Follow recommended lubrication and maintenance 28pg log book v4.pdfMerCruiser Maintenance Log Book...

download Follow recommended lubrication and maintenance 28pg log book v4.pdfMerCruiser Maintenance Log Book Provided to help you protect your boating investment Protect Your Investment •

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Transcript of Follow recommended lubrication and maintenance 28pg log book v4.pdfMerCruiser Maintenance Log Book...

  • MerCruiser Maintenance Log BookProvided to help you protect your boating investment

    Protect Your Investment FollowrecommendedlubricationandmaintenanceproceduresinourOperationandMaintenanceManual.





  • This log book has been provided for your convenience. Please take the time to fill out your Engine/Boat details, that you may need these for future reference. It is important that your details are kept up to date.

    engine serial number

    model number

    daTe of purchase

    propeller number


    igniTion key number

    boaT model

    boaT make

    boaT lengTh

    hull number

    owners name



    state postcode

    change of address


    owners name



    state postcode

    change of owner


    owners name



    state postcode

    Transfer of ownership: If you have purchased this product from the original owner, you will need to provide your details to Mercury Marine to ensure you receive the balance of the product warranty. Please fax or email your name and address with a copy of the bill of sale to:

    ausTralia: Warranty Registration Department, Private Bag 1420, Dandenong South, VIC 3164 or FAX (03) 9706 Zealand: Warranty Registration Department, PO Box 58002, Greenmount, East Tamaki, Auckland, 1730 or FAX 0800 101 225.

    Owner InformationPage 3 ContentsPage 4 Bermuda Fishing AccessoriesPage 5 Quicksilver - The Big Range to Care for your OutboardPage 6 Quicksilver BatteriesPage 7 PropellersPage 8 MotorGuide Trolling MotorsPage 9 PFDs & Watersport EquipmentPage 10 Quicksilver BiminisPage 11 Boat CarePage 12 Igloo Ice ChestsPage 13 Preparation for StoragePage 14 Pre-delivery InspectionPage 15 First 3 months of use (or 20 Hours) Service CheckupPage 16 Annual (or 100 Hours of use) Service CheckupPage 17 Mid Year (or 150 Hours of use) InspectionPage 18 Annual (or 200 Hours of use) Service CheckupPage 19 Mid Year (or 250 Hours of use) InspectionPage 20 Annual (or 300 Hours of use) Service CheckupPage 21 Mid Year (or 350 Hours of use) InspectionPage 22 Annual (or 400 Hours of use) Service CheckupPage 23 Mid Year (or 450 Hours of use) InspectionPage 24 Annual (or 500 Hours of use) Service CheckupPage 25 Engine LogPage 26 Engine LogPage 27 Engine Log

    mercury marine offers this service log as a guide to scheduling preventative maintenance work by your authorised service dealer.The maintenance suggestions provided are those services that our experience has determined to be most needed by the typical owner.

    Please ensure you have received a copy of your pre-delivery inspection report from your dealer.

    Important: your responsibilities regarding special care and preventative maintenance are outlined in your Operation and Maintenance Manual.

    In cases where operating hours are unusually high, your dealer will be able to advice you of additional services that may be necessary.

    We especially recommend more frequent maintenance in saltwater areas.

    Your authorised Certified Service Centre will provide you with factory trained technicians and will provide you with genuine Quicksilver replacement parts.


  • Great Accessories for a Great Days FishingFor a great day fishing you need more than a rod and reel, you also need Bermuda Fishing Accessories. The comprehensive Bermuda range includes Cutting Boards, Rod Holders, Berley Buckets, Knife Holders and storage bins all designed to make your fishing trim more successful and even more enjoyable. They have been built to last, utilising the highest grade of UV stabilised Polyethylene available and high-grade aluminium components.

    Quality Accessories at an Affordable Price.To find out more ask your dealers or go to

    Quicksilver - Designed specifically for marine enginesQuicksilver oils and lubes offer a complete range of lubrication maintenance products that have been specifically formulated for the marine environment. Unlike automotive engines, marine engines operate in very harsh conditions i.e. salt spray, heavy loads, higher RPMs. You need a lubricant that will stand up to these conditions. Quicksilver is covered by a 12 month warranty* and will meet all of your marine lubricant needs.

    Ask your dealer for more details on the Quicksilver range:

    *Conditions Apply.

