Final MAPP Publication | 2008

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The Final MAPP Publication

Transcript of Final MAPP Publication | 2008

  • Phase I: Organizing for success and Developing Partnerships The Quality of Life Coalition consists of over 60 different agencies including schools, local governments, health providers, recreational and youth serving organizations, social services and concerned individuals. With this core group and a partnership with the Dickinson County Health Department as the springboard, additional stakeholders throughout the county were continually recruited to participate. Funding and facilitation for this project was provided through a Compassion Kansas grant from the Center for Community Research and Support at Wichita State University.

    Information Technology Solutions

    Phase II: Vision

    Dickinson County is a thriving

    community providing opportunities

    for all to live a quality life.

    VISION Dickinson County

    is a thriving

    community provid-

    ing opportunities

    for all to live a

    quality life.


    Forces of



    Themes &



    Health Status

    Local Public

    Health System


    FIVE STRATEGIC AREAS Infrastructure






    Mobilizing Action Through Planning & Partnerships

    Dickinson County, Kansas


    Mobilizing Action through Planning and

    Partnerships is a strategic

    approach to community health

    improvement developed by the

    National Association of City and

    County Health Officials.

    In 1996, the Quality of Life Coalition

    conducted the Community Health

    Assessment Process (CHAP) which

    determined five priority areas to

    address to build a healthy community.

    As 2006, approached the community

    once again determined it was time to

    conduct a thorough needs assessment

    and planning to better serve Dickinson

    County residents.

    The results of MAPP have

    strengthened our local public health

    system and defined common goals to

    build a healthy, thriving community.

  • Delivery of the 10 Essential Public Health Services

    Phase III: Four MAPP Assessment The Forces of Change Assessment focused on identifying impending changes in Dickinson County that affect the context in which the community, the public health and social services systems operate. Changes affecting Dickinson County:

    The Community Themes and Strengths Assessment provided a deep understanding of the issues that residents feel are important. Over 3,000 surveys were distributed throughout Dickinson County garnering a 37% response rate. Overall 49% responded that Dickinson County was somewhat unhealthy and surprisingly, 49% of respondents did no volunteer work in the community. Most important factors for a healthy community: Good schools, Low crime/safe neighborhoods, Good place to raise children Most important health problems: Cancers, Aging problems, Alcohol and Drugs Most important risky behaviors: Alcohol Abuse, Being Overweight, Drug Use Health issues needing most attention: Youth Tobacco Use, Clean Water for Drinking, Safe Food Issues most satisfied with: Good place to raise children, Safety, Sense of Community

    The Community Health Status Assessment identified priority community health and quality of life issues through gathering data from a variety of sources. Data was collected and analyzed for Dickinson County on:

    Military Influx Housing availability, affordability, quality Technology & Communication Medical & Dental Services, Insurance Coverage

    Immigration & Language Barrier Environment: Air, Water, Recycling Aging Population issues $$$$-wages/jobs, government funded programs

    The Local Public Health System Assessment is a comprehensive assessment developed and analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control that included input from all of the entities that contribute to the publics health. This assessment provided an in-depth look at how Dickinson County is providing the 10 Essential Public Health Services

    Challenges for the LPHSA:

    Up-to-Date technology $$, Staffing Development & Resources Communication/Language Barriers/Public Information Hard to reach populations in rural areas, geography of county Decreased emphasis on connection between health & academic success Lack of understanding of Aging & General Community Needs Serving Military Families Laws/ Public Policies Consistent participation of all stakeholders & frequent participant burn-out Evaluating Programs & Services

    Demographic Characteristics Socioeconomic Characteristics Health Resource and Availability Quality of Life Behavioral Risk Factors

    Environmental Health Indicators Social and Mental Health Maternal and Child Health Death, Illness and Injury Infectious Disease

  • Phase IV: Identifying Strategic Issues A facilitated meeting was held March 19, 2008 to review findings of the four assessments conducted in 2007 and discuss recurring themes and issues. Five areas of issue were identified in which 18 different strategies to be implemented were developed. Of these 18 strategies, five were chosen as top priority to build a healthy Dickinson County. I. Infrastructure: Develop a county-wide housing authority to recommend, implement and monitor housing standards, affordability and availability. II. Volunteerism: Research creating a volunteer center. III. Education: Provide lifelong learning skills that meet the social and economic needs of Dickinson County. IV. Youth: Establish a countywide task force comprised of youth, law enforcement, schools, parents, service organizations and business with the purpose of addressing alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. V. Healthy Lifestyles: Promote and encourage Environmental Stewardship. Many other areas of concern including health care accessibility, services for the aging, obesity, supporting military families and broadening the scope of collaboration were of concern to the coalition and should also be considered as work progresses on addressing the top five strategic areas.

    Phase V: Formulate Goals and Strategies The Quality of Life Coalition will continue to host a monthly community forum in which the top five strategic priorities will be developed into action steps with measurable objectives. The community forum will serve as an continual opportunity to broaden collaboration efforts, develop additional key community partnerships and move the MAPP process into Phase VI. Phase: VI: The Action Cycle! Planning, implementation & evaluation will be ongoing as programs evolve and goals are reached in making Dickinson County a thriving community providing opportunities for all to live a quality life.

    Thanks to the following organizations for making MAPP possible:

    8th Judicial District Abilene Animal Hospital Abilene Area Ministerial Alliance Abilene Downtown Revitalization Committee Abilene Economic Development Council American Red Cross, Dickinson County Chapter Beta Sigma Phi Big Brothers Big Sisters Boy Scouts, Coronado Area Council Center for Community Support & Research, Wichita State University Centers for Disease Control Central Kansas Foundation & Regional Prevention Center Central Kansas Mental Health Center Children and Families Coalition Childrens Mercy Health Partnership City of Abilene City of Enterprise City of Chapman City of Herington City of Hope City of Solomon Community Foundation of Dickinson County

    Dickinson County Administration Dickinson County Commissioners Dickinson County Environmental Service Dickinson County Emergency Management Dickinson County Emergency Medical Services Dickinson County Health Department Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas Heartland Programs Kansas Department of Health & Environment K-State Research & Extension Kansas Kids In Crisis Leadership Dickinson County Alumni Memorial Health Systems National Association of City and County Health Officials OCCK Parents As Teachers Quality of Life Coalition Smart Start Dickinson County United Way of Dickinson County University of Kansas, School of Medicine USD 435, Abilene USD 473, Chapman Woodbine Lions Club

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    If you would like more in-depth information from the Dickinson County MAPP process that includes data, assessments, other strategic issues identified and participant comments, please contact the Quality of Life Coalition at the phone number or address listed to receive a CD that includes all documents in an electronic file.