FIND THE HIDDEN CACTUS! - · PDF file Belated Birthday wishes to 3/17 Leo Kelly Medical Items...

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Transcript of FIND THE HIDDEN CACTUS! - · PDF file Belated Birthday wishes to 3/17 Leo Kelly Medical Items...

  • Rincon Country Office 520-885-5251

    Bliss Sales Office

    3411 S. Camino Seco

    Tucson, AZ 85730

    Open Monday thru Friday 8-4


    Please call office for after-hour appointments


    A 55-Plus Community Monthly Newsletter / April 2015

    Inside This IssueAfter Hours Emergency/Security: 886-1177 Facebook







    see details inside!


    don’t be the next target!


    white elephant sale & goodies!

    HIGH TEA...

    jewelry, make-up, gifts & more!Dollar Photo Club / Seamartini Graphics

    Margaret Ross

    Shirley Daniel

    Niles Bell Marilyn Philipps

    Valerie Mahoney

    Alma Lalicker

    Dierdre Larson

  • Appreciation

    Kelly and I wish to thank Jack Brosseau for assisting us at the last

    minute in getting everything ready for Bon Appetit on Tuesday,

    March 17. The office staff had volunteered to prepare and serve the

    food for this Bon Appetit; however, we learned the Sunday before

    that the husband of one of our office staff, Joanne Amado, passed

    away Saturday night in his sleep. As you can imagine this has been

    an extremely sad time for all of us in the office. So Jack thoughtfully

    volunteered to assist us with ordering, pick up, prep, etc., which

    was a tremendous help. Thank you, Jack! We also wish to thank

    Doris Nelson for her assistance in the kitchen and with set up; and

    Mary Jane Barton for assisting with clean up. Jack, Doris, and Mary

    Jane, all of your hard work was very much appreciated!

    In closing, I'm sure all of you share with us in offering our

    condolences to Joanne and her family. She is in our thoughts and


    Denise Augustine,

    General Manager of Rincon Country MHP

    Manager’s Notes Whodunit…?

    We are excited to devote a section of this month's column to the

    dinner and murder mystery play, 'Murder at the Dunmore Lodge,'

    which was held in the community center in February. This was

    presented by the Roadrunners and the 'Not Even Ready for Late

    Night' Players. I can happily report that the general consensus of

    those in attendance was that the evening was a resounding

    success! Even the occasional missed lines added to the pure

    enjoyment of the play. Everyone involved really went out of their

    way to put on an entertaining and amusing performance for their

    community. Thus KUDOS are in order for the director and cast:

    Bonnie Brosseau (Director/Countess Barbara Lamour); Jack

    Brosseau (Michael Appledorn-CNN Reporter); Sandi McNeely

    (Ruby Bach-CNN Camera Woman); Donna Leslie (Taylor Evans-

    Supermodel); Jeff Leslie (Richard Boone-Chauffeur); Rona Schrum

    (Eva Gartner-Lodge Manager); Sherry Lijeck (Rhonda Lyons-

    Chambermaid); Rhonda Carlson (Lana Landry-U.S. Marshall);

    Donny Seekins (Mel Nyland-Prisoner); Bill McClellan (Senator

    Alexander Khun) and Mike Burgess (Set Designer/Stage Hand

    Extraordinaire). We also wish to extend KUDOS to the chef, Donna

    Dorland, along with her staff, Dan Dorland and Jan Stivers, for the

    scrumptious meal that was served! And a heartfelt thanks to the

    ones who graciously volunteered to serve the dinner: Mike

    Burgess (busy man!); Judy Cameron; Kay Cameron; Jerry

    Campbell and his cousin Phil Brown; Barbara Elliott; Ron

    Mahoney; and Barbara Zarro. All of the hard work really paid off

    as this proved to be a very enjoyable evening. Take a bow cast and

    crew. You deserve it!


    It has come to our attention that outside contractors hired by

    residents to do work at their homes have been observed emptying

    their trucks into the roll-off, thus causing extra expense due to the

    increase in the number of times the roll-off has to be emptied.

