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  • 1. Investor Information

2. Do you want to
cut fuel costs?
3. Do you want to
cut harmful emissions?
4. Do you want to
cut imported oil?
5. Has the answer!
6. The E85 Technology
we cut your fuel costs, emissions, and imported oil by converting your vehicle.
7. The E85 Technology
Use E85, Gas, or any combination of both.
8. The E85 Technology
Easy Installation
-Similar to wiring a car stereo
-plugs into fuel injector connectors
-no modifications to fuel delivery system needed
-installation is completely reversible
9. The E85 Technology
Lifetime warranty
-completely transferable
10. The E85 Technology
Fully automatic operation
-no switches or lights to monitor
-automatically detects ratio of e85 and gasoline in fuel system
11. The E85 Technology
Compatible with vehicles computer
-does not override the cars diagonosticsystem
-all engine malfunctions are reportedproperly
-no false check engine light signals
12. The E85 Technology
13. Easy Installation
Plug & Play!
1. Unplug female connector from fuel injector harness
2. Plug female connector from wire harness into male connector on e85 technology unit
3. Plug female connector on e85 technology unit into fuel injector
4. Connect positive lead to a fused power source and negative lead to a ground source
5. Attach the input sensor leads (varies by vehicle)
Fill with E85 and go!
14. Vehicle Applications
The e85 technology we provide can be used on almost any passenger vehicle that uses gasoline and has multi-point fuel injection. It works with any kind of fuel injectors, and is perfect for the general consumer, high performance, orfleet vehicles!
15. Reduced Costs
-There are currently about 2,500 e85 gas stations in the United states
-e85 will cost you less than regular gasoline, on avg. between 10-30% less!
-some insurance companies offer reduced rates for cars with e85 capability
-e85 technology can qualify you for tax credits and exemptions
-in some cities, it is less expensive or free to park a car that meets local clean vehicle requirements
16. Environmental Impact
E85 vs Gasoline
Ethanol is completely biodegradable
Less Emissions
50% Less Particulate matter
35-46% Less Greenhouse gas
30% Less carbon monoxide
5-10% Less Carbon Dioxide
At15,000 miles per year, switching your vehicle to E85 using our technology translatesto an annual reduction of 6.1 Tons of co2 per vehicle!
17. Supporting Organizations
BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport (best)
BEST deals with the introduction and market penetration of bioethanol as a vehicle fuel, alternative fuel conversions, and the introduction and wider use of flexible fuel vehicles on the European market - www.best-europe.org
Participating cities/regions include Stockholm, Somerset, Rotterdam, Basque Country & Madrid, La Spezia, Brandenburg, Nanyang, Sao Paolo.
18. Competitive Analysis
19. Frequently Asked Questions
What is the E85 Technology from Flex Fuel Technologies?
The E85 Technology will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of ethanol (E85) by transforming your gasoline fuel injected vehicle into a true flexfuel vehicle. After installing our E85 Technology, you will be able to use gasoline, ethanol (E85), or any combination of both. The best part is that the system adjusts automatically; you are not required to monitor any switches or lights just plug it in and go!
20. Frequently Asked Questions
What is E85?
E85 stands for 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Ethanol is an alternative fuel that can be made from a number of renewable sources: corn, sugarcane, switch grass, and many other types of biomass. Ethanol has actually been around for a very long time Henry Ford designed the original Model T to run on ethanol back in 1908.
21. Frequently Asked Questions
Why would I want to use E85 in my car or truck?
There are many advantages to using E85 in your vehicle, especially if you are interested in high performance:
-Increased Horsepower E85 has an octane rating of 105
-E85 has a cooling effect in an engines combustion chamber which means:
-Higher boost in superchargers
-Higher boost in turbos
-E85 will save you money at the pump over regular unleaded gas (15-40%), and if you run on premium unleaded gas it will save you even more (20-45%)
-Availability of E85 is spreading and is more than likely in your area right now
-E85 burns much cleaner so you will not only be helping your engine and your wallet, you will be helping the environment as well
-E85 is produced right here in the USA. Stop spending your hard earned American dollars on imported foreign oil
22. Frequently Asked Questions
How does the E85 Technology work?
The idea is simple: the technology modifies the signal that is sent from the vehicles ECU to the fuel injectors so that the proper fuel mixture is delivered to the combustion chamber.
The technologys advanced circuitry is OBD-II certified which ensures that no check engine lights or errors occur with your vehicles computer & fuel systems.
23. Frequently Asked Questions
How easy is it to install the E85 Technology, and will I need to make any other modifications to my engine?
The E85 Technology is very easy to install just mount it in any convenient location under the hood (away from extreme heat if possible), and attach your vehicles existing fuel injector connectors to the kits wire harness. Its a simple plug and play system, and you will not need to make any other modifications.
24. Frequently Asked Questions
Will using E85 harm any of my fuel systems components?
All modern gasoline fuel injected engines are already ethanol compliant; you are probably burning 10% ethanol (E10) in your vehicle right now. There are a lot of myths surrounding ethanol, mainly stemming from the introduction of gasahol during the oil crisis of the 1970s. Since then, auto manufacturers have designed their vehicles to be able to handle ethanol.
25. Frequently Asked Questions
Can I still use gasoline after I have installed the E85 Technology?
Yes. Once the E85 Technology is installed, you will be able to use E85, gas, or any combination of both. The advanced circuitry in the kit will adjust for whatever the fuel mixture may be. No switches, no lights, and nothing to worry about. Just plug it in and go!
26. Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find E85?
E85 pumps can be found at over 2400 locations across the United States. To check for a location near you please visit: E85refueling.com
27. Frequently Asked Questions
Is ethanol used in Motorsports today?
Yes. The IndyCar series has been using 100% ethanol since 2007. In the 2008 season of the American LeMans series, both the Corvette Racing and Aston Martin (Drayson-Barwell) Racing Teams ran on E85.
28. "If history is any guide, oil will eventually be overtaken by less-costly alternatives well before conventional oil reserves run out.
Indeed, oil displaced coal despite still vast untapped reserves of coal, and coal displaced wood without denuding our forest lands."
- Alan Greenspan, 2005