Five Mediums

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Five Mediums . By Ryan Owens . E xplanation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Five Mediums

Five Mediums

Five Mediums By Ryan Owens

ExplanationFreshman year I thought this was going to be what leadership was like I thought that I would storm James River High School. But it didn't happen like that. It wasnt like being a pirate more like being a philosopher. This caused me to learn how to be a leader without being a cut throat leader.

ExplantionThis is like my sophomore year. It is like that because my freshman year was going up hill the sophomore year cam and I just went down a big water fall.

Explanation This represents my junior year. This picture represents thinking different. Which was what junior year was like for me. The man in the photo is Steve Jobs a man who thought different.

ExplanationMy car is to represent my senior year because I just rolled my windows down and cruised. It also represents how I used all of my skills to make me have such a good senior year. The same way that I ask my car to preform miracles for me.

ExplanationAll of my experiences have given me the power to look through different lenses into the future. Thats why in the picture the word future is spelled out in 14 different pairs of Oakley sunglasses.