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Mediacurrent Partner/Owner Dave Terry shares the three tips to finding the best Drupal talent to join your team.

Transcript of Finding and Recruiting Top Drupal Talent

  • Finding & Retaining Top Drupal Talent By: Dave Terry
  • Dave Terry Partner @Mediacurrent Hired & interviewed hundreds of people at various skill and experience levels Lover of all things related to sales, marketing, and culture Partner/Owner at Mediacurrent for 7+ years (40+ person distributed team) Primary organizer of DcATL & ADUG since 2008 Drupal/OSS evangelist Background
  • Problem Were Trying to Solve The demand for Drupal experts continues to be much larger than the supply. It limits the adoption of Drupal by our customers, the growth of our partners, as well as our own ability to hire Drupal talent Dries Buytaert (January 4, 2011 blog post)
  • Tip #3 Define the Job, Not the Person @Mediacurrent
  • Create a Defined Process @Mediacurrent Plan RecruitSelection
  • What Does Your Top Talent Look Like Now? Culture Characteristics We Look For @Mediacurrent Supportive Positive Integrity Results-focused Reliable Driven
  • Boring @Mediacurrent Notice the very generic description Skills are just laundry listed
  • Differentiate How will this person fit into the growth of the company? @Mediacurrent Highlight the benefits of what your company offers
  • Tip #2 Become an Employer and Culture of Choice (Hint: Prevention is Your Best Medicine) @Mediacurrent
  • How Do You Define Your Culture? 1. Who We Hire 2. Accountability & Trust 3. Professional Growth and Development @Mediacurrent
  • Examples of Professional Development and Personal Growth... @Mediacurrent Industry Conferences (Dreamforce, SHRM, Connections, ConvergeSE, etc) Certifications (Agile PM) Leadership Committee (AiMA, TAG) Development Contrib Time Responsive web design time / research Time for Personal Brand Code Sprints Android App Development Research Time Presentations/blogging Drupalcamps/Summits
  • #1 Reason People Leave or Stay Relationship with Direct Manager/Leadership Networking
  • Hiring: Capability Should Trump Proximity
  • Tip #1 Utilize Referral-based Networking @Mediacurrent
  • Wish I Knew What This Was
  • Referral-based Networking User Groups ( LinkedIn Job Postings (social media) Conferences or trade shows Online discussion groups Employee Referral Bonus Industry contacts (company e-newsletter) Alumni Groups University Career Centers @Mediacurrent
  • Thank You! Questions? @Mediacurrent