FINALISTS - pab47. (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) Simple RC Wedge Robot (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/)...

FINALISTS - pab47. (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) Simple RC Wedge Robot (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) by
FINALISTS - pab47. (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) Simple RC Wedge Robot (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) by
FINALISTS - pab47. (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) Simple RC Wedge Robot (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) by
download FINALISTS - pab47. (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) Simple RC Wedge Robot (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) by

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Transcript of FINALISTS - pab47. (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/) Simple RC Wedge Robot (/id/Simple-RC-Wedge-Robot/)...

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    Hello robot aficionados! We bet you love robots as much as we do, so in the Robotics Contest, we're asking you to share your robot

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