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Flipping Fantastic by Jane Langford Prepared by: Komalata Manokaran

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Flipping Fantastic

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Flipping Fantastic

byJane Langford

Prepared by:Komalata Manokaran

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Elements:Setting Characters (major, minor)PlotSummaryThemeMoral values

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Setting Peter Hill Primary

Tristan and James are finishing their final year in this primary school.  They perform in a play entitled “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” which is the last activity in the school.

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Setting - continuedHighfields

A brilliant normal secondary schoolThis is the school that James is going to be enrolled in when the new school term begins.  At the end of the story, James feels excited about his new school as most of his schoolmates are there including Kiara Jones.

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Setting Chesterlea Grange

A residential school for the disabled

This is a residential school for students of special needs situated far away from Tristan’s home. Tristan looks forward to be enrolled in this special school which has all the facilities that he has dreamt of such as a drama studio, games room, swimming pool and a paddock. The school also has sports activities such as basketball tournament, archery contest, wheelchair games and so on.

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Characters:Major characters:

Tristan – confident, dependent on his brother, caring, appreciative, smart, optimistic, talented, sentimental, very close to his brother

James – not confident, highly dependent on his brother, caring, shy, helpful, pessimistic, good at sports, very close to his brother

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Characters continuedMinor character:

Mother - loving, understanding, anxious, determined, optimistic, and wise

Example: She is determined to send her sons to

different schools so that they would be independent and confident about their own abilities.

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Plot ( Sequence of plot )

ExpositionRising point / DevelopmentClimaxFalling point Resolution / Denouement

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The two boys are in the same school Peter Hill Primary, and have completed their primary education.They will be going to secondary school.


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Rising pointThe two boys will be going to the different school. Tristan will be going to residential school meanwhile James will be attending normal secondary school.

Both feel that they cannot do without one another as they always together and rely each other for moral support.

Tristan depends on James to push him around while James depends on Tristan as he is not so confident.

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Tristan tells his mother that he does not want to go to Chester lea Grange although he has to set his heart on it.

James relieved at Tristan’s decision.


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Later, he realize that he was being selfish as Tristan is supposed to be learn to independent and he can do this at Chester lea Grange

James talk to Tristan and convinces him to go to Chester lea Grange

Falling point

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Resolution Tristan goes to Chesterlea Grange and he finds it fantasticJames is happy in Highfields because Tristan made sure he has a special friend, Kiara Jones whom James like to have as a friend to help him through the first few daysBoth are happy in their school new school and their mother relieved

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Summary ‘Flipping Fantastic’ by Jane Langford is a

story about twin brothers and their mother. Tristan is an outstanding, brilliant and a capable boy but James is shy, nervous and lacks confidence. Both of them are about to finish their primary education at Peter Hill Primary soon and plan to begin their new school term in two different schools.

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Summary - continued Their mother decides to enrol James in High

fields and Tristan who is physically challenged and wheelchair bound, in a special school (Chester lea Grange). Both brothers are confused over the thought of being separated as they have never been apart from each other. Since they rely on each other, the twins are concerned about how they are going to cope in their new school environment.

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Summary - continued The mother wants the twins to be

independent. She is confident that Tristan would be able to cope well at Chester lea Grange. However, she worries about James and wonders how he is going to manage all alone at High fields. Tristan changes his mind about Chester lea Grange, in order to be with James. Besides that, the school is far away from home and he would only be able to see James once a week..

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Summary On the other hand, James manages to

persuade him by reminding him of all the facilities and activities in his new school that Tristan dreamt of. Knowing James cannot cope himself alone, Tristan calls on their friend Kiara Jones to help James in Highfields. The twins at last realise that they have made the right decision and their new school environment is flipping fantastic.

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Themes Learning to be independent

Importance of being self confidence

Sense of responsibility for one’s siblings

Telling the truth about one’s feelings

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Moral valuesWe must plan our own path in life

We must not afraid to tell our true feelings

We must not be selfish especially at the expense of another person’s happiness

We should respect other people’s wishes

Different people have different interests

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The End