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Spear-Phishing Book

Transcript of Finding Nasty Nemo

  • FindingNasty Nemo

    FindingNasty Nemo

    Published by Phish FridayPublished by Phish Friday

  • Easy to spot isnt he?The polar opposite to Spear Phishing,

    you never see him coming.

  • Bulk Phishing is a scattergun numbers low risk attack, Spear Phishing is a single sniper shot bullet with your customers name on it.

    High risk, potentially devastating outcome.


  • It will look like its from a legitimate source, your boss for example.

  • YourBoss

  • It can even look like its come from a reputable source with a clean IP Address.

  • Gl owingreference

  • and because he looks harmless,hell by-pass the very technologies

    designed to protect you.

  • Then once hes in,he could turn nasty at any time.

  • Want to help your customerscatch the nasty little blighter?

    Read Volume 3 on TAP.