Food carbon neutral ppt sept 14

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  • 1. Urban Farming support neighborhood organic food-sheds LOCAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD

2. Map and publicize available potential garden sites LOCAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 3. Create a Carbon Neutral Food Shoppers Guide LOCAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 4. Green Jobs and Food LOCAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 5. Seattle Parks and Community Centers LOCAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 6. 7. TRANSFER OF DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS Rural farms face intense pressure from development, but when protected through transfers of development rights, they can help ensure a consistent, fresh, local food supply to city residents for generations to come.Dow Constantine REGIONAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 8. Conventional vs. Organic! REGIONAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 9. Simple steps to curb livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions: use more nutritious pasture grasses, supplement diets with crop residues, restore degraded grazing lands, and adopt more productive breedsREGIONAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 10. Cascadian Organics Label Buy Local Campaign REGIONAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 11. Adopt a pledge for a sustainable national food system targeting amendments to the Federal Farm Bill NATIONAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD 12. Sequester large quantities of carbon while farming organically LOCAL, REGIONAL, AND NATIONAL CARBON NEUTRAL FOOD