  • Reliable Power - right from the startIs your battery suitable for the marine environment? Quicksilvers new generation of batteries is built from the inside out for the special demands of boat owners.

    Key benefits: Stronger internal construction suitable for constant wave

    pounding in marine environment. Deep cycle batteries - allow longer operational hours while

    not on charge. Range of sizes to suit all marine engines.

    Ask your dealer which Quicksilver battery is right for you!

    Mercury Marine Propellers - improve performance & handlingMercury have the largest range of propellers specifically designed to suit your engine. From the base aluminium design to the highest performing stainless steel propeller which provides: Better acceleration. Improved cruise speed. Lower fuel costs just to name a few.Make sure you have the right propeller for your boat.

    To find out more ask your dealers or go to

  • The MotorGuide Digital & Wireless AdvantageOver the years MotorGuide has set the standard in trolling motors. Once again they have proved to be ahead of the game with the release of the Wireless range of trolling motors. MotorGuides exclusive wireless technology allows users to control their trolling motor from anywhere on the boat with the use of a digital foot or hand control that is a true advantage and its only available from MotorGuide.

    Go fast, go far, go safe.Mercury & Quicksilver watersports and PFDsMercury & Quicksilver have a complete range of watersports equipment and PFDs, suitable for all types of activities on the water. All Mercury & Quicksilver products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Quicksilver BiminisEasy-to-install, box packaged biminis that will fit just about every boat. Wind rated to 40 knots, so you can get to where you need to go without having to fold up your bimini. Includes polished alloy supports, stainless fittings and 600 Denier material. Available in various sizes.

    Quicksilver Boat Care Wash Without WaterKeep your boat looking new or give an old one a new lease of life all without the use of freshwater. The range of Quicksilver Boat Care products has been specifically formulated for use on marine gel coat and amazingly, all products can either be used with saltwater or no water at all.

    Rigorous testing has shown that Quicksilver is superior to automotive brands in marine environments. They are also fully biodegradable so you wont be harming your boating environment.

    10 11

  • Igloo - a revolution in marine ice chestsDesigned to stand up to the harsh marine environment, Igloo are made from high impact resistant polypropylene with a special UV inhibitor. Interiors are stain and odour resistant and the Ultratherm insulation makes sure the contents stay cool for longer. Check the range - from 23 litre capacity to a giant 154 litres. There are even models with wheels. Theres also a range of accessories. Igloo Chests are covered by a 5-year warranty*. Its no wonder theyre causing a revolution in portable cooling.

    Igloo - Its for keeps

    Available only from Mercury & Mariner Dealers *12 month warranty on Cool Mate 40

    Preparation for Storage

    WARnInGAs a safety precaution, when boat is in storage, or in transit, remove positive (+) battery cable. This eliminates possibility of accidental starting or cranking of engine and overheating and damage to engine from lack of water or starter motor damage.

    CAuTIonWith an oil-injected engine, if after being in storage, air bubbles can be seen in the clear oil pump hose, see your authorised dealer. Operate the outboard on pre-mixed fuel (50:1) until the air is purged from the hose.

    Protect engine from physical damage, rust, corrosion and dirt. Do not seal in a container or wrap tightly in plastic or canvas, as moisture could form and cause external and internal rust and corrosion. Refer to lubrication chart in Operation and Maintenance Manual.

    Lubricate swivel bracket, tilt tube and control linkage.

    Remove spark plugs.

    Apply Quicksilver Storage Seal into carburettors and spark plug holes.

    Connect spark plug wires. Be sure that each wire is connected to the correct spark plug.

    Clean exterior of motor, including all accessible powerhead parts. Spray with Quicksilver Corrosion Guard.

    Install cowling. Apply Quicksilver Corrosion Guard to all painted surfaces.

    Removed propeller. Lubricate propeller shaft spline and reinstall propeller.

    When storing for winter, make sure water drain holes in gear housing are open so water will drain out. Use a piece of wire to clean out.

    If a speedometer is installed in the boat, disconnect the pick up tube and allow it to drain. Reconnect the tube. Trapped water will freeze, cracking gear housing and/or water pump housing.

    Drain and refill gear housing with Quicksilver Gear Lube before storage. Inspect gaskets under lubricant vent and fill plugs. Replace damaged gaskets before reinstalling.

    note: If water is discharged or fluid