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http://www.amazinglashstudio.comEyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?Eyelash extension is a technique or method that enhances the beauty of the eyes. There are many ways to enhance the look of eyes but Eyelash extension is considered the best option for eyelash enhancement.

Who does eyelash extensions?There are hundreds and thousands of saloons who does eyelash extensions. We have experts at amazing lash studio who can get your eyelash extensions done at an affordable prices.

How to search expert for eyelash extension Dont go anywhere, we have professionals who specialize in eye lash extensions at Merrick, NY and get natural and lightweight eyelash extensions at a very affordable price.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?It depends on what type of eyelash extensions you are looking for. It comes in different sizes and looks. Completely Depends on the look you want. But youll definitely get at affordable prices at amazing lash studio.

Types Of Eyelash ExtensionsThey are generally of three types and in different solid colors:

Mink, silk and synthetic lash extensions

Do they last forever?No, they dont last forever and you can also see them falling as they bit thicker than the natural ones.

What are lash extensions made of?Eyelash extensions are silk , mink or synthetic hair and are generally made of Polyester.

Synthetic mink eyelash extensions stays for longer and are not expensive.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?It is possible to apply any make-up or mascara after getting eyelash extensions but there is no need as they look naturally beautiful.

Does it hurt to have done?No it is not going to hurt you unless you have negative reactions to materials involved. But you can still carry forward the procedure just let your professionals know about the reactions you face.

Can I use eye makeup remover while I have them?Yes you can surely use eye make up remover but be careful while removing your makeup, use gentle eye make up remover and avoid touching the eyelashes.

Who shouldnot get eyelash extensions?People with no natural eyelashes should not go for eyelash extensions.People with curly eyelashes as the eyelash extensions fall offIf you tend to rub your eyes alot there is no use of applying eyelash extensions

How can I make them last longer?Be careful while sleeping, washing your face as it tend to fall if you have a habit of sleeping being side or even face and rubbing your eyes. Don't get your beautiful eyelashes fall, take proper care or it.

How do I take them off?It is better to go to a professional rather taking off by yourself as they are trained professionals and won't let you damage your natural ones.

Amazing Lash Studio:

We have our new Salon Amazing last studio and have come up with the most affordable eyelash extensions in Merrick, NY. So stop applying make-up and look naturally beautiful by getting the Gorgeous and lightweight Eyelash extensions and make your eyes become the focus of your face.

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