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Grahic design and first impressions

Transcript of First Impressions

  • First Impressions Jamie Gomez

  • Everyone has first impressions.

    You had a first impression when you

    first glanced at this book. Conscious-

    ly or not you tried to figure out the

    content by looking at the front cover.

    Based on their personal first

    impression, most graphic designers

    try to gain meaning from everything

    visual around them, but by having a

    deeper knowledge and understanding

    of first impressions, the communica-

    tion in your design will improve.

    We as humans can use our first

    impressions of others as a defense

    mechanism. We can choose things

    that we dont feel are going to be of any use, a waste of time or a

    potentially dangerous situation in a

    matter of seconds simply from a

    negative first impression.

    If you look or talk to a stranger, it is

    easily possible to create a life story

    for them based on the way they are

    dressed, talk or behave.

    We deconstruct this information and

    create a first impression judged by

    out perceptions without gaining a

    full understanding. of the subject.

    As a designer it is very important,

    when visually communicating to try

    and break this barrier and think in

    different ways.

    Try and see the world through the

    eyes of the person you are trying to

    communicate with and understand

    what their first impressions are. What

    turns them on and off?

    To further understand how first

    impressions work I have tried to

    understand the first impressions of

    people and from that I will be able

    to transfer the skills to good graphic


    The idea is to ask people one

    question and hopefully from their

    answers I could gain a deeper

    understanding of first impressions.

    The interesting thing about this idea

    is that when you ask people this

    question, you already have a first

    impression imprinted into your mind.

    When the question is answered, you

    are often shocked and the way you

    deconstruct first impressions starts to


    Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover. Its Easier Said Than Done.


  • What do you think peoples first impression is of you?


  • 46

    Covent Garden 16.03 GMT

    I dont need to say much, thats just the way I am. People like to

    chatter and chatter away, whereas I

    am wiser and listen to the bullshit

    that people speak and generally just

    answer questions when they are



  • I guess I am upbeat, enthusiastic,

    well I hope so. I never want to

    offend anyone, thats why I always

    try to appear approachable and

    treat everyone how I would want

    to be treated.



    Covent Garden 16.03 GMT

  • 8ChrisNo photo. No Answer

    Covent Garden 16.03 GMT

  • 9Yeah, like I said, Im busy

    Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

    No, Im busy.

    Youre waiting for a bus

  • 10

    I recon that my first impression is

    that I am approachable and friendly.

    I have to be, because if I was not,

    I should really not be a comedy club



  • 11

    I feel like people look at me and think im dangerous. I get the feeling that people feel uncertain around me.


  • 12

  • 13

  • 14

    Vincent Id say I am good looking and relaxed, well thats the impression that I try

    to give off.

    I think that everyone has an ideal

    first impression, its whether they cre-

    ate it or not.

  • 15

    Were approachable, I hope that we come across that way, if we didnt

    then we are not really doing our

    job well!

    Lisa & Terry

  • 16

    Good looking. Arrogant.

    Fashionable. Enough said really...

    Andrew & Gabriel

  • 17

    I would say that i am easy to know,

    happy, smiley and approachable,

    although not alot of people do ap-

    proach me.


  • 18

  • 19

    You alright mate, do you mind if I

    ask you a few questions?

    Nah, Nah, I saw that you are

    giving out cds and I wanted to ask you what type of tunes

    you make.

    Sounds good man, can I get a copy?

    Here ya go, here is 3 quid.

    Your not from the council are you?

    Oh yeah, ha, no worries man, yeah I

    make everything man, indie with hip

    hop over the top, yeah man, its new

    and its fresh.

    Yeah of course man, pay how ever

    much you think its worth.

    The Con-ArtistQ A

  • 20

    Im good looking, thats about it.Just one good looking guy.


  • 21

    Im a phycologist, I find it very

    interesting that you have asked me

    this question, because it is a very

    difficult question to answer. I would

    say that I am absent minded.


  • 22

    I dont know. People normally say

    im straight talking, but i dont know

    if that is the impression I give off.

    I dont go around giving opinions, if

    people ask me to give my opinion, I



  • 23

    I think that people look at me and

    think, mum because its what I am and i base my life around my



  • 24

    I would say the same thing, as

    margret, im a grandma, I love my

    grand children, and when people

    normally look at an old person, they

    always think the same thing, old or



  • 25

    AndyA lot of people think I am a police

    man, because of the uniform.

    Out of my work clothes I would say

    im quite arrogant, very loud and very

    chatty, I wont be quiet for more than

    five minutes.

  • 26

  • 27

  • 28

  • 29

    I think people would think im shy.Im quite loud, people normally look

    at me like, what a weirdoI would rather not say

    Selena AlisonI recon people look at me think im

    good looking, ha, oh my god that

    sounded so bad, but i am quite



  • 30

    My first impression would be, oh dont mess with him, he looks a bit

    tough, when infact, im the most

    harmless guy youll meet. I think its the hair or lack of, that gives the

    impression Im a hard nut.

    m a pianist. would not have thought

    that would ya?


  • 3131

    Id say I appear focused. i know what i want and i know how to get

    it. If i dont know how to get it, ill find out.


  • 32

    Look i dont have time for your ques-

    tions and stuff, I cant stop and talk

    because i have lots of contracts with

    many important people.

    Im a busy man you know.

    Gold men

  • 33

    Anthony & MiriamPeople look at us and think were a happy couple because thats what

    we are.

  • 34

    What? Right now? People probably

    think we look like a bunch of idiots.

    What more would you expect on a stag do.

    Tim, Tom, Dan &Robin

  • 35

    Im a teacher, so it depends whether

    the person views me at work or not.

    at work, im that teacher that no one

    messes with, and i have created that

    impression. Outside of work, I give

    off the impression of just a normal

    person, casual.


  • 36

  • 3737

    Im not doing any of your pschycology shit mate

  • 38

    Piss off and just let me get on with

    my work

    Bin Man

  • 39

  • 40

    SoueffApproachable. I have to be. If I was

    not approachable, you wouldnt have

    picked to choose me to talk to. It

    is important for my job that I am

    approachable, otherwise I would not

    make any money and lose my job.

  • 41

    People think im wild because of the

    hair, the piercings and my outer

    image. I think that puts people off

    getting to know me. Im down to earth, people just dont bother to get

    to know me because of my outer



  • 42

    Im a pretty jolly person, and i think

    people would think that when they

    look at me. Im happy pretty much all

    the time, im rarely sad.

    If someone were to meet me and

    have a first impression of me on an

    off day, i dont think they would ever

    talk to me again.


  • 43

    CarlosMoody, Because i am a very moody

    person. To be frankly honest with

    you, you are pissing me off a little

    bit with your questions.

  • 45

    When people look at me, they

    probably think, whos that charming young man?What about when your out of uniform?Yeah definatley the

    same thing..

    Can I take a photo of you?



  • 46

    Good god I have no idea and if I

    knew, Id probabley change it. Im in a rush, got to go.


  • 47

    People think I am strange or foreign,

    because of my accent, but i guess

    people would also say I am likeable.


  • 48

    People would most likely think Im positive and cool.


  • 49

    I guess Im mouthy, confident, quite arty, maybe even a surfer dude. Im

    always energetic, so yeah, I rekon

    people think Im energetic.


  • 50

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