Flavored Vinegars

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Seasonings are available to make your food delicious and mouthwatering. In order to cook a healthy diet, seasonings play an important role.

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  • New York Prime MeatsEnjoy our fine and beautifulselection o f New York primemeats and prime beef, rangingfrom beautiful USDA Choicegrade beef to USDA Prime Lamb,and even the famous Smithfield

    SalumeriaAn authentic Italian Salumeria isone o f those places you'd walkinto and see hanging prosciuttohams, salami, and sausagesfrom the ceiling. Though we can'to ffer you that amazing visual, we

    CheeseCheeses -- One o f our bread andbutter specialties. Ranging from awide, international selection, wehave the deliciously sweet andnutty tasting Cacio di BoscoTartufo , to the freshest o f fresh

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    Castelines Classic Extra VirginOlive Oil Harvest 2012, 16.9 f l oz

    Nunez de Prado USDA OrganicExtra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 f l. oz

    Castiglion Del Bosco Extra VirginOlive Oil, 16.9 f l. oz

    Caf f e Morettino Quality RoastedEspresso Cof f ee Beans, 16.9 oz

    Tomasello Anellett i Durum WheatSemolina Pasta, 16 oz (Pack of4)

    Tomasello Bronze DieSpaghettoni Durum WheatSemolina Pasta, 16 oz (Pack of4)

    Tomasello Bronze Die OrzoDurum Wheat Semolina Pasta, 16oz (Pack of 4)

    Tomasello Bronze Die SedaniRigati Durum Wheat SemolinaPasta, 16 oz (Pack of 4)



  • and even the famous SmithfieldCooked Hams. Perfect items for grilling on a nicesummer day, or roasting for a warm winter dinner.

    o ffer you that amazing visual, wecan o ffer you the flavor and quality o f products fromspreads, mustards, o lives, fo ie gras, peppers, salameand the finest prosciutto !

    Tartufo , to the freshest o f freshRicotta, Mozzarella, and Burrata cheeses. Don'tfo rget about our various butters and cookingmediums!

    Caviar & TrufflesWe almost don't need to sayanything here. Two types o f itemsso exquisite, that they've gainedtheir own category onPastacheese. The delicate, earthy,taste o f black or white truffles can

    be paired with pasta, sauces, cheeses, even fruit.Caviar, in it's own respect, can be served as is, o rpaired with cream cheese atop a hard cracker, o reggs, or even white choco late!

    Coffee & BeveragesThe perfect place to look for allyour beverage needs. We have anextreme range o f co ffees for youto look through. We also carrybeverage mixes, fo r that authentictaste for what you're making.

    Kitchen & CookwareWe know what it means to be achef, and what it takes. Yourequire the finest ingredients inmaking your food, and the finesttoo ls in cooking it. Findco landers, pots, and pans

    perfectly tailo red for your kitchen. For those baristasout there, we also o ffer some of the finest co ffee andespresso machines in the world!

    Spices & HerbsYou're missing that extra kick toyour sauce? Or a specific flavorfrom that perfectly cooked steak?Check through our selection o fspices and dried herbs for theperfect flavoring you need to

    perfect your dish! From salts o f every variety, pepper,and chili powders, to dried oregano, parsley, androsemary, we have it all fo r you to browse through!

    Baked Goods &SweetsEnjoy sweet, delectable, fineInternational sweets and bakedgoods. From choco lates, fruits,honeys, jams and sweet spreads,to panettones, pandoros, breads,

    biscuits, and crackers. We have items for every day o fthe year! Don't miss out on these exquisite items.

    Home Cooked Meals &SoupsHere at Pastacheese, we haveour great chefs prepare the mealsso you don't have to ! Cooked inour kitchen with the flavor in mind,these meals are easily heated

    and served, and the best part is the cleanup.. Justthrow out the disposable tin after you're done! BuonAppetito !

    Oils & VinegarsOlive o il is almost an essential ingreat food and what is o live o ilwithout a good pairing o fvinegar? We have everything foryou here. Over a hundredvarieties o f o live o il and vinegars,

    we make sure we have the perfect flavor fo r thegourmet meal you will prepare!

    Tomatoes & SaucesTomatoes our most versatileproduct in the store. Tomatoescan be used in pasta sauces, bemade into ketchup, cooked withmeats, used in salads, and muchmore. There is little you cannot do

    with tomatoes. And if you're not fond o f them, wehave o ther sauce for pasta just fo r you, includingPesto , Basil Tomato Sauce, Besciamella, and Pannasauces!

    Gourmet PastaPasta who doesn't loveGourmet pasta? Here atPastacheese, we scour the earthfor every type o f fresh and drypasta from name brands likeGarofalo and Rustichella to

    imported Italian specialties such as Cipriani andLatini. Don't fo rget our fresh made pasta! Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, we put what we loveinto the artisan pasta, and that is flavor.


  • Grains & LegumesFrom rice to riso tto mixes, fromfava beans to po lenta, andcouscous to flours. We have awide selection to help you makethat beautiful pizza from authentic'00 ' flour, to making a beautifully

    delicious minestrone soup with our canellini beans.

    Gifts & BasketsNeed to give that specialsomeone a special gift fo r abirthday? Give them a deliciousgift basket from Pastacheese!After they are done enjoying thegourmet items, they can use and

    display our exquisite baskets they were delivered in!

    SeafoodThey say that the Spanish havethe most delicious and authentictuna in the world so we had tohave it to o ffer it to you! We alsohave delicious authentic Italiananchovies and sardines, and

    even scungilli! Don't miss your favorite product here.

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