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Internees Name Internees ID Session Department Area of Internship Organizations Name

Muzamil Kousar 06010611-011 B.S (HONS) 7th Semester Psychology Organizational Psychology The Bank Of Punjab (Railway Road, Branch, Gujrat) (0107) 22 July, 2009 19 September, 2009 8 Weeks Miss Aliyha Basharat Ghumman

Internships Duration Duration Supervisors Name Signature



DEDICATEDTO My PARENTS WHO ALWAYS LOVED ME & all those who have a soft corner for me in their hearts



I am very grateful to Allah; Allah is my fountain of Life and My Savior. Allah keeps me going day and night. Without Allah, I am no one. But with Allah, I can do everything. Allah is the most compassionate and the most beneficent and to The Holly Prophet (S.AW.), The most perfect and exalted one among and of ever born on the surface of earth, who is forever torch of guidance and knowledge for humanity and who preached the Muslims seek knowledge from cradle to grave. Allah is my strength and honored me for joining such a profession, which lead to the service of depressed mankind. I am grateful to almighty Allah who made me able to complete the work presented in this report. It is due to Allah unending mercy that this work moved towards success. I am very thankful to my ever caring and loving parents whose prayers have floated me in the deep seas of troubles and give me financial support. All of my successes are due to my family, friends and honorable teachers especially Sir Tanveer Ahmad Naveed & Miss Samia Khnum. I feel great pleasure and honor to express my gratitude and appreciation to my supervisors Miss Aliyha Basharat Ghumman. I owe a debt of immense gratitude to her for her cooperation and valuable suggestions during the span of my internship. I am especially thankful to the bank staff and particularly. Mr. Amjad Farooq Mr. Mohammad Sajid Mr. Imtiaz Cheema Mr. Iftehar Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Butt Manager Manager Operations Banking Officer Banking Officer Relationship Officer Cash Officer

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Introduction Introduction of the Organization Source Of Bank Of Punjab Finance Products Main Offices Structure of the Banks Branch Internees worked Plan of Internship Account opening Clearing Term deposit Bills and remittances Cash department Training Program 1) First Week 2) Second Week 3) Third Week 4) Fourth Week 5) Fifth Week 6) Sixth Week 7) Seventh Week 8) Eighth Week Brief Summary Challenges During Internship Skills Used During Internship Skills Gained During the Internship Period SWOT Analysis STRENGTH WEAKNESSES

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OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Limitations Suggestions Appendixes Appendix - A Table#1 Table#2 Table#3 Table#4 Table#5 Table#6 Table#7 Table#8 Appendix - B Organizational Structure Request Letter Issued By University of Gujrat Permission Letter For Internship Issued by Organization Completion Letter of Internship by Organization

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Fill Evaluation Form of Internship Through Organization


IntroductionOrganizational psychology is focused on group-type settings, most commonly offices and workplace psychology. This section of psychology takes theories, research, and intervention and communication strategies and applies them to groups in both work and non-work settings. People in this field focus on helping people understand their interactions with one another so that everyone can work together to accomplish important tasks. As internee I have done my internship in an organization (Bank of Punjab). In which I have learn that an internship is an agreement between internee and a company or organization for a fixed period of time, such as a semester. Internee agrees to work for them and they agree to mentor and teach internee. Here are 6

some goals of internship for that peruse an internee do internship in any organization which can guide the internship program; 1. An internship provides meaningful work experience, which supplements and modifies ideas gained from academic courses. 2. An internship enhances the student's subsequent academic work. 3. An internship offers the student an opportunity to assess his/her abilities and interests in Marketing, thus assisting the student intern in choosing a specific career. 4. An internship provides an inside exposure to the structure, operations, and decision processes within an organization without a commitment to a permanent employer. 5. An internship places the student in a favorable position for permanent employment. 6. An internship will develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations. 7. An internship will provide students the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships.