    Consequently, beginning April 1, the roll-off will be locked at all

    times and only accessible by the maintenance crew. However,

    anyone who has yard trimmings can put it into easy to handle bags

    and bundles and place it at the front of their lot on Mondays for

    the maintenance crew to come by and pick up. The yard trimmings

    can only be set out 24 hours prior to pick up each Monday

    morning. As for larger items, you must still call the office to make

    arrangements for pick up. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Lot Control

    It is very important that your lots are kept free of weeds and

    debris. Additionally, items such as appliances, bookcases, etc. are

    not to be kept on your driveways or porches. We live in a very

    lovely community and appreciate your assistance in helping to

    keep it that way.

    It Has Begun!

    We are happy to report that we have begun the remodeling project

    of the arts and crafts building last month. This is the building

    located just East of the resident pool (the old maintenance

    building). We hope you enjoy watching the progress, but please be

    aware of the caution tape and do not go beyond it. Your safety is

    of the utmost importance to us!

    Management & Staff

    Management , Manager

    Kelly Guinup, Assistant Manager

    Rincon Country & Bliss Office Staff Joanne Amado, Accounting

    Maintenance , Maintenance Supervisor

    David St. John Gary Malloy

    Denise Augustine

    Mary Ellen Shulas,

    Anthony Lynch

    Editor / Graphic Designer

    Administrative Assistant

    Office email

    Rincon Views Bonnie Gonzales,

    Road Runners

    Jan Stivers, President

    Donna Dorland, Calendar & Community Center

    Reservations: 520-661-9374 or

    Jan Stivers, Ticket Sales: 403-9079

    Barbara Zarro, Ticket Sales: 296-2112

    NOTICE: RCMHP does NOT endorse,

    recommend, or warranty any service

    providers in this newsletter.

    2 19

  • FOR SALE ads are FREE to all residents

    Contact Bonnie Gonzales, 520-891-9494 with your item to sell or email me at

    Your ad will run for one month. If you would like an extension, please contact me.

    Business rates for residents

    1/8 Page $5 (3 7/8” w x 2 3/8” t)

    1/4 Page $15 (4” w x 5 1/4” t)

    1/2 Page $25 (8" w x 4 3/4" t)

    Full Page $50 (8" w x 10 ½" t) by the 15th of each month.

    (per issue)

    Business rates for non-residents (per issue)

    1/8 Page $15 (3 7/8” w x 2 3/8” t)

    1/4 Page $25 (4” w x 5 1/4” t)

    ½ Page $40 (8" w x 4 3/4" t)

    Full page ads are not available to non-residents

    Ad design available upon request: $25 one-time fee payable to Bonnie Gonzales

    Payments must be received by the 15th of each month. Checks payable to Rincon Country MHP. Mail to Rincon Country MPH, 3411 S Camino Seco, Tucson, AZ 85730 or pay in person at the Office (east end of the Rincon Blvd).

    Camera-ready art/ad must be received by the 15th of each month, 300 dpi or higher, jpg or PDF. ALL ads must be sent electronically. Rincon Views DOES NOT accept hard copy (paper) ads. Please email your ad to Bonnie Gonzales at Questions? call 520-891-9494.

    Resident & Non-resident Ad Policies If you are interested in reserving the Community Center, please contact Donna Dorland for pricing and availability at 520-661-9374 or by email:

    Do you need Transportation?

    The Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program (ENVP)

    offers transportation to:

    Medical/dental appointments

    Prescription pick-ups

    Grocery shopping

    Or, perhaps if available …

    A friendly visitor?

    A weekly telephone call?

    Light yardwork?

    Minor home repair?

    Dog walking/dog sitting?

    Call (520) 245-4729 for more information or email: Eastside Neighbors Volunteer

    Program is a Member of the Neighbors Care Alliance

    (NCA) and works under the direction of Pima Council of

    Aging (PCCA).


    Somewhere in the “VIEW” is a little hidden

    cactus - worth a $20 gift certificate. If you find it,

    fill out the form and turn it in at the office in the

    Roadrunner Basket. The winner will be drawn

    on April 10th at Roadrunner Coffee.

    Name ____________________________________

    Space # _________ Phone #__________________

    Location of hidden object ___________________

    __________________________________________ Your Manufactured Home Specialist l 520-413-1414 www.usainsurancegroup.coml


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