Food Pyramid Tag

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Food Pyramid Tag. By: Emma and Brooke. Standards. Grade level: 3-5 Duration: 30-50 minutes. INTASC Standard: 5 National Health Education Standard: 3 Indiana Health and Wellness Education Standard: 3. Objective. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Food Pyramid Tag

Food Pyramid Tag

Food Pyramid TagBy: Emma and BrookeStandardsGrade level: 3-5Duration: 30-50 minutes

INTASC Standard: 5National Health Education Standard: 3Indiana Health and Wellness Education Standard: 3

ObjectiveStudents will be able to locate food on the food pyramid. This will allow them to understand which foods to eat everyday that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Equipment/MaterialsOpen space4 blank food pyramid chartsLaminate pictures of food that represent each food groupPoly spots/tapeTwo colored pennies

Preparation 4 equal groupsSeparate food pyramids for each groupCenter of gym/open space, create a large circle with tapeFood pictures in circlePlace each chart on outside of gym/open space

ActivityChoose 2 taggers to wear penniesOn signal, students from each of the groups will run to center and pick up a food picture to take backDont get tagged!Hand over food item if tagged to tagger Tagger puts them back in centerDuring activity, whistle will sound to have everyone freeze to do a different locomotor skill/activity when whistle sounds againGame is over when one team finishes pyramidAssessmentBring class together to review completed charts. Quiz the students on additional foods that can fit on the chart.

AccommodationsShorten the distance from charts to circle to make it easier Increase the number of taggers to make it harderSafety concerns: Running into one another, tripping and or slipping. Make sure there is enough room