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Final Pitch By Megan Vincent, Rebecca Astill and Prajwol Khamcha

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Final Pitch

Final Pitch By Megan Vincent, Rebecca Astill and Prajwol Khamcha

IntroductionWe are a creating a short documentary that lasts around 5 minutes. It is based on Fast Food and the ever changing advice that we receive from the government. On top of that we will also be making a Ancillary Poster and a Radio Advert to try to apply to the real world. We have watched and researched on other documentaries like Super Size me etc. However our greatest influence comes from Journeyman Pictures, as they have a sophisticated target audience which relates to ours. As well as they look to provide the truth for the public. We also took influence from the marketing perspective as well, as they tended to involve digital natives using the likes of YouTube and Facebook to promote their product.

Who are we targeting?After speaking to Mike Kinnard as well, it made us question our audience a bit more and made us further look into who we were about to target. Primary Audience: For our Primary Audience we stuck to our initial Idea of being from a B income bracket, and we will appeal to all gender and sexuality. The age will be from 24-35 years old, as we feel that is the time when they begin to feel conscious not just about there image but there personal health. We would also make expectations to University graduates who might be at a lower income bracket, but still have the same level of sophistication and approach about a Healthy Lifestyle. We felt that Millennials (Generation Y) would be the primary audience because of a poll conducted in 2013, showing that Millenials are more open about controversial topics.

Who are we targeting? Pt.2Secondary Audience: Our Secondary audience is aimed at 16-19 years old, we felt that this was a good area to focus on as that is the age when teenagers begin to feel self conscious of their image. They will obviously be at Income bracket E, and we are aiming at any race, gender and sexuality here as well.

DocumentaryFor our Documentary, we are trying to aim at trying to create an equilibrium again, that has been stirred due to the recent studies found on the impact of Fast food that actually may be good for our health. For the Equilibrium, we will state the facts that have been said by the government about fast food. We will then question the statement the government had made that fatty food is unhealthy as new discoveries have shown fat can be good for you. This then leads on to the disequilibrium about the breaking new discovery that studies have shown, explaining to our target audience, that the information that the government provides is not suffice and that we need to find out the truth about the effect of digesting fats. Thus leading onto interviews from the like of Derek Jelly, Dr Aseem Malhorta and Dympna, who are specialists in there industry around the topic of diet and how are body functions, thus helping the audience receive accurate and experienced information. This helps us lead to the third part for the new equilibrium, allowing our sophisticated audience decide the what they want to believe and how they want to adjust there lifestyles based on the facts presented.

Documentary pt.2For our documentary, we have decided to go with Group A, as we are trying to reveal the situation of the ever changing advice from the government as it is. Not sugar coating the facts, this will help us attract the sophisticated audience, who want to learn and obtain this information. It will be done Expository as we will attempt to hide us and we will portray the situation of fast food as we think it is. We will also use Voice of God narration, as we try to capture the event as it happens, thus making it more appealing for the sophisticated audience. Using Expository the Voice of God will try to address the audience directly to get a more personal feel to the documentary making it relatable to the audience. Also we will use B-rolls and archived footage, or the footage of interviews to help create the facts for the audience. We decided that it would be an open ending thus connoting how sophisticated our audience is, and showing post modernism in the fact that we allow our audience to make there own decision. We would like to exhibit the documentary in a Independent Cinema.

Radio Advert Our Radio Advert will be 20 seconds long. After our questionnaire it was revealed that people like the Radio adverts to be as short as possible. But we felt that 20seconds was moderate enough for us to fit in all the necessary information and for it to be quick so that our busy target audience can listen to it when they go to work for example. We will add ambient music in the background as the voiceover describes the Film. The ambient music will be upbeat to connote the tension and anger for the ever changing advice. We decided that the gender of the voice was to be a females as in our Focus Group, they said that they would much rather here a females voice talk about food than a males. We know that we will have facts that are said at the start of the radio to help the audience know what is in the documentary, helping create an image for the style and genre of it. In terms of the content we want to add why the audience should watch the documentary, the quotes and the release date. We want to try to play the Radio Advert at off peak times during the Morning and the evening as that is when our audience get off work and into as well.

Radio Advert Part 2 The Radio Advert will begin with the tagline of the poster. This voice over will be done by a Females voice, as it will hold a more nurturing role in the food sector. After this we will blend some music together that is fairly upbeat, this will become a bed with the music behind the voice. As we begin to use a punch of fast facts to the message of how fast food has an impact in our lifestyle. Thus ending with the release date.

PosterFor our poster we want to go with a minimalistic approach, something that shows sophistication. The colors we want to use are bright, because we want to catch the audiences attention, and be able to warn them about the changing advice. We want to use the same font as in for our Title in the Short documentary production, to help make it easier for the target audience to recognize the film and it provides a sense of achievement when they know what documentary it is. For the poster we decided that it will be done by photography and if we want to edit the pictures we have access to Photoshop. We will be using the rule of thirds and looking to add a high key lighting onto the subject to make sure that the poster looks as appealing as possible.

Poster part 2We will use this as the final draft. Using a Medium Long shot, using high key lighting, to connote how they are victims of the governments lies. Also using the Rule of Thirds we will have the Scale of the poster that has a question mark, to connote how confused the people are. The color scheme that we will use will be Red and Black as both are very bold colors that stand out, and can be related to danger or even death.

POSTER FINALESo after discussing the poster with group, we werent completely happy with the design. So Becky and Megan jotted down ideas, and they came up with an idea that everyone was happy with.

InspirationSo the inspiration came as they were discussing. The idea of this poster is that in terms of shot it will be an extreme close up instead of a close up. As well as the depth of focus will only reach the burger and the facts that will come out of it. In short the burger will have falling news article facts that fall out of it, connoting how we as human just eat up what the government say without really processing it.

FINAL POSTERSo the poster will include a extreme close up shot of someone eating a burger with news paper articles dropping off, that include facts about fast food. The focus will only be towards the burger and the facts, and thus we will show this by creating a less depth of focus, which we believe to be more cinematic in our eyes. We also decided that we are going to change the font of the Fatual title as we felt that the bubble writing would not appeal to our target audience. Hence we used the Billions font which is talked about in the Final Research. We came to a decision that Billions was the font we should use for the documentary title and the Poster as we felt it would help with brand identity. We also added in reviews as during the questionnaire interview and in the focus group, our target audience, said that they would be more inclined to watch a film if it had good reviews in the poster.