paper

High skilled dish using the whisking method of cake making.Gingerbread

Ingredients: 250gms of plain flour1 tsp ground ginger1 tsp mixed spice1 tsp bicarbonate of soda50gms sugar (any kind)100gms margarine150gms golden syrup1 egg125ml milkMethod:Grease and line the tin with greaseproof paper.Beat egg and milk together in measuring jug.Sieve flour, spices and bicarbonate of soda together. Stir in sugar.Put syrup and margarine in pan and melt without boiling.Pour onto flour and beat well.Add egg and milk a little at a time, beating until smooth. The mixture will be very soft.Pour into tin. Bake for 40 minutes until firm.Leave in tin until almost cold, then remove paper and cut into about 15 squares.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Oven Temperature:180C Gas Mark 4Cooking Time: 40 minutesEquipment required:white tray, mixing bowl, sieve, teaspoon, 18cm x 30cm baking traysmall saucepan, wooden spoon, greaseproof paper, measuring jug, fork

High skilled dish using the melting method of cake making.Sweet and Sour Chicken

Ingredients:300gms chicken breast fillet1 onion1 green pepper1 small can of pineapple rings25gms margarine1 tbsp corn flour1 tbsp sugar1 tbsp tomato puree1 tbsp vinegar1 tbsp soy sauce1 tsp ground gingerMethod:Peel and chop onion, pepper and cut chicken into cubes.Drain pineapple juice into measuring jug and make up to 200ml with water.Add corn flour, puree, vinegar, soy sauce and ginger to pineapple juice and stir well.Fry onion, pepper and chicken together.Stir in the sauce and bring to the boil.Add pineapple pieces and simmer for 20 minutes.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Cooking Time: 20 minutesEquipment required:chopping boardssharp knifeNewspapermeasuring jugSaucepancan opener

This is a medium skilled dish which should be served with boiled rice.Lasagne

Ingredients:200gms minced beef1 onion1 med tin tomatoes50gms mushrooms1 tbsp flour1 beef stock cube1 tbsp tomato puree9 sheets of lasagne

Cheese Sauce: 500ml milk50gms margarine50gms flour100gms cheesesalt & pepperOven Temperature:190C Gas Mark 5Cooking Time: 15 and 30 minutesEquipment required:Chopping boardsharp knifemeasuring jugsaucepan

This is a high skilled dish and it can be made with a roux sauce.Lasagne Cont ...


Light oven and grease dish.Peel and chop onion. Wash and slice mushroom.Make stock with 150ml water.Dry fry beef, onion and mushroom together.Stir in flour, tomatoes, puree and stock.Leave to simmer for 15 minutes.Make cheese sauce, place milk, margarine and sieved flour into saucepan, stir over a medium heat until thick. Stir in most of the cheese and seasoning.Place 3 sheets of lasagne in dish. Pour half the mince on top. Place 3 more sheets of lasagne on to the mince, cover with the remaining mince. Finally put the last 3 sheets of lasagne on top and pour cheese sauce over. Sprinkle the grated cheese over the sauce.Bake in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes until golden brown.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

This is a high skilled dish and it can be made with a roux sauce.Shepherds Pie

Ingredients:1 large onion peeled & chopped25gms (1oz) plain flour275ml ( pint stock)450gms (1lb) beefsalt & pepper

Optional:1 x 15ml spoon (tbsp) tomato pureeor dessertspoon of horseradish sauce

Topping:600gms potatoes25gms (1oz) margarine2 x 15ml spoons (2 tbsp) milkOven Temperature:190C Gas Mark 5Cooking Time: 15-20 minutesEquipment required:chopping boardsharp knifeSaucepanmeasuring jugForkNewspaperwooden spoon

This is a medium skilled dish and can be made into a high skilled dish if you pipe the potatoes.Shepherds Pie


Peel and chop potatoes, place in salted water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes.Peel and chop onion, place with minced beef in saucepan and dry fry until onion is soft and meat is cooked.Add flour and stir over low heat, gradually stir in stock. Add remaining ingredients. Simmer very gently for 5 mins. Pour into an 850ml dish.For topping: mash potatoes with margarine, milk and seasoning.Carefully spread over the meat and mark with a fork.Place under a hot grill for 5 mins until golden brown of bake in a pre-heated oven for 15-20 mins.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Ingredients:1 onion100gms (4ozs) mushrooms1 green pepper (optional)15gms (oz) margarine250gms (8ozs) minced beef/turkey/pork/lamb/Quorn1 rounded tbsp flour100ml (5fl oz) water1 stock cubesalt & pepper1 tin chopped tomatoes1 tbsp tomato pureeMethod:Peel and chop the onions and pepper. Wash and slice the mushrooms.Melt the margarine in a large pan, fry onions, pepper and mushrooms for 5 minutes.Add the mince and fry, stirring gently until brown.Stir in the flour, tomatoes and stock cube. Add the water if it seems necessary, then add the salt and pepper.Bring to the boil, then simmer very gently, stirring occasionally for 30 minutes.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.

Cooking Time:30 minutes Equipment required:large saucepanchopping boardsharp knifewooden spoonmetal platemeasuring jugnewspaper for rubbishtablespoon

This is a low to medium skilled dish.Chicken Curry

Ingredients:300gms chicken breast pieces2 onions2 cloves of garlic1 cooking apple25gms margarine1 tsp ground ginger1 dsp curry powder1 tsp tomato puree250ml waterMethod:Peel and chop onions and apple.Wash and cut the chicken into pieces.Crush garlic.Gently fry the onion and apple in the margarine until the onion is soft.Add chicken and fry until the chicken is white.Stir in ginger, curry powder, tomato puree and water.Simmer for 20 mins.Wash up and clear away.Evaluate your work.Serve with plain boiled rice.

Cooking Time:20 minutesEquipment required:chopping boardsharp knifesaucepanwooden spoonnewspapergarlic press

This is a medium skilled dish.Bread Rolls

Ingredients:250gms strong plain flour 25gms margarine 1 tsp salt 1 packet dried yeast 150ml tepid waterMethod:Sieve flour and salt into mixing bowl.Rub in margarine.Stir in yeast.Add tepid water.Knead dough on table for 10 minutes.Leave dough to