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Transcript of First Aid Policy - madrid-soto. · PDF fileSally-Anne Banks Amanda Nichols Dawn Sutherland...

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    First Aid Policy


    It is a statutory requirement for an employer to make adequate First Aid provision for all

    employees. At Kings College it is recognized that the provision should cover all staff, pupils and

    visitors. It is the aim of the College to provide First Aid treatment and where necessary,

    secondary aid as well as to treat all casualties, relatives and others involved with care,

    compassion and courtesy.


    To support the Kings College Health and Safety Policy

    To ensure the safe administration of First Aid when appropriate at Kings College

    To outline the responsibilities of Kings College staff with regards to the safe

    administration of first aid when required

    Linked Policies

    Health and Safety Policy

    SENDA policy

    Medication policy

    Risk Assessment Policy

    Crisis Management policy

    Fire safety and prevention policy

    Kings College Trips policy

    Accidents and Near Misses Policy

    Provision of First Aid Personnel

    The Nurses room is situated within the school and provides a professional medical service for

    all pupils from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday and is staffed by a qualified nurse (ext.

    12328). In addition to the nurse who is fully qualified to deliver first aid, many members of

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    teaching and support staff have received basic first aid training, which also ensures cover

    during school vacations when the Nurse is not present.

    The College considers this first aid provision is adequate and appropriate for the number of

    staff, pupils and visitors on the College site at any time. The Colleges policy is to ensure that

    the advanced trained first aiders are re-trained every three years. See Appendix One for those

    who currently hold a qualification.

    It is important that all staff are made aware of who the first aiders are in their area, in order

    that a first aider can respond in the event of an accident, especially out of school hours when

    the Nurse may not be on campus.

    A First Aider should be summoned immediately in the case of a minor accident. Use the First

    Aid box located nearest to the accident, a list of First Aid box locations follows this document.

    Secondary aid from the Nurse should be sought if necessary. In the event of a serious accident,

    call and summon an ambulance (dial 112) before contacting the Nurse. In the case of injury to

    a pupil, their parent / guardian (or other appropriate adult) should be contacted as soon as it is

    convenient to do so. If the pupil is taken to hospital, he/she should be accompanied by their

    parent / guardian.

    Record Keeping and Administration

    Within the ISAMS System, pupils with specific medical conditions are identified and an

    individual care plan has been produced. Members of staff should make themselves aware of

    pupils in their care who have such a plan, particularly when escorting trips away from the


    Reporting Accidents and Record Keeping

    All members of the school community should report any accident or incident, however minor,

    as soon as possible after it has occurred. When an injured person is unable to complete their

    own details of the accident, then the First Aider and/or witness should do it on their behalf.

    The Schools accident book is held in the School Medical Room

    Pupils/Staff/Visitors accidents should be reported. The completed form should then be sent to

    the Nurse as soon as possible with copies to the Health and Safety Officer.

    The original is kept in the School Medical Room.

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    Accident reports must contain:

    The date, time and place of the event;

    Details of those involved;

    A brief description of the accident/illness and any first aid treatment given;

    Details of what happened to the casualty immediately afterwards for example went to

    hospital, went home, resumed normal activities, returned to class.

    The Head teacher, and Heads of School should be informed about any incident if it is at all

    serious or particularly sensitive for example when a pupil has had to go to hospital or if one

    pupil has caused deliberate damage to another or where negligence might be suggested.

    If, as the result of an accident, an employee is taken to hospital, is unable to work or

    subsequently becomes absent from work, they must inform either the line manager or Head

    teacher should be notified immediately. All staff are expected to use their best endeavours in

    the event of a first aid emergency. H&S Specialist should report all serious accidents to


    Location of First Aid Boxes (other than the Nurses Office)



    Infants bathroom (KS1 playground)

    - Prenursery building (first floor and second floor)

    - Laboratory (B1A)

    - Dinning room

    - Swimming pool

    - Kitchen staff toilets

    - Early years patio

    - Infants- Janices class

    - Infants - Jos class


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    (Please inform the Nurse if a First Aid box has been used so that necessary items may be

    replenished). The first aid boxes will be review quarterly by the nurse.

    Procedures in the Case of Minor Accidents

    A First Aider should be summoned immediately in the case of a minor accident.

    Use the First Aid box located nearest to the accident. A list of First Aid box locations is

    shown above in this document.

    Gloves should be worn when tending to an open wound.

    Clean the wound with alcohol-free wipes before applying a dressing. Blood-stained

    wipes should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed before disposal.

    Chemical burns should be treated with cold water, and the injured person taken to the

    Nurse together with the name of the chemical (if known).

    Disposal of Bodily Fluids

    Blood, diarrhoea, urine and vomit spillages should be removed, wearing plastic gloves and

    aprons, with paper tissues or disposable cloths and placed in a sealed plastic bag. The bag will

    then be stored in the Nurses office until it is collected by the Waste Disposal Contractor.

    Clinical waste bags are available and stock can be replenished from the Nurse. Stains should be

    cleaned with diluted disinfectant, and stain remover on carpets. Any washable soiled items

    should be washed in temperatures in excess of 60C in the washing machines located in

    Tenbury House.

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    Procedures for PE/Games/Activities Staff In The Event Of Injury to Pupils

    For all match and/or practice sessions, the following is a list of guidelines to document what is

    believed to be the appropriate procedure:

    1. Attend to the student as soon as you recognise he/she is in distress. (Do not

    necessarily wait for the game to be stopped).

    2. Make an immediate assessment as to whether the distressed student needs a) medical

    attention or b) some basic recovery time.

    3. If the event of (a), decide whether the situation is an emergency or whether he/she is

    simply in need of basic treatment.

    4. If an emergency, call for Ambulance (dial 112) and contact the Nurse for help.

    5. If basic treatment is required, either treat the student if you have the confidence and

    training, contact a College-recognised First Aider, or contact the Nurse.

    In case of and activity out of the site there is a portable first aid box in the nurses room to





    If you need the services of the Nurse, summon her by phone, take the pupil directly to her

    office yourself, or instruct a responsible student or adult to take the injured party to her. Do

    not allow a student to change his/her mind en route. The member of staff should endeavour

    to give clear information about the type of injury to the Nurse or attending medic. This is

    particularly important in head injuries when the pupil may not always remember exactly what


    Important phone numbers

    Nurse (Ext.12328) Mobile: 650 090 239

    Emergency Paramedic Care 112

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    Annex A: First Aid Certificate Holders

    Silvia Prez (Nurse)

    Primary Department

    Paula Parkinson

    Janice Kelly

    Ailie Cortabarra

    Karen Klameth

    Jodie Furlong

    Laura Levy

    Annelouise Jordan

    Linda Booth

    Luke Tamblyn

    Sally-Anne Banks

    Amanda Nichols

    Dawn Sutherland

    Joanne Weale

    Sue Lincoln

    Mo Purdue

    Patricia Carrasco

    Ana Gutierrez

    Sofa Arquero

    Ana Castellano

    Amanda Mclean

    Nadejzda Peche

    Mar Vallejo

    Silvia San Romn

    Carolina Vivas

    Sira Garca Gutirrez

    Morgane Follett

    Naomi Richards

    Lynsey Greig

    Claire Armitt

    Ana Delgado

    Patricia Garca

    Sara Lpez

    Rebecca Radoslav

    Isabel Suaez

    Lorena Malvarez

    Alejandro Fraile

    Javier Sancho

    Secondary Department