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  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation




  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    Presentation Plan

    1 Functional Skills in Finance

    2 Finance electives

    3 Career Tracks And Elective Slates

    4 Additional comments

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    1. Functional Skills in Finance

    Preparing for a finance career requires three broadskill sets

    Quant (Quantitative Modeling): Mathematical models

    and tools used for pricing simple to complex financial

    instruments, manage portfolios, or manage risk.

    Financial Analysis: Understanding and using data in

    financial statements.

    Markets, Institutions & Regulations: Understand thestructure and functioning of financial markets,

    financial institutions, and the regulatory environment

    they reside in.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    2. Functional Skills in FinanceSkills, Careers, and Courses

    The relative need of above functional skills (quant,financial analysis, and markets, institutions &regulations) depends on the career track. For example,would-be traders may stress quant courses while thosegoing to corporate treasuries may seek more financial


    Regardless, it is worth remembering that

    Most courses offer cross-exposure. For example, FuturesOptions and Risk Mgt provides a rich exposure toanyone irrespective of his specific field within thefinance stream. It is rare for a course to exclusively

    focus on one set of skills to the exclusion of all others. Most careers require a vector of skills. For example,

    fixed income traders or risk managers are better offwith an understanding of banking institutions andfinancial market microstructure.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    2. Finance ElectivesA. Capital Markets

    These electives emphasize more onquantitative modeling skills (again, notexclusively).

    Term Course

    4 Investment analysis and PM

    5 Futures Options and Risk Mgt

    5 Fixed Income Securities

    5 Quantitative Applications in Finance

    6 Financial Modelling

    6 Behavioural Finance

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    2. Finance ElectivesB. Corporate Finance

    These electives emphasize more on financialanalysis skills (again, not exclusively)

    Term Course

    4 International Finance4 Corporate Financial Reporting & Earnings Management

    4 Business Analysis & Valuation

    4 Project Finance

    5 Corporate Restructuring

    5 Financial Statements & Disclosures Analysis6 Corporate Tax Planning and Management

    6 Pvt Equity & Venture Capital

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    2. Finance ElectivesC. Markets, Institutions & Regulations

    These electives emphasize more on markets,institutions & regulations (again, notexclusively)

    Term Course

    5 Mgt of Financial Services

    6 Bank Management

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    3. Career Tracks and Elective Slates

    The next slide lists typical MBA career tracksand the most suitable electives for thesechoices.

    Notes The career track list is typical, not an exhaustive

    list of all possibilities. New opportunities do cropup and may not fit neatly into the slots below.

    The elective slate is recommended not required.

    Using it as a template, adapt it to individualbackground, prior experience, and interests.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    * The term IV course titled, Corporate Financial Reporting and Earnings Management may havesome similarity with Financial Statements & Disclosures Analysis offered in term V.






    Analysis &





    Investment analyis and PM X X X

    Corporate Financial Reporting and EarningsManagement

    X* X* X* X*

    International Finance X X X X

    Business Analysis & Valuation X X

    Project Finance X X

    Futures Options and Risk Mgt X X X

    Mgt of Financial Services X X XCorporate Restructuring X X X

    Fixed Income Securities X

    Financial Statements & Disclosures Analysis X* X* X* X*

    Quantitative Applications in Finance X

    Behavioural Finance X

    Financial Modelling X X X XPvt Equity & Venture Capital X X X X

    Commercial Bank Mgt X

    Corporate Tax Planning and Management X

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    3. Career Tracks and Elective SlatesDescriptions

    Corporate finance helping companies raisecapital, manage cash, relations with financialintermediaries, plan and pay for majorstrategic investments, acquisitions etc.

    Investment banking is the other side ofcorporate finance help companies raisecapital, manage finances and investments.

    Equity analysis involves researching companiesfor investment banks. Portfolio managementpositions involve making investments formutual funds, hedge funds, private equity, etc.or providing analytic support for theseinvestments. Typically these positions alsorequire skills of for risk analysis &management.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    3. Career Tracks and Elective SlatesDescription

    Commercial Banking. Careers in corporatelending and relationship management todeveloping and managing consumer and realestate finance products or asset liability

    management of the bank.

    Other positions, e.g., those in large financialinstitutions & other intermediaries, WorldBank, consulting companies, regulatory

    agencies, etc. combine some aspects of theabove.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    4. Additional CommentsOther Classes

    The course titled, Financial Statements &Disclosures Analysis offered in term V isespecially useful to all those who may beinterested in corporate finance and equity

    analysis careers. The term IV course titled,Corporate Financial Reporting and EarningsManagement may have some similarity withthis course. Therefore, it is advised thatstudent should take only anyone of the two

    courses to avoid possible overlaps within thetwo courses.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    4. Additional CommentsNon-Finance Majors

    Non finance majors interested in financeelectives typically benefit from the courses inthe corporate finance track. Nevertheless, theyshould avoid highly quantitative courses like

    Futures Options and Risk Mgt., especially ifthey do not opt for Investment analysis and PMin term IV.

  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    4. Additional CommentsMay be given some importance

    Good experiences/bad experiences with instructors in the first yearcourses can be an important factor Whether faculty focuses on entertainment or learning? Whether you like the facultys style of teaching Whether you are ready to put in hard work required in his/her course? Whether faculty is not knowledgeable? Whether you are ok with the facultys marking style & exam papers?

    Who recommend this course? Whether senior batch toppers recommend opting of this course? Whether senior batch laggards recommend opting of this course?

    Academic load balancing along with your other commitments Will you be able to cope up with the load with your choice of electives

    and other commitments?

    Sequencing the courses Do some web search to appropriately sequence your choice of


  • 7/27/2019 Finance Electives Presentation


    Best Wishes!!!

    Make your correct choices now and do not repent later!!!