Finish Line: Leveraging Context to Delivery Hyper-Personalized Experiences

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Transcript of Finish Line: Leveraging Context to Delivery Hyper-Personalized Experiences

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Finish Line: Leveraging Context to Deliver Hyper-personalized ExperiencesStephanie Trunzo, Chief Operating Officer | Aaron Shook, Executive Software Architect

1Customer Loyalty and Mobile Applications1The Finish Line Challenge2The Winners Circle App Solution3Mobile Moments4

Enterprises need to re-envision who they are, how they work, and let mobile be the change agent.- Stephanie Trunzo, Chief Operating Officer, PointSource

Making Mobile Matter

We carefully craft mobile strategies based on user data and business requirements to create digital experiences that transform business.Retailers with a loyalty program, on average, are 88% more profitable than competitors who are not. Serving the Networked Customer survey, Deloitte

@PointSource | #ibminterconnect#www.PointSource.com4Why Does Loyalty Matter?Visit 2x more oftenSpend 3-4x longer with your brandHigher margin items 30-40% higher ticket sizeSpend 2.5x more money80% of revenues come from 20% of customersNew customer acquisition cost = 5x cost of retaining existing customers

#www.PointSource.com Loyalty and Mobile AppsAll of these brands share one critical customer loyalty strategy

Each has a mobile app loyalty program!!

#www.PointSource.com Installable Apps?Engagement and loyaltyFurther engage your most loyal customers1Increase the size of yourloyal customer baseProvide purchase capabilitywithin your loyalty app23

#www.PointSource.comFurther engage your most loyal customers

Your most loyal customers will download your application and use it to interact with youOffline storage allows high availability of loyalty cards, promotions, and coupons.Push notification support allows easy delivery of marketing messages to clients.

Increase the size of your loyal customer base

Camera integration allows customers to scan barcodes and submit photos and videos of their purchases.New technologies will make device specific engagement more powerful e.g. In-store location services, wearables, NFC etc.Segmentation and notification support using Xtify

Installable applications further engage your customers

We also recommend that you provide purchase capability within your loyalty app!Capture context and understand intentPersonalize informationEngage your loyal customers!3 Steps to Customer Engagement123

Photo by Kristiina Wilson, Refinery29.comFinish Line did a survey to come up with a survey to help identify who their loyal customers are.

Objective: Wanted to attack the mobile customer base without taking on a full blown store app. Getting started with mobile journey.9

Finish Line was ahead of the loyalty game

Detailed surveys and analysis for a deep understanding of their best customers, sneakerheads and sneakerologists

Existing Loyalty program in-place

Finish Line did a survey to come up with a survey to help identify who their loyal customers are.

Objective: Wanted to attack the mobile customer base without taking on a full blown store app. Getting started with mobile journey.1011Winners Circle Mobile App Objectives

Rapid Response UpdatesEnhanced In-Store ExperienceStreamlined Rewards Access Geo-targeting Integration

www.PointSource.com1112Features: Early Release CalendarMotivation: Create a VIP experience for the most loyal customers.

How? Built in Release CalendarNew releases have reminder integration for timely notificationsPreview into upcoming major launch dates will drive awareness with most loyal customers

www.PointSource.com1213Features: Enhanced In-store ExperienceMotivation:Provide an enhanced in-store shopping experience to keep them coming back.

How?Integrated barcode scanner allows shopping experience with product lookup and item informationIntegration with Winners Circle cardUse of Geo-location to drive customers to stores in close proximityIn-store Winners Circle sign-up

www.PointSource.com1314Features: Rewards Points ManagementMotivation:Drive repeat purchasing through rewards for brand loyalty.

How?Simplification of the loyalty sign up process to Winners CircleManagement of loyalty points, rewards and coupons in a single placeUse of gamification to show points usage

www.PointSource.com1415Features: Personalized Push NotificationsMotivation:Engage your loyal customers using relevant information push that is context sensitive.

How?Use of geolocation for segmented push of regional sales and contest notificationsMass push for general promotions and nationwide salesPersonalized and Targeted push for loyalty program members

www.PointSource.com1516The PointSource Approach

www.PointSource.comUnparalleled Expertise in MobileScalable & phased mobility strategiesBusiness analysis & process optimizationEnterprise systems integrationAgile transformation & project managementResponsive design & adaptive contentVisual & user interface designCross-platform mobile developmentSoftware solution architecture & designApplication lifecycle managementMobile launch campaigns

Only IBM Business Partner that has earned IBM MobileFirst Capability Authorization16Thanks for the partnership on your teams part as well. The company is a buzz about the app. Its going to increase our customer focus and continue to build a customer centric organization.- JOHN POLIZZI, CIO Finish Line

@PointSource | #ibminterconnect#www.PointSource.com17Winners Circle App ComponentsScalability to handle large loads, while getting the benefits of pay-as-you-go Cloud usage

Application of powerful customer segmentation and personalized push messaging techniques

Hybrid code development to enable a write once, re-use many philosophy for scale and efficiency

#www.PointSource.com Customer EngagementLearnings from push messaging

Understand all of your use cases Know when and where you want to geo-fence and the optimum content to send

Understand how you want to segment your usersGeographically, by email, by login status, etc. Do you want to have dynamic segments based on actions or based on receipt of messages?

Monitor and Process AnalyticsCollect helpful and meaningful raw data related to user interactions with mobile push Understand all of your use cases, including when and where you want to geo-fence, and what type of content you will need to send.- Understand how you will want to segment your users. Goegraphically, by email, by login status, etc. Do you want to have dynamic segments based on actions or even based on receipt of messages?- Prepare for how you want to monitor and process analytics related to user interactions with your mobile pushes. The raw data provided by Xtify is helpful and meaningful, but to take it to the next level still requires proper analytics tooling.19

MobileFirst Platform Foundation: Direct UpdateUpdates to the app are possible without going through the lengthy app store approval process

Direct update was used to correct an issue that was discovered right after releasing.

Issue corrected within 24 hours of release and didn't have to wait for the app store approval

#www.PointSource.com20MobileFirst Customer Engagement

First of its kind Worklight production deployment on SoftLayer

Greatly simplified the infrastructure at FINL, allowing us to utilize an API in the cloud model

Greatly reduced costs compared to a similar on-premise implementation#www.PointSource.com21

#www.PointSource.com28A Few of Our Clients

www.PointSource.comStephanie Trunzo, Chief Operations Officer| [email protected] @sltrunzo Aaron Shook, Executive Software Architect| [email protected] @akshook

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