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  1. 1. Real Estate Virtual Assistants Buyer and Seller lead automation on Craigslist ... And learn how to get it done for you!
  2. 2. Real Estate Virtual Assistants 1. Find you Keywords Finding your keywords should generally not take long and you would likely know most of them already. You can either browse through some of the craigslist ads and see what words are used in the postings that you find interesting or you can make a list from the top of your head with some of the terms that you know. If as example you are a Real Estate Investor, some relevant keywords for your buyers and sellers could be:
  3. 3. Real Estate Virtual Assistants 2. Craigslist Find Sellers 1. Simply go to & select the city and area relevant to your Real Estate Business. 2. Select Real Estate for Sale
  4. 4. Real Estate Virtual Assistants 1. In the top menu select Real Estate by Owner (Not a guarentee its ONLY owners!) 2. If you have any particular criterias, such as min/max price, bedroom etc select on the left side 3. You can now enter a keyword search term in the Search box 3. Craigslist Find Sellers
  5. 5. Real Estate Virtual Assistants 1. In this example, we have used the keyword Handy man to try find a seller who offers a good value property. 2. Hold down ctrl and click on all the relevant search results, when you hold down ctrl they will each open in a new tab. 4. Craigslist Find Sellers
  6. 6. Real Estate Virtual Assistants 1. Look through each of the interesting properties and see which ones you find interesting. 2. When you find an interesting property click the reply and gmail We will come back to why we recommend that you always use gmail later. 3. Repeat the process for each of your keywords 5. Craigslist Find Sellers
  7. 7. Real Estate Virtual Assistants Have you ever heard of re-targeting ads? Re-targeting ads is about getting hold of people that have already shown some interst in your product/service and perhaps isnt ready to sell just yet. Re-targeting you can use through the likes of emails, so as example if you get a potential customer that requested a cash offer but havent accepted so far, putting him on the likes of facebook re-targeting ads, will mean he will see your facebook ad (Which ever one you choose) again and again. This is great to use with seller leads, as some might want to take a bit more time looking for a better offer, before they agree to sell their property to you. This strategy can also be used on people signing up to your email list and other opt in forms you have running just remember to serve them the right ads, so if its a seller give them sales ads and if its aimed at buyers, give them buyers ads. 6. Sellers Follow up!
  8. 8. Real Estate Virtual Assistants 1. Look through each of the interesting properties and see which ones you find interesting. 2. When you find an interesting property click the reply and either reply using text or gmail We recommend sending text from Google voice, so you can store the conversations 3. Repeat the process for each of your keywords 7. Craigslist Find Buyers
  9. 9. Real Estate Virtual Assistants Firstly we recommend that you set up a seperate email account for gathering buyer and seller leads from external sites. Wherever this is a seperate account on your own webhost, that you link to gmail or if its a standard gmail account doesnt make much difference. The main thing is to make sure you have all your leads from these sites in one place You can likewise connect google voice, so that you also keep track of any text messages in your gmail. When you invest time and effort in finding leads, you dont want to lose them! To set up Gmail for lead gather, first go to your setting and select the Labs as below: 8. Gmail set up
  10. 10. Real Estate Virtual Assistants The most important lab extension is the canned responses, where you can save a lot of time on your process by using text & email templates 9. Gmail Lab extensions You will often get an address in your email, enabling the google maps lab extension enables you to see where that address is located straight away. Google Voice in mail, enables you to store all your messages along with your emails, to make sure you have a clear track and management of all incoming and outgoing messages.
  11. 11. Real Estate Virtual Assistants Make sure you have a professional Gmail signature set up. Its key they you include a P.S. if you are approching sellers this could be: P.S. Do You Need to SELL YOUR HOME Quickly? We buy houses in ANY condition! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents or fees, Save thousands in "junk fees" and work with a bona-fide buyer directly! Get Cash Offer in 48 Hours! Click the link below If you go back to your gmail setting and in the general setting go down to the Signature Area, you can set up the signature that you want. 10. Gmail signature
  12. 12. Real Estate Virtual Assistants We always recommend using a different phone number per traffic channel Theres a lot of places you can get an online phone number such a google voice or skype, where you can either have a mailbox pick up the calls details or forward the calls straight to your preferred phone. Getting a different phone number per channel, specifically if you are a bigger company, helps you track the call success rate of your mails and correspondance. Theres a number of services you can use to give you statistics for your calls, we recommend the below two: 11. Phone tracking
  13. 13. Real Estate Virtual Assistants While this presentation was mainly focused on Craigslist, theres a number of sites similar to craigslist where you can utilize a similar process. Some of these sites are: 12. Bonus!
  14. 14. Real Estate Virtual Assistants