Flowers To Grow In Summer

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Transcript of Flowers To Grow In Summer

1. Easiest Flowers to Plant in Summer Brought to you by: MaidPro Tulsa 2. Dahlia These flowers bloom in a range of bright hues such as pink and coral. They only need light shade in very hot areas. 3. Purple Coneflower These flowers resemble small bee hives on top of bristly long leaves. The purple coneflower is a rosy/purple daisy flower. 4. Penstemon These plants produce trumpet-shaped blooms over a long period. The blooms range from deep purple to white. 5. Aster These resilient perennials bloom through summer and fall. 6. Gloriosa Daisy These flowers are a deep golden color with dark centers. 7. Lavender These beautiful blooms prefer hot summers and give off a pleasant aroma. 8. Spend time in the garden & well spend time tidying the house. 9. Visit or call (918) 270- 2800 for your free estimate.