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Macquarie University Front Of House Guidelines 2013

Transcript of Foh Guidelines 2013

  • F R O N T O F H O U S E G U I D E L I N E S

    Prepared for: MacMS, 2013

    Prepared by: Stevie Bryant

    M A C Q U A R I E M U S I C A L S O C I E T Y2 0 1 3

    m a c m s . o r g t e l e p h o n e : 0 4 3 0 2 7 0 7 7 4 e m a i l : t r e a s u r e r @ m a c m s . o r g

  • C O N T E N T S

    1. The Introduction & The Credo

    2. The Constitution

    2.1 About

    2.2 Why the change in process?

    2.3 The bigger picture: Where do we fit in?

    2.4 Visual Stimulation

    3. The Game Plan

    3.1 What is What?

    3.2 Who is who?

    3.3 Objectives

    4. The Team

    4.1 Leadership, Experience, Growth

    4.2 Job Descriptions

    5.The Example

    5.1 Who, What, When, Where?

    5.2 Roles, Roster, Rotations

    6.The Application Process

    6.1 Why me?

    6.2 When?

    6.3 How?

    7. The Nitty Gritty

    7.1 Spreadsheets and Tables and Forms! Oh My!

    7.2 Box Office - Formulated

    7.3 Cash Box Accountability Form

    7.4 Refreshment Record Form

    6.The End

    M a c M S! F r o n t o f H o u s e G u i d e l i n e s 2 0 1 3


  • Dear Members,

    Welcome to the year of 2013.

    Within this document you will find the guidelines relevant to the management of Front of House within the society for the year ahead.

    As Treasurer I am nominated to be responsible for the account keeping, the budgeting and flow of funds within the society. In keeping with this I will be in direct contact with Front of House staff during each production.

    Our goal as a society is to produce a high standard of theatre, opposed to making profit. However the profitability of these productions, drawing on the combined efforts of other executive roles, allows MacMS to continue to be in a strong position for the future of our productions.

    These guidelines have been developed as a solution to transparent record keeping and chains of accountability. During an ongoing audit of the societys documentation for pre-vious productions it has been noted that the Front of House procedures have not had an effective or unified strategy across the years. As such, the methods put in place align combined experience with specific goals to fulfill the need for present and future man-agement of this aspect of our society.

    While this is the first time Front of House has been run with these methods for MacMS, if successful it is my hope that the executive will continue to build on a strong front of house vision in the future. It is important to note that these procedures draw on the collaborative thoughts of the executive, these ideas are not new, but as defined within this document, aim to cement the financial position of the society.

    Kind Regards,


    M a c M S! F r o n t o f H o u s e G u i d e l i n e s 2 0 1 3


  • 2. The Constitution

    2.1 About

    The constitution in full can be found on the MacMS website:

    The constitution states:

    15. f) The Executive must ensure that a reasonable audit is undertaken of the Societys accounts and that all moneys received through ticket sales and any other profit from the show is returned to

    the Society promptly.

    The following guidelines represent the way the 2013 executive wish to express this constitutional

    point. Within in the Pitching Guide produced by 2013 Artistic Director, Kate-Marie Thorpe, it is stated:

    FOH Manager: Front of House will no longer be a responsibility of the Producer to organise. A FOH Manager and team will be appointed to each show by the Executive in accordance to the Front

    of House Management Guidelines. This will also be a separate budget to the production budget.

    Producers take not.

    2.2 Why the change in process?

    As previous members know, the role of Front of House has been predominantly orchestrated by the

    producer in the past, and is generally considered a one or two night responsibility with little prepa-

    ration or training.

    As we move into a more transparent recording system it is necessary that our commitment to Front

    of House duties maintain a consistent standard, across a production run, as well as the year.

    As with any role in a production, be it performer, creative, or admin, there is an expectation that

    your involvement in the society is voluntary, usually from a place of personal, social or professional

    growth. It is our belief in the executive that this should apply to all involvement throughout the pro-

    ductions. The increase of participation and responsibility of the FOH staff in this way has been in-

    creased, in both time and importance to give more members an opportunity to participate and

    develop in a variety of ways.

