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  • 1. Oliver Toone Final Major Project Initial Ideas Mood Boards

2. Short Film - Horror In the mood board that you about to look at you will see all the relevant images towards a short film based on horror. There will be images that are from other horror movies that will inspire me to get good ideas for my final major project. It will have the different settings that are good towards a horror film, the atmosphere and what the characters will need to be like to achieve a good short film. The camera angles that are shown in the last slide are all good for the genre of the short movie I would like to do. Close up angles are good because they can really show the fear that is supposed to be expressed in the film. Also long shots are good because you dont also see what's happening with the main characters but you can see what's going on in the surrounding area. Also there is a good camera angle thats used in a lot of modern day horror films which is point of view this is good because its like you can see what the person holding the camera is seeing, so you feel like your in there position. And finally the high angle camera shot, when you use this shot you normally expect to see something in a room whist the main characters are asleep or not in the room, this is a good opportunity to see what the villain/monster is doing. 3. Other Horror Films 4. Horror movie camera angles