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  1. 1. (a social disruption) Genre: Crime/thriller. 1.ANARCHY 2. REVOLUTION 3.COUP DETANT
  2. 2. SYNOPSIS Britain is in a economic melt down and the current corrupt government is only to blame. A revolution is the only solution.
  3. 3. FILMS INSPIRED V for vendetta Director: James McTeigue. Budget: $54 Million. Box Office: $132.5 Million Stars: Natalie Port man , Hugo weaving, Stephen Fry. Production Company: Virtual Studios and Silver Pictures. Distrubtor: Warner Bros.
  4. 4. FILMS INSPIRED Dawn of the dead Director: Zack Snyder Budget: $28 Million Box office: $102.3 Million Stars: Sarah Polley, Jake Weber, Ty Burrell. Production Company: Strike entertainment Distributor: Universal pictures
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE Our target audience would be 15-25 as most students usually watch action/crime films also the protagonist of our film will be aged between 20-25 which would make the audience have something in common with the film and lead them to watch it. Our film will be released in August as it is the time where students and young adults have the most free time and are able to watch the film.
  6. 6. FILM INSPIRED The Purge: Anarchy Director: James Demonaco Budget: $9 Million Box office: $110.6 Million Stars: Frank Grillo , Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford Production Company: Blumhouse Productions Distributor: Universal productions
  7. 7. BUDGET AND BOX OFFICE Based on our three case studies we can see that for this genre of movie the budget varies. As our film will be British and based in London with no substantially high actors our budget will not be very high. Budget: 15 Million Box Office Estimate: 80 Million
  8. 8. WHO WILL STAR Max Irons Born in Camden London England. Most known for: Red Riding Hood (2011) The Riot Club (2014) The Host (2013) He will play the main role (the protagonist) as he will be the leader of the revolution. We chose this actor as he looks young and has experience in out genre of movie for example he had to play a similar role in his film The Riot Club.
  9. 9. WHO WILL STAR Idris Elba. Born in Hackney London England. Most known for: RockNrolla (2008) Luther (TV SHOW) Mandella long walk to Freedom(2013) He plays the prime minister (the antagonist) who the revolutionaries are tries to over throw. We chose him as he is a well known British actor.
  10. 10. WHO WILL STAR Thandie Newton Born in London Most known for: Mission Impossible II (2000) RockNrolla (2008) Crash (2004) She plays the prime ministers right hand girl and is a love interest for him. We chose her as she has sophisticated look which fits the role we was looking for and she has starred in many action films fitting the.
  11. 11. DIRECTOR AND FILM STUDIO Guy Ritchie a British director best known for making British crime films. Best known for: Sherlock Holmes(2009) Snatch (2008) RockNrolla (2008) We chose him because he known for British films and has previously worked with our two actors Idris and Thandie in RockNrolla. Our distributor will be warner bros and will create our own production company.