Introduction of the OrganizationThe Bank of Punjab was established in 1989 under The Bank of Punjab act 1989. The first Branch which opened was the Main Branch Lahore. In 1989 Bank of Punjab (BOP) was mended as a non scheduled bank on in the province of Punjab. In beginning the main deposits were the government. Because it was opened to support the government of Punjab. In 1994 the Bank of Punjab (BOP) was converted into a scheduled Bank it opened its Branches in all over the country.

Source Of Bank Of PunjabThe bank of Punjab release funds for the purpose of its business from the following sources.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Capital Reserves Liquid Assets International Bank Enter Bank Demand Drafts

1. CapitalThe main source of fund realization of the Bank of Punjab (BOP) is its own capital. The bank uses its capital for the purpose of investment, lending and other activities to earn profit. 2.

Reserve Fund

It is the rule of the Bank of Punjab (BOP) that when they earn profit. It does divided whole the trading profit some portion of such profit which are undivided profit are keep as reserve by bank. 3.

Liquid Assets

The bank required to maintain liquid assets as instruction by State Bank of Pakistan percentage. So this amount also use as funds. 4.

International Banks

The bank of Punjab also borrows money or realizes funds from international banks to meet their requirements.

5. Enter BankThe Bank of Punjab also deal or release funds from other banks like. Habib Bank Ltd. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. UBL NBP

1. Demand DraftsBank of Punjab (BOP) provides safe, speedy and reliable way to transfer money at vary reasonable rates. Any person whether an account holder of the bank or not, can purchase a Demand Draft from a bank branch. 8

Finance Products1. Agriculture Schemes 2. Business Promotion Finance Schemes 1) Agriculture Schemes There are many agriculture promotion schemes provided by BOP. Kissan Dost Agricultural Finance Scheme Kissan Dost Tractor Finance scheme Kissan Dost Aabiari Scheme Kissan Dost Mechanization Support Scheme Kissan Dost Farm Transport Scheme Kissan Dost Eslah-E-Arazi Scheme Kissan Dost Live Stock Development Scheme Kissan Dost Live Stock Scheme Such type of schemes provides farmers a real plate form to accelerate.

1) Business Promotion Finance Schemes BOP Quick Cash BOP Car Loan BOP House Loan BOP SME Loan BOP Assaish Loan BOP House Loan For Federal Govt The Bank of Punjab is working as a scheduled commercial bank with a network of almost 272 branches at all over major locations in the Punjab. The Bank provides all types of banking services such as Deposits in Local Currency and client foreign currency, remittances, and advances to business, trade, industry and agriculture. The Bank of Punjab has indeed entered a new era of science to the nation under experience and professional hands of its management. The Bank of Punjab plays a vital role in the national economy through mobilization of hitherto untapped local resources, promoting savings and providing funds for investments. The bank offers attractive rates of profit on all deposits, opening of foreign currency accounts and handling of foreign exchange business for example imports, exports and remittances, financing, trade and industry for working capital requirements and money market operations. The lending policy of bank is not only cautious and constructive but also based on principles of prudent lending with maximum emphasis on security.


Main OfficesHead Office and the main branch of Bank of Punjab (BOP) is in 10-B, Block E-II, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore. The Bank has been divided into seven regions. Each consisting a number of branches. Lahore Region Faisalabad Region Gujranwala Region Rawalpindi Region Karachi/Quetta Region Multan Region Peshawar Region

Rests are the branches working under these regions. Which are almost 272 in all over Pakistan?

Structure of the Banks Branch Internees workedMr. Amjad Farooq (Manager)

Mr. Mohammad Sajid (Manager Operations) Mr. Imtiaz Cheema Banking Officer Mr. Iftehar Banking Officer10

Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Relationship Officer Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Butt Cash OfficerThere are also two watchmen, one cook and one sweeper.

Plan of InternshipOne of the most important aims of the student life is to express him/her correctly and adequately. Determined, Confident and Persistent in the pursuit of knowledge and learning, Internee was on way to Bank of Punjab (BOP) Railway Road, Branch, Gujrat. (0107) early in the morning of July 22, 2009. Normally internee wanted rest