    The emphasis this year is on professionally. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, have

    skills in either hospitality and/or customer service, and who are willing to put in the time to work as a

    team towards a common goal.

    2.3 The Bigger Picture: Where do we Fit in?

    Previously, the roles required from Front of House staff have been selected by either the executive

    of the Production team. In an attempt to unify the reporting process this will now be done from dis-

    cretion of the treasurer, with an open dialogue with the production team.

    Familiarity with the structure of a production is highly relevant to the roles for the Front of House

    team. These communication pathways benefit the smooth transition throughout the production

    from when the house is live to exit.

    M a c M S! F r o n t o f H o u s e G u i d e l i n e s 2 0 1 3


  • P r o d u c e r

    A Producer will be familiar with the administration of the production, they are to

    (1) be responsible for all administration and financial issues of their appointed Show;

    (2) be responsible for financial transactions and petty cash regarding their appointed show,at the

    discretion of the Treasurer.

    (3) negotiate with the Director and Music Director to appoint any other person needed for the


    (4) be the arbitrator of all conflict within their appointed Show;

    (5) be accountable to the Artistic Director regarding the Show;

    (6) be responsible for all venue hire in accordance with the standards of the hirer; and

    (7) be responsible for all materials hired out,production rights and the returning of all loaned docu-


    Therefore they are an asset to the highway of knowledge necessary. The Producer is also in contact

    directly with the Publicity Officer and Treasurer and will be aware of the feel of the production.

    S t a g e M a n a g e r

    As motioned and carried by the executive for 2013, the position of Stage Manager is a necessary

    element of Production, appointed by the Production Manager. The Stage Manager is responsible

    for coordinating all stage elements. Collaboration with this role will ensure that both backstage

    elements and audience entrance is timely and efficient.

    For clarification on the streams which particular new roles are responsible to,

    please see flowchart below.

    M a c M S! F r o n t o f H o u s e G u i d e l i n e s 2 0 1 3


  • Figure 1

    M a c M S! F r o n t o f H o u s e G u i d e l i n e s 2 0 1 3


    2.4 Visual Stimulation

  • 3. Front of House: The Game Plan

    3.1 What is What?

    The Executive are assembled to stand on behalf of the society. Were not a higher power or imperial rulers; were elected by you to uphold the society and its constitution. So you see, its no Battle Royale: we are here to extend our assistance

    and work with you to make your production great - Kate-Marie Thorpe, Pitching Guide, 2013

    The Team assembled for Front of House will fulfill well rounded, and essential roles. Each role fills a

    particular need, and thus requires a particular set of skills. The mix of leadership, admin, service and

    hospitality skills engage a range of people.

    As part of the Front of House experience you will be placed on a role or rotation which will ensure

    you get to interact and experience a range of elements, you will get to participate in production

    social events, including the wrap-party, and receive a complimentary ticket to the production.

    Thefront of house teamare responsible for getting audiences to their seats, troubleshooting, mak-

    ing sure shows start on time, ushering and being friendly to all members of the public. You work

    closely with the stage manager and crew and meet lots of people and therefore must be a strong


    According to the role descriptions which follow, you will be in contact with a range of people from

    the executive committee and the production team of each show. The executive are nominated to

    support our members and productions to successfully produce musical theatre, in this sense they

    are predominately administrative roles. These roles, particularly that of the treasurer, will work in con-

    junction with yours to ensure a smooth transition of all products and funds.

    3.2 Who is who?

    In the past Front of house has consisted of two main roles,

    Ticket sales

    Candy Bar

    In 2013 these roles are still relevant, but the job descriptions have been reevaluated and refined to

    a structure which suits the needs of the society. This year the structure of the Front of House team

    will consist of several distinct roles.

    House Manager

    Box Office


    Merchandise / programs

    Ticket collector



    M a