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Welcome to southfloridakiteboarding.com, your number one source for Kiteboarding - Kitesurfing in South Florida. We teach you in the easiest possible waist deep, flat shallow water conditions.

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  • 1. Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing are the same sports they are often referred to differently based on location. Kitesurfing uses wind to pull a rider through the water on a small kite board or surfboard. A kite surfer uses a board with or without straps with a large, inflatable kite to move across the water.

2. Turning Controlled Flying & Jumping Board Grabs Body Dragging Waterstarting Going Upwind/Downwind Toeside Kitesurfing in Overpowered/Underpowered situations 3. Kitesurfers change the size or/and line length from the harness to the kite depending o wind strength. Stronger winds call for a smaller kite Its very important to avoid using too large a kitre Newer kites have a depower option to reduce the power in the kite Kite surfers should not go into water in direct offshore winds 4. Why Take Kiteboarding Lessons With Us? One-On-One InstructionNo Group InstructionNo Deep Water Instruction 5. Any location with consistent, steady side-onshore winds, large bodies of water, and good launch areas are good for kite surng Most kitesurng takes place along ocean shores It can also take place on lakes, inlets, and occasionally rivers 6. Explore our main kiteboarding learning locations: Key Biscayne Dania Beach/Hollywood Matheson Hammock ParkMain Lesson Locations: Key Biscayne Sand Bars, Miami Dania Beach (North of Pier) Miami Kiteboarding store location Contact us at (954) 536-7512 for an appointment. 7. Kite Kiteboard Flying Lines Wetsuit Control Bar Helmet Kite Harness Board leash 8. Avoid kitesurng in crowded areas Check the weather before you go out Try to ride with side shore winds Wear appropriate exposure clothing Wear a helmet and impact vest Avoid riding overpowered Notify the Coast Guard if you lose a board 9. There are multiple kitesurng communities since the sport has become more popular http://www.southfloridakiteboarding.com/ Provides a wealth of information about kitesurng/kiteboarding Also provides an online registration solution for kitesurng, kiteboarding and windsurng. 10. Lesson And Sales Inquiries:Stefan Pantu, Manager (954) 536-7512 info@southfloridakiteboa rding.com Office and Accommodations: 85 Gulfstream Road Suite 308 Dania Beach, FL 33004